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On the fourth day, Bhoja Raja, his minister Budhi Sagara and others had woke up early in the morning. They had completed their daily works such as bathe, devotion to God, meditation, and donations to poor and having food. They had enjoyed with pans and eating the delicious food. Along with the purohiths, they had entered into the Chitra Kutam i.e. court. Their purohiths had performed devotion to throne with Deepa Dhupa Naivedyas of the services. [It is the devotion method of Hindus. While devoting God, the devotee does welcoming to God washing of feet [Arghya Padyam], Achamamam, Abhishekam[Bathing], light showing, perfumes offering, dress offering etc. Deepam means lamp i.e. light. Dhupam means perfume smokes, Naivedyam means delicious dishes or fruits offering to God. These are called as Shodasa upacharas 16 services] Bhoja Raja had donated food, clothes, gold and land to poor and scholars. He had taken the blessings of elders. All of they were eager whether the king could climb up the throne or not on that 4th day. If not possible, all of they were eager to hear the wonderful stories of Vikramadithya.

Bhoja Raja had stepped on first, second and third steps. The idols on the steps didn’t stop him. When he was affording to keep his foot on the 4th step, the idol on that step stopped him by clapping her hands. Bhoja Raja asked “Daughter! Why you are stopping me.” The idol said, “Raja! I’m Mangala Kalyani, the idol on this 4th step. Our king Vikramadithya was a great worrier. He was noble, able to fight with any demon or enemy, able to punish the bad people whoever it was and able to protect the good people. He was kind and generous. He was moral, sincere and truthful. He had ruled this earth by sitting on this throne. If you have 1 Quality among 100 of Vikrmadithya’s qualities, you can climb up on to this throne. Otherwise you have to go back.”

Bhoja Raja said, “Mangala Kalyani! Let us know the qualities and greatness of Vikramadithya to realize myself. We are eager to hear. Please tell.”

Mangala Kalyani started…

Vikramadithya and Bhatti were ruling the kingdom by sitting on this throne, once the turn to rule country was over. The turn of 6 months of touring had arrived. Bhatti and Vikramadithya had ordered their ministers to look after the kingdom. The ministers were coached up as capable as Bhatti in all sense. Vikramadithya had given his royal ring and other royal signs to them to use in administration and started to spend in tour a country along with Bhatti and Bhethala. Before leaving Ujjain, they had gone to Goddess Kalika Devi’s temple and received her blessings.


They were going through forest. They had crossed hillocks, hills, valleys, rivers and lakes. There they came across a beautiful lake. Around the lake, there were beautiful creepers and flower plants. Beside the way, there was a choultry. By that time, there came dark. To take rest, Bhatti and Vikramadithya had entered into the choultry. They were relaxing there in that night. They had secured a pleasant smell of wax flowers, sandal and other perfumes.

Vikramadithya said, “Bhatti! Do you sense? Here are pleasant perfumes of Wax flowers, sandal and other flowers. There should be such gardens nearby. By sun rise, you go and check.” Bhatti said, “Yes Maharaja!” Next morning, Bhatti had searched in the surroundings. There were no gardens and even wax flower plants. He informed the same to the king. Both Bhatti and Vikramadithya were thinking the root cause of such smells. By that time, some travelers were passing by that way beside the choultry. Vikramadithya said, “Oh Travelers! Here the wind is carrying the perfumes of wax flowers and other flowers. Do you know from where these perfumes are coming? If you know, let us know please!” Then they said, “Oh foreigners! First, you come out of that choultry. Then we can tell you. In that choultry, men should not stay.” Bhatti and Vikramadithya had seen at each other’s face with surprise. They thought “There should be some strange in this. We have to get clarification.” They left the choultry and reached the travelers. They had asked “Oh Travelers! You said that men should not enter into this choultry. Please let us know the reason, in detail. We are very curious to know It.” The travelers said, “Oh. Foreigners! There is a city by name Vijaya Nagaram at a distance of 2 Amadas [distance measurement] to here. The king, Vijaya Ranga Raya is ruling it. He has a daughter by name Champaka Valli. [The meaning of this name is the garland of wax flowers] By birth, she has body odor of sweet smell of wax flowers. Hence, she was named as Champaka Valli. Not only her body odors, people say that her body is as delicate as flowers and as beautiful as flowers. She is famous as God Brahma had created her by gathering all the beauty at once like her. Since childhood, she is not willing to see men except her father. She had learnt all of his education and arts through female teachers. Her determination is – she won’t see gents as well gents should not see her. She doesn’t like to bear even the smell of gents. When she entered into teen age, her father tried to convince her to get marry some prince. But she didn’t accept. She determined herself to be lonely lifelong. The king, Vijaya Ranga Raya is bringing her up with great care and affection. Now she is at the age of 22 years. The king had built a wide and beautiful palace with 7 compound walls for her. She is protecting by female soldiers only. On every Friday, she will come to here along with her servant-maids. She will have bathe in this lake, have pleasure in this garden and relax for some time in that choultry. There, her servant-maids do makeup and hairstyle to her. Because of that repeated event, the choultry is giving the smell of wax flowers. On every Thursday, the soldiers will declare a proclamation by beat of tom-tom, that the princess Champaka Valli will go to lake by Friday and hence men should not come on to the road by that time. If anybody disobeys this order, he will get severe punishment. That’s why, men should not enter into that choultry. The security guards might not notice you in the choultry. Otherwise, they could punish you. Hence, go away from here.” The travelers had gone on their way.

Vikramadithya said, “Bhatti! When the body odor of that young princess is giving this much pleasure, we can’t estimate that how much her beauty will be. Hence, I desire to marry her by destructing her determination. What we can do to fulfill my desire?” Bhatti said, “Rajendra! Being princess, why did she took such determination, we don’t know. She might not be normal. Some extra-ordinary reason should be there. Normal girls can’t have such determination. If there are determinations, normal girls can’t practice them. That’s why, first of all, we have to know why she had such determination to do not see men. After knowing that secret, then we can think an appropriate idea to marry her. When we decide to achieve anything, if we leave it, without achieving then it is not appropriate to our fame, prestige and respect of our race. Tomorrow is Friday. As usual, she will come here tomorrow. By doing appropriate arrangements, one of us should go along with them. By the way, let us know the reason of her determination. Later we can think about further plan to marry her.” Vikramadithya agreed. They had thought for a while. Bhatti said, “Raja! When she come tomorrow, you be in the disguise of old man and hide here somewhere. I will be in the disguise of woman and I’ll mingle in her servant-maids. Then I’ll go with them and I’ll try to know the details.” On Friday, with the help of Bhethala, they had received the required costumes. Vikramadithya became like on old man. Bhatti became like a young woman. By that time, it was morning 10 Gadiyas time. There came Champaka Valli in a pearls palanquin along with her servant-maids. The palanquin carriers were women. The security guards were women. There were many servant-maids. Some of them were serving her with hand fans. Some of them were singing. Some of them were praising her beauty with beautiful lyrics. Vikramadithya who was in the disguise of old man hidden behind a thick bush and watching them. Really, Champaka Valli was very beautiful. Her long, thick and black hair was like waves of black Ocean. There spread the sweet and pleasant smell of wax flowers. She was as delicate as jasmines. Her skin complex was like the mix of roses and chrysanthemum in pure raw milk. Her eyes were like the eyes of active deer. Her lips were like the flower sinensis. A divine glory was around her. Totally, she was very attractive. Vikramadithya 100% decided to marry her. Bhatti who was in the disguise of woman had mingled in her servant-maids. But he didn’t go near to her as he knows that she could recognize the smell of men.

Champaka Valli and her servant-maids had enjoyed there in the lake by swimming. They had bathed. They had played chess and other games for some time. They had enjoyed with music and dances. They had relaxed later. It was beyond noon. They had started to the royal palace. Bhatti also followed them. On the way, he had noticed that there were no men on the roads. They had reached the palace of 7 compound walls. At the gate of first wall, some servant-maids had separated. At the 2nd gate some, at the 3rd gate some, like that at every gate some of servant-maids had separated. When they reached the 7th gate, there were only 4 servant-maids along with Champaka Valli. Bhatti sensed the danger. He thought, “If I enter into the palace along with Champaka Valli, because there are no many servant-maids, they may recognize me. They ask me about my identity. What can I reply? Moreover, she may sense the small of man. That’s why, I should not step inside. It is not safe for me and for my work even. “Immediately he mingled with other servant-maids who were returning back from the palace. Like that, he had crossed the 6 gates again and came out of the palace. He walked far to the palace. He sat beside way and thought, “I had promised the king Vikramadithya to identify the reason of Champaka Valli’s condition and came up to this distance. With failure, now can I show my face to Vikramadithya? Let me go to Ujjain by another way. Let me visit the temple of our Goddess Kalika Devi and pray her to reveal the secrecy of Champaka Valli’s determination and the plans to get marry her with Vikramdithya.”

By thinking like this Bhatti had approached another way. He was going to Ujjain. He had walked for some time. He removed his woman disguise. It was day 12 Gadiyas time. The sun was hot in the sky. Bhatti was thirsty enough. By that time, he was walking through a thick forest. He had seen a river. On the bank of the river, there was a big banyan tree. Bhatti felt happy. He had drunk the water and lay under the shade of banyan tree. He was thinking how to solve the problem. He had found that there was a saint’s ashram at near to that place. In that ashram, there was living a saint along with his wife and doing penance. Then the saint came to have bathe in the river. He had seen Bhatti who lay under the shade of tree. Bhatti was pretending sleep. The saint felt wonder about the handsome appearance of Bhatti. He thought, “I don’t know who this man is. It seems that he will be a king or deity. Really, he is very handsome. If my wife see him, she may feel crazy on him. His appearance is mesmerizing the men even. That’s why let me change this man into woman.” He had searched in surroundings. He had brought a root and chanted some mantras. He had touched Bhatti with the root. Wonder! Bhatti became as a beautiful young woman. The saint had dropped that root beside him and gone to river. He had completed his bathe and returned to his ashram Bhatti didn’t get up. He continued his pretention. After some time, the saint’s wife had came there to bathe in the river. She had seen Bhatti who was in the form of woman under the shade of tree. She had thought “Oh God! How beautiful this woman is. She might be princess or divine woman. If my husband see her, he may become crazy on her. He may leave me. It is not safe to leave like this. Let me change this woman into man. She had brought another root and touched it to his body by chanting some mantras. Double wonder! Bhatti became again as a man. The saint’s wife had completed her bathe in the river and gone on her way.

Bhatti got up, picked up the both roots, and once reminded the mantras chanted by the saint and his wife. He had thought, “How kind Ujjain Maham Kali is! Before I reach the temple at Ujjain to pray for the right plan, she had given me boons like this. Really, this is great. When we go in search of a medical creeper, if the same found at our feet, what a joy and lucky it will be. Elders used to say that it would be fortune to us. By the way, today I’m very fortunate. Immediately I have to approach Vikramadithya. I have to explain everything to him.” Immediately he rushed to the Vijaya Nagaram. There in the garden, Vikramadithya was waiting for Bhatti. He was worrying with anxiety on Bhatti’s delay and craze on ChampaValli. He thought, “Bhatti had gone in the afternoon. Now it is beyond sunset. There came dark in surroundings. Why didn’t Bhatti return? By misfortune, did Bhatti say something wrong with servant-maids? Or did servant-maids could recognize him. Did the work got spoil? Wherever he goes, Bhatti used to return with success within short time. Today, why didn’t he return until now? Whatever it happens, let it be. Let me go to Vijaya Nagaram and Champaka Valli’s palace. Let me see what happen. I’ll destruct her determination and I’ll locate whether Bhatti is in some danger. I should not waste time further. Let everybody should know my strength.” With anger and impatience, Vikramadithya left his disguise of old man and turned into his own form. He was about to move. Just then, he had a look on the way.

By that time, Bhatti reached him. He had watched the anger and impatience of the king, Vikramadithya. He had put namaskar to Vikramadithya and stood there with silence.

Vikramadithya said, “Bhatti! You had left me long back and didn’t turn up until now. What you have done on the way.” Bhatti said, “Maha raja! I left you here and went with the servant-maids. We had reached the royal palace. It has 7 compound walls. At each gate, some of servant-maids were separated. By reaching the 7th gate, there were only 4 servant-maids. Hence, I didn’t enter into the palace along with Champaka Valli. Like that, my trial was failed. I didn’t like to show my face to you with failure. Hence, I tried to go to Ujjain to pray our Goddess Kali Devi. On the way, I had laid under a tree. There was a saints’ Ashram nearby. He came there to have bathe in the river beside. He had seen me. He had wanted to change me as woman. He had chanted mantras and touched with this root. I had turned as woman. He had dropped this root beside me and gone to his way. After some time his wife had came there. She had seen me as woman. She has wanted to change me as man. She had chanted a mantra and touched me with another root. I turned as man. She had dropped the root beside me and gone to his ashram. I felt happy. I collected the roots and came here”.

[OUT COMING SKILLS: From this narration of story, when the children read this pattern, automatically they learn how to present an issue in direct speech and in indirect speech. Like that without knowing, without paying much industry, as part in their entertainment of story, they can learn the communication skills. Being kids, we i.e. my generation had learnt this. I observed the same phenomena in my daughter and others. Hence, confirmly, I’m saying this.]

He had shown the roots to Vikramadithya. The king felt very happy. He said, “Bhatti! Really, this is the kind affection of our Goddess Kalika Devi on us; but nothing else. I appreciate your afford. Now, what we have to do?” Bhatti said, “With the help of these roots, you can turn as woman. I’ll play a trick to accommodate you at the palace of Champaka Valli. You be friendly with her and you know the reason behind her determination. You know her opinions and feelings. Later I’ll bring you back. Then we can play another plan to get marry you with her.”

Vikramadithya had agreed for this. Bhatti had chanted the mantra and touched Vikramadithya with the root. Vikramadithya had turned as woman. Bhatti had changed himself into the get up of king. He said, “Rajendra! Now your name is Vikramamba. I’m your husband. My name is Salya Raja. Let us go to Vijaya Ranga Raya.”

They had reached Vijaya Nagaram. Vikramadithya was walking behind Salya Raja as if she was a chaste woman. She was looking at her feet and toes and walking behind her husband Salya Raja. People on the way were amazing at them. She was beautiful and he was handsome. Both were graceful and with glory. They had approached the court of Vijaya Ranga Raya. Salya Raja had put namaskar to Vijaya Ranga Raya. The king, Vijaya Ranga Raya had seen the pair and their glory. He had thought, “He might be some king of some country. It seems that he is king as equal as me. It is respectable to me to show respects to this man.” He had offered seat to Salya Raja and well treated him. He said, “Oh king! Who are you? Who is she? What is your native? Why do you come here? What can I do for you?” Bhatti said, “Oh king! Bheema Puram is my native. I’m the king of that city. My name is Salya Raja. She is my wife, Vikramamba. She is sister to the king of Ujjain, Vikramadithya. As a sub ordinate king, I used to pay tributes i.e. share in the taxes to him every year in time. But since 3 years, we had no rains in our country. Hence, we had no crops. That’s why, it was not possible for me to pay tax in time. Without considering even the blood relation of brother-in-law, he insisted me to clear the arrears within time. I had mortgaged my assets. But still I had the dues. He insisted me to mortgage my wife. He didn’t consider that my wife is his own sister. He might get the pride of Emperorship. I feel ferocious. If he has no affection on us, why should I show the same to him? That’s why, by taking my wife I came to you. Now I request you to lend me 10,000 Honnes by accepting my wife as mortgage to you. If you give such money to me, I’ll clear off my credit with that rude hearted Vikramadithya. Within short period, I’ll clear your loan and I can take my wife with me. I hope that you can help me. With that hope only I came to you from such long distance.” Vijaya Ranga Raya said, “Salya Raja! We used to hear that Vikramadithya is so great, kind and good. I feel wonder by knowing this.” Bhatti said, “Oh king. It is natural. We watch the hills smooth from far.” Then Vijaya Ranga Raya said, “Vikramadithya is strong Emperor. If he did such to you being brother-in-law, he won’t consider the king like myself. That’s why, it is not correct to me to take mortgage of your wife. I’ll give 10,000 Honnes as per your request. You take them and solve your troubles.”

Bhatti said, “Vijaya Ranga Raya! You are ideal and moral. You are ruling your country with morals. You have sympathies on others. Moreover, you are generous so that you are considering others like you and others problems like your own problems. That’s why, you are proposing like this. Nobody can say that your proposal is not moral. I had born in king’s race. Hence, it is not advisable for me to accept others sacrifice and generosity. That’s why, accept my wife as mortgage and give me 10,000 Honnes.”

Vijaya Ranga Raya said, “Salya Raja. Consider me as your friend. This is the help of a friend to another friend. It is not my kindness or generosity to you. Hence, you can accept my proposal.”

Bhatti said, “Maha raja! You said well. I accept your friendship. Whenever I came to request you from far by searching for you, then itself we became friends. I can take 10,000 Honnes from you. But if I take like that and pay to my brother-in-law, vikramadithya, as the dues of taxes, he may think that I had kept money in secrecy in past, now I produced to him. Hence, he may trouble me in 10,000 possible ways. Why should I welcome to such sufferings. That’s why, I request you to accept my wife as mortgage and give me 10,000 Honnes. It is more than enough to me.”

Vijaya Ranga Raya was convinced by his argument. He had ordered his treasurer to bring 10,000 Honnes from the royal treasure. He had kept it in front of the king with obedience. Vijaya Ranga Raya had given that bag of money to Salya Raja i.e. Bhatti. He had ordered his servant-maids to take Vikramamba to palace.

Salya Raja [Bhatti] said, “Rajendra! You had given my desired money as per my request. I’m grateful to you. I have another request. I think you came notice that this woman i.e. Vikramamba was brought up with care, love and affection. In the palace, generally men and women live together. It may hurt my wife when she observes other woman enjoying with their husbands. Because she is a part of myself, she may feel lonely. It is not safe and good to her. That’s why I request you to accommodate at a place where men won’t move. You are the man of sensitive thinking. There is no need for me to explain what is good and what is bad. Yes. Now I remember! Your daughter Champaka Valli is determined in avoiding men and living on a specially built palace along with her servant-maids. Is not it? I heard that no man could enter into the palace. If you send my wife to there, they can be friendly with each other. My wife will be happy there without feeling the sorrow of my separation. Because the both of Vikramamba and Champaka Valli are at the same age, they can be as friends easily. Friendship will be among equal age people, but not among different age people. I don’t know your opinion. Please let me know.”

[Here Bhatti’s target was not taking money. He didn’t need it. His target was to transplant Vikramamba at royal palace along with Champaka Valli. To achieve such goal, how many ways did he presented his arguments? The children who read these stories automatically can access such abilities. This is one of the out puts of these stories.]

Vijaya Ranga Raya said, “Salya Raja! I also thought the same. Let your wife be with my daughter, be peaceful, and free there. From now on words, I feel she is my elder daughter, Champaka Valli is my younger daughter and you are my son-in-law. Hence, you don’t worry about her. You leave all tensions here and go to solve your problems.”

Salya Raja had expressed his gratefulness to Vijaya Ranga Raya and taken send off from him. Before leaving the court, he had conversed with Vikramamba in their indicated language and taken send off from her. He pretended as he was going to Ujjain, entered into a cave, and relaxed there. He kept 10,000 Honnes at a secret place with care.

Vijaya Ranga Raya had adjourned his court and take Vikramamba to the palace where Champaka Valli was residing. He had called on her. Champaka Valli had heard her father’s voice and felt surprise. Immediately she ran to him. She had put namaskar to him and stood with obedience. The king said, “Daughter. You are my heart. You see, she is Vikramamba, the sister of the king of Ujjain Vikramadithya. Her husband Salya Raja had some problems. Hence, he had left her here and taken 10,000 Honnes from us. He had gone to solve his problems. Until he returns to repay our money and take her from here, we have to protect her. From this day onwards, she will be with you. You be friendly with her and well treat her. Consider her like your own sister.”

Champaka Valli had obediently accepted her father’s order by remembering the elders’ word, as “There is no other great mantra than the word of father.” She said, “Yes father. I obey your order. From this day, I accept Vikramamba as my friend. I’ll take care of her. I promise you that I can perform my responsibility in well manner” Vijaya Ranga Raya felt happy by watching the obedience and good nature of his daughter. Along with Queen, he had taken send off from her and gone to his palace.

Champaka Valli felt happy to receive a new friend. She welcomed Vikramamba and said, “My dear Vikramamba. Don’t feel that this is a new place to you. Consider this palace as your own. Don’t feel lonely. I’m here for you. We can have a nice time by playing music instruments like lute and other. We can enjoy with arts such as singing, dancing, and painting and with discussion on Sasthras.”

Vikramamba pretended somewhat shy in the beginning and slowly she had mingled with Champaka Valli. Until that time, though Champaka Valli had many servant-maids, she had no friends. She was the only daughter to his father. The servant-maids could serve her but they could not extend intellectual company to her. Their maturity was not up to that. Now Champaka Valli found a right companion to her. Champaka Valli and Vikramamba were spending time with arts, music and dance and with intellectual discussion on Sasthras. Whatever Champaka Valli raised the topic, Vikramamba used to discuss on it in as many as possible angles. While playing chess and other games they were competitive. While enjoying the arts, Vikramamba became ideal role to Champaka Valli. Almost she had forgotten the other world except Vikrmamba. Day by day, she was becoming fascinated towards Vikramamba because of her talents, beauty, talkativeness, knowledge and maturity. Days were passing like this.

On the other hand, Bhatti had found a dead body of squirrel in the cave in which he was relaxing. He had inserted himself by Parakaya Pravesam into the dead body of squirrel. [It was believed in ancient India that there was an education by name ParaKaya Pravesam. With the help of that, mantras i.e. magic words a person can leave his body and can enter into another dead body. By the way, temporarily their body becomes dead and the dead body of others in which they had entered becomes alive] He had ordered Bhethala to protect his body and 10,000 Honnes and reached Champaka Valli’s palace. He had watched the friendship between Champaka Valli and Vikramamba was increasing day by day. Gradually Champaka Valli was not able to spend even a single minute without Vikramamba. They were eating together, spending time together and sleeping together. The servant-maids were more cheerful under the leading of Vikramamba. They were servicing them with more admiration. Bhatti was watching all of this in the form of squirrel. He was arriving the palace after noon, watching every happening up to mid night and returning to his cave every day.

By that time Vikramamba, i.e. Vikramadithya thought, “What is the use if I waste time like this with Champaka Valli. How to fulfill my desire? Until date, I could not find out the reason for her determination to prevent men in her life. If I spend time like this, the 6 months turn of my tour will get complete. Then I have to go back Ujjain with empty hands. That’s why I should not waste time even a moment further. Until date, I didn’t leave Champaka Valli for even a minute. Now let me pretend anger and leave her for some time. By playing this ‘Bheda’ [i.e. difference] trick on her, I can know her secret.” [To convince others, in Indian ancient literature, elders told 4 ways. Sama, Dana, Bheda, Damdams. 1. Samam means talking with friendship, love and affection. By doing like this, we can convince the others and make them to accept our deal. 2. Danam means giving i.e. donating things like money and objects to others to convince them to accept our deal. 3. Bhedam means showing indifferent behavior such as anger, threatening or making them fearful to convince them and to make them to accept our deal. 4. Dandam means punishment or rude treatment i.e. by force making the others to accept our deal.]

By thinking like that, Vikramamba had reached a corner and dark room in the palace and laid there by covering her face with a blanket. Champaka Valli had searched for her in all directions. She thought, “What is this wonder! Until date, Vikramamba didn’t leave me even for a single minute. Now why did she left me? Where is she?” Champaka Valli had searched all rooms and found Vikramamba in a corner room by lying on a cot with covered face. She had approached Vikramamba and said, “Oh my dear friend! Why are you lonely here? What is the sorrow you have now? Did anybody said anything to you? Did anybody here hurt you? Who is dare to hurt you or to make you anger? Or anybody disobeyed you? Or do you get bore with me? Did I hurt you without sense? Please tell me what is there in your mind. Otherwise, how can I know? Why are you sad? If you are like this, how can I live? Please tell me what happened.” Champaka Valli was trying to console Vikramamba. Vikramamba said, “My dear friend! Listen. I have no bore with you. In this palace, nobody disobeyed me. Just I slept here. Don’t think otherwise.” Champaka Valli said, “Darling. You are like diamond among women. I have doubts by watching your face and words. It seems that your feelings are different to your action and words. I sense something is in your mind. You are feeling something sad. Let me know please.” Vikramamba didn’t give reply. Champaka Valli sat beside her and turned her face towards her own face, said, “Vikramamba! If you have any deficiency or sorrow, with whom do you share except with me? First, come out of this dark and corner room. Have bathe and food. Later we can talk.” By force, she had driven Vikramamba to have bathe. Champaka Valli had combed her hair and decorated her face personally. After having food and pan, when they were relaxing in the garden, in the lonely place once again Champaka Valli had asked Vikramamba to say her sorrow. Vikramamba said, “By hearing such, I doubt that can you eliminate it?” Champaka Valli said, “What are you saying? It is surprising to me. Are you thinking that I’m rude enough to do not eliminate your sorrow? You see! Though, our bodies are different but I feel our souls are one. It is not correct if you don’t reveal your sorrow to me. Now I recall a story. In previous there were two friends like us. I tell you their story. Listen carefully.”

Vikramamba got ready to hear. Champaka Valli was narrating the story …

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By saying like this, the pillow kept calm. By knowing that the Vysya businessman was Vikramadithya Maharaja in that disguise, Hela Rambha felt very happy. As a symbol of her shy and acceptance of himself as her husband, she bowed her head. The king Jambu Natha Varma and others who were hearing all these stories surrounding that room were whispering with one another with great surprise. They thought, “We didn’t recognize this Vysya business man as Vikramadithya.” Hela Rambha had sat on the cot opposite to him until then. She had got up from the cot to express respects to Vikramadithya. She had kept namaskar to him and said, “Rajendra! Since we don’t know that you are Vikramadithya, I didn’t talk with you and treat you with respects. Please forgive me for these mistakes.” He smiled at her by hearing such sweet prayer. By that time, it was dawn.

There came the king Jambu Natha Varma and his ministers. They said, “Rajendra! For what we have done as mistakes, due to our un-awaritiveness, you please excuse us. Is it need for you to come to our city in this disguise unless it is an entertainment to you. If you desire this princess to marry, if you send that message, won’t we send her to Ujjain, won’t we perform marriage there itself?”

Vikramadithya treated them with courtesy and told the details of his arrival including the crocodile, the city in its stomach. All the princes and kings who were came there to participate in the Swayam Varam of Hela Rambha had approached Vikramadithya. They heard all the stories happened by that night. They got crazy on Vikramadithya. They had put namaskar to him. He had well treated all of them and made them to sit in their appropriate seats in the royal court.

Then Jambu Natha Varma had arranged for the marriage of Vikramadithya with Hela Rambha. The city was decorated with pandyals and flower garlands. On an auspicious day, while the purohit Brahmins were chanting the mantras and Yagnas were performing with Vedas, the marriage was performed. All the people had enjoyed the event. The king had arranged great feast, not only to the princes, kings, and relatives also to the entire people in his kingdom. Vikramadithya had spent there for few more days. Jambu Natha Varma had given large amount of gold, gems, diamond ornaments and chariots as gifts to his son-in-law, Vikramdithya. He had rewarded all the invitees, guests and send off them.

Vikramadithya had sent a soldier to call the Brahmin at whose home he had kept the son of Brahmin scholar i.e. Veda Kovida of Ujjain. There came the Brahmin along with the boy Vedantha Kovida. Vikramadithya had given all of the gifts to that Brahmin. Later he had taken send off from Jambu Natha Varma and his fellow people. The king and Queen had given send off to their daughter after educating her how to behave in mother-in-law’s house and with husband. Vikramadithya along with Hela Rambha and Vedantha Kovida had reached Ujjain by Bhethala. They had gone to the temple of Ujjain Maham Kali and taken the blessings of Goddess. Then they had reached the royal palace. Vikramadithya had left Hela Rambha at palace and gone to colony of Veda Kovida. He had met him and said “Oh Brahmin scholar, Veda Kovida! Here is the boy. You please verify whether he is your son Vedantha Kovida or not.” Veda Kovida had received his son with extreme joy. He had hugged and kissed the boy. He had bowed to the king and said, “Rajendra. Really, you are great. Within months, you had handed over my son who was swallowed by the crocodile as per your promise. There won’t be any king equal to you on this earth. You please forgive for the words which I said in the sorrow of my son’s death.”

Vikramadithya consoled him and rewarded him. Later he had explained every detail to Bhatti and other ministers by sitting on this throne. Like this, he had ruled the kingdom for 6 months and wandered tour on world for 6 months in a year.

[In Indian philosophy, Indians believe that we receive the result of the acts and works what we have done. The Brahmin host had accepted the boy as his guest when Vikramaidthya requested him to do so. He rejected the money offered by Vikramadithya who was in the disguise of Vysya businessman. He said that it is not moral to charge for a guest. As result of it, he had received valuable wealth. Like that, all Indian folk stories used to educate people to remember the philosophy and they used to inspirit them to do good others.]

The idol on the 3rd step, Komala Valli continued “Oh Bhoja Raja! If you have such good qualities of Vikramdithya such as donating wealth without doubt to others, strength, penance, treating of others equal to himself, patience, overcoming of anger, in you, you can climb up on to this throne. If you have no such qualities in you, without our warning, you should know that you could not climb up on to this. You think yourself.”

The king Bhoja Raja, his Prime Minister Budhi Sagara and other were extreme happy by hearing the story of Vikramdithya. With that happiness, they didn’t notice the time. By that time, it was beyond sunset. There was dark all around. People also had felt wonder about it. They felt thrilled by such mesmerized stories. All had gone their own houses. There came the moon in the sky. In that cool moon light, there was cool breeze, which was carrying the sweet smell of flowers. People who heard the stories were sharing them with others in that moon light. Every body’s face was delighted as equivalent to the moon in the sky. By the way, there were limitless moons on the floor of Dhaara Nagaram.

OUT COMING SKILLS: The philosophy in this story will inspire the readers to face their fate. As we know or don’t know, there should be some cause-act relation to the events happened in our life. The story of Kanthi Rupini leads the readers to face the sorrows and bitter events in the life with dare, adventure and patience.

Another interesting feature is there, in this story. If the son of Kanthi Rupini, Madana Sekhara brought up at the house of prostitute, his character could be entirely different. Because he was brought up, at palace by the king Gandheswara, his grandfather he leant Sasthras. He could meet his mother Kanthi Rupini and father Kanthi Rupudu. Goddess Kalika Devi had explained them about the secret behind the fate of people. There should be some hidden reason in our past for the present happenings in life. This philosophy will inspire the readers to do good always. By the way, the world will become more peaceful, beautiful and comfortable to all.

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The pillow was telling the remaining story.

It had continued …

Since the mid wife had the attitude of good and bad, because she was moral to some extent, she had left the baby beside the snake’s hill. The newborn kid was crying with cold air. The 5 headed king cobra which was living in that snakes’ hill had heard this sound. It came out. There was the newborn baby, which was cute and bright. The king cobra had paid his magic power i.e. knowledgeous vision. He came to know that this kid was the grandson of the king Gandheswara i.e. the son of his son Kanthi Rupudu. He thought, “The fore fathers of this kid were devoting our snake Gods and this snake hill since 21 generations by paying tributes with milk, fruits and gold. This boy also can serve to us and devote us. Hence, I have to adjoin this kid to his Grandfather, who was the king of this Chandra Giri.”

By thinking like this, the 5 headed king cobra Goddess had taken the kid into the temple of Goddess Kali Devi and kept it inside the inner temple.

In the morning, the king Gandheswara had came there along with his ministers and other officials as usual to devote Goddess Kalika Devi. While he was paying tributes, he heard the kids’ cry from inside. They felt wonder by hearing such cry from inner temple. They had checked inside. What a wonder! They had observed cute newborn baby i.e. boy there. The king felt very happy. He praised the Goddess Kali like anything. He thought, “This kid is a gift to me from Goddess. Because I lost my son, Goddess Kali mother had presented me this boy.” He had taken the kid to palace gave to his Queen. He said, “Since we are sinking in the ocean of sorrow of missing our son Kanthi Rupudu, Goddess Kali had blessed us with this kid. We had found him in the inner temple.”

By watching the kid, his Queens said, “Oh king! Really, God is great. What a wonder is this? You see this boy looks like our own son Kanthi Rupudu. When Kanthi Rupudu born, he was just like this kid only.”

Every body wondered to such natural phenomena. They had given ‘Madana Sekhara’ name to the boy. They were bringing him up with high care, love and affection. As growing, he learnt many sasthras, war arts and other talents. He had grown up to 20 years age. One day he had gone on a visit to city on a chariot along with his near friends. The news had spread in the city. People gathered on roads to see their prince. His chariot entered into the prostitutes’ street. Everybody was talking about this. While the servant-maids were talking about the prince i.e. son of Gandheswara, Kanthi Rupini heard it. At once, she thought that her husband Kanthi Rupudu had found. She rushed to balcony. She had seen the prince with keen observation and eager. At the same time, Madana sekhara had seen her. She thought, “What a wonder! Is this my husband Kanthi Rupudu?” She had seen him for few more minutes in deep. She thought, “He looks almost as Kanthi Rupudu. But he is younger. He is not my husband Kanthi Rupudu.” Immediately she got sense of herself. She trembled with fear. She had thought, “Why I had seen this man with keen observation. If others watch me, what they will think about me? It is not good to me.” like a flashlight, she had rushed to inside from balcony.”

Madana Sekhara had observed all of this. He had thought, “Why this woman had seen me with keen observation. There is something strange in her eyes. She is very beautiful. Just like a flash, she had disappeared. It was as if the moon disappearance behind the clouds. Something is attracting me towards her. Who might be she? I should know about her.”

After visit on city, Madana Sekhara returned to his palace. With friends, he had taken food, drinks and relaxed. He had taken 1000 Honnes [the then currency] and given to his near friend. He said, “Oh my dear friend. I want to say a secret to you. Today when we had gone to city tour, I had seen a beautiful woman in the prostitute street. I have interest on her. You go to that house, give this money to that house owner and arrange my meeting with her.”

This friend also had seen Kanthi Rupini when she was observing keenly Madana Sekhara. He had observed Madana Sekhar’s absent-mindedness after that incident. Hence, he had assured the prince and gone to Soundara Valli’s house. By that time, Kanthi Rupini was decorating the house with flowers as in the part of her daily work. The friend of prince had seen her keenly. He thought, “This woman is really beautiful. We never see such a beauty on this earth. My friend i.e. prince had crazy on her because of this rare beauty and delicacy in her. Let me talk to the boss of this prostitute house, Soundarya Valli.” By receiving the news of the arrival of prince’s friend, Soundarya Valli welcomed him, treated him with regards. She had given him seat and sweets. She felt very happy about this event. She said, “Oh great man! You came here by treating me as famous. By your arrival, my life got success. My house becomes holy. Our elders used to say that great people do not come to anywhere unless they have appropriate reason. That’s why, I request you to explain the reason of your visit. We have to entertain people. In such case if our service entertains the people like you, it will be grateful to us.”

The prince’s friends said, “Soundarya Valli! I’m happy with your welcome. And I’m pleased with your conversation. Really, you are talented. By knowing that you are the best among the prostitutes in our city, I came to you. Among the prostitutes in our city, your qualities are famous. Here is the information to you from our prince Madana Sekhara. When the prince came on city tour, he had seen some beautiful woman at your house. He had desire to enjoy with her company. This is the royal work. He is our prince and future king. Being citizens, we should serve them. You are the prostitute by profession. Since generations, your family is in the some profession. Hence, there is no need for me to remind your duty. Here is your gift, 1000 Honnes. Take this money and satisfy our prince. What do you say?” [In ancient India, kings and people as a profession patronized the prostitution. The prostitutes used to dance in temples and royal courts. They used to participate in devotional programs. As well, they used to entertain men with their talents and sex.]

By hearing the words of prince’s friend, Soundarya Valli felt very happy. She had thought, “My daughter who was earning by prostitute profession had died. Since 20 years, I’m living without earnings by investing the savings. In such case who will look after me in future, in my further old age? After so long time I got this offer. This man had came to pay me 1000 Honnes. It is really luck to me. By moral or immoral, as prior we have to earn money. Otherwise, how to live comfortable?”

She said, “Oh great man! This is your house. Nobody is here to object you. I’m not disobedient to prince. He can come at any time. Always this house doors are open to him. That woman is my daughter like. He can enjoy her company.”

The prince’s friend had paid 1000 Honnes to her and fixed the prince’s appointment by that night. He returned to the prince. He said, “Oh prince! Madana Sekhara! I had seen that woman. Really, she is beautiful. She looks like Rambha, Urvasi, Thilothama etc divine women. She is Soundarya Valli’s daughter. Soundarya Valli is the famous prostitute in our city. She had agreed to our deal. You can visit her house by this night.”

The prince Madana Sekhara heard all of this. He had thought, “She is prostitute’s daughter. Hence, we have no relation with her. There is no such possibility even. Then why I had attraction on her? There is something strange. I must locate for it. If there is not anything strange, let me enjoy with her. It is not wrong to enjoy with prostitute. Anyway, today night I’ll go to that prostitute’s house.”

By night, after dinner Madana Sekhara got dressed up with beautiful colored silk dress and ornaments. He was eager to meet Kanthi Rupini. By hearing that she was a prostitute, he had some lust on her. But his sixth sense or natural instinct was warning him as something guilty was somewhere. With this suspicion and anxiety, he had reached the prostitutes’ street. He had left all his royal signs. It was night by 15 Ghadiyas time. [The then measure of time] It was dark. He was walking lonely. In that dark even, he could recognize Soundarya Valli’s house. Suddenly, a big blow of wind was there. All the lamps in the house had put off. Madana Sekhara didn’t stop. He was eager to go into the house. He stepped on a smooth thing. By sensing the smooth touch he jumped over it and going. There was a black cow and its calf tied by rope to a pillar. The prince didn’t notice the animals due to dark. He had stepped on the tail of calf and jumped over it. After jumping, the prince got doubt about the object on which he stepped. He had turn back to check up.

By that time, the calf said, “Mother! What time is this? This prince had stepped on my tail. Again, he jumped over it. He is going on.” The cow had replied “My dear calf! Do you think that it is a wonder as jump over your tail? This prince is a sin fellow. He is going to enjoy sex with his mother. To such sin doing fellow, will you be an obstacle or will me be an obstacle or will God be an obstacle? There is no doubt about such people as they can do much more sins. You keep quite. If we talk about such people, it will be a sin to us.”

The prince knew the language of animals. He was shocked. He had thought, “Oh God! I thought that the woman whom I had seen is prostitute. I came here to enjoy lust with prostitute. On the other hand, my inner sense is warning me. I sensed something strange. How that woman could be my mother? But, why the animals say bluff? Why should my sixth sense saying something strange is here. Why my soul gets attractive towards her? I’m very younger. My father Gandheswara king is very old man. There should be some secret in my birth. I should know it. We should not take any decision without investigating the details till end.”

By thinking like this, Madana Sekhara had prepared his mind with balance. He had gone inside. Soundarya Valli had received him as if he was Devendra, the king of deities. She had offered him to wait in the bedroom. The bedroom was decorated with flowers, perfumes and lights. They had arranged an attractive bed there. The prince had sat on the bed with deep thinking.

Soundarya Valli had approached Kanthi Rupini and said, “Oh girl! Rupa Vathi! I’m protecting you since 20 years. Whenever I forced you to adopt my profession, you protested my proposal. The young and rich men in this city were harassing me since your disagreement to my proposal. Somehow, I had bared all this and protecting you with all comforts. But today, the prince of this city had came to our house to enjoy with you. You should obey me now. Otherwise, we will lose our heads.”

Kanthi Rupini asked her, “Prince means who he is?” Soundarya Valli said, “Madana Sekharudu.” By hearing this, Kanthi Rupini had closed her ears with two hands and said, “Oh God! How bitter is this! Please do not say such words to me. I can’t do such immoral and sin activities, in which ever manner you force me. Please leave me.” But Soundarya Valli didn’t leave her. She was trying to convince Kanthi Rupini. Kanthi Rupini had thought, “It is my sin to live after the missing of my husband. If I die on that day itself, I could escape from the blame of pregnancy, the king’s punishment and the present prostitute’s harassment. What a bad lucky person I am? How bitter my fate is! Whenever I notice that this house is of a prostitute, on that day itself, I should commit suicide. Oh God! Please save me from this disaster.”

By thinking like this, Kanthi Rupini kept calm. By watching her silence, Soundarya Valli thought, “Silence is half agreement. This RupaVathi had agreed to my deal. Without knowing this technique, I had wasted so much of time. Otherwise, I could earn much within these 20 years. Anyway, first let me take this woman to the bedroom at which the prince is waiting. It is not safe to keep him in further waiting.”

By force, she had kept Kanthi Rupini in the bedroom and closed the doors. Kanthi Rupini was helpless and horrified. She was shocked with fear. She was standing beside the cot by holding its frame. She was not able to notice anything in her surroundings. With surprise, Madana Sekhara got up from the cot. He had seen her face. Being kid, he didn’t drink her breast milk. The milk from her breast had spread on his face. With this miraculary incident, his shock, surprise and guilty concept had driven him from there. Immediately he had returned to his palace. Soundarya Valli had watched the departure of prince from her house. She had worried since the prince didn’t spend much time there. Immediately she had rushed into the bedroom. There Kanthi Rupini stood beside the cot by holding its frame like a statue. Soundarya Valli got severe anger with her. She shouted, “Oh Devil! You had demolished my house. Oh God! I don’t know that which type of punishment that I’m going to receive from the king.” Soundarya Valli was crying and scolding Kanthi Rupini. Kanthi Rupini didn’t react further.

Like this, the night passed. It was early in the morning. The sun was like a red fruit in the East. There was cool breeze. The flowers were blossom and all surroundings were filled with sweet smells. The birds were singing. The morning devotions, mantras and temple bells sounds were spreading in the city. The king and Queen had finished their daily works such as bathe etc. The king and the ministers were ready to go to the temple of Goddess Kali Devi as usual. By that time, every day, the prince Madana Sekhara used to be there before all others. But he was not there on that day. The king had sent servants to invite him to the temple. Since the return from Soundarya Valli’s house, Madana Sekhara was very sad and confused. He had laid on bed with desperation. The servants had informed to the king as the prince was not active and he lay on the bed with desperation. The king worried like anything. He rushed to the suit of the prince. Madana Sekhara was on the bed. His face was like a folded flower. The hair was not combed. His eyes were filled with tears. The king was shocked by his appearance. He had held him in hands and said, “My dear son. Why, what is the reason? Why are you like this? You are not cheer up. What happened?”

Madana Sekhara said, “Father! I have some doubts. If you promise me to clear my doubts, then I’ll take bathe and food. Otherwise I’ll be like this only.”

Gandheswara said, “My child. I promise you. I’ll do whatever you like. Get and
have bathe. Take your food and come to the court.” Madana Sekhara had completed his bathe and went to the court. Gandheswara said, “My son! Tell me, what are your doubts?” Madana Sekhara said, “Father! You are bringing me up with love and affection. Nobody said anything. Till date, I feel that you and the Queen are my parents. But, now, I have some doubts. That’s why I’m asking like this. Are you my parents? Otherwise, are you bringing me up? Did I have some other parents who had given birth to me? Let me clear this doubt. Otherwise, I don’t like to live. This is my promise.”

By hearing this, Gandheswara felt a cyclone thunder. He trembled with fear and surprise. He thought with sorrow “Oh God! What a danger is this? My own son had missed since long time. My daughter-in-law got pregnancy and punished to be in forest. In that sorrow, I found this kid in the temple. By thinking that he is the gift of God, we are bringing him up. But, now, he is speaking like a thunder in the sky. What I have to do? If I bluff, regarding his birth details he may not believe. Moreover, he may not be with us. It is not safe. Let be happen whatever it happen. But it is always safe to tell truth only.”

By thinking like this, Gandheswara hugged and kissed Madana Sekhara. He said, “My dear child! Why you have this type of doubts today, I don’t know. By thinking that it will be a great disaster, you had taken such severe promises. If you want to know, there is no secrecy here. I’ll tell your birth details. Listen carefully; I had a son by name Kanthi Rupudu. He was very handsome. By search all over, I had performed his marriage with appropriate beautiful princess by name Kanthi Rupini. I made them to live peacefully in the 7-stared palace at the end of our city with all comforts and servants. They were always lived together. They had love and affection towards each other. Among those days, suddenly my son had missed from the palace. We don’t know what was the faith and sin my daughter-in-law had conceived pregnancy. How she could conceive pregnancy without the company of husband? The security to that palace was very tight. She was surrounded with servant-maids. Nobody knew anything. As a punishment, I had sent her to forest. We don’t know whether she died or alive or given birth to any baby. Some time passed. My wives and myself were crying for our missed son and fate of my daughter-in-law. As usual, one day I had gone to the temple of Goddess Durga. You were there in the inner temple. It seems that you were like newborn baby. I had taken you as if you were the gift of Goddess Kali to us. I brought you to palace and gave to my wives. We had brought you up with love and affection. You are my life. I made you as prince of my kingdom. And you only the future king to this kingdom.”

Madana Sekhara kept calm for some time. He thought, “I was not born to this king and Queen. I was found in the temple. The black cow had said that I had gone to enjoy sex with my mother. The woman in the prostitute was strange. Why her breast milk had spread on my face? I must know the details. Nobody is here to tell me such. It is possible to investigate into my birth secret, by questioning the prostitute Soundarya Valli and the woman there i.e. Rupa Vathi.”

He said with the king Gandheswara “Father! I got some peace by hearing your words. But without knowing the complete secret of birth, I can’t be peaceful. Please call on the prostitute Soundarya Valli and a woman Rupa Vathi who is living in our city. We have to enquire them. I hope that they know my birth secret.”

The king surprised to this. But he decided to enquire until end. He ordered his soldiers to bring Soundarya Valli and Rupa Vathi. The soldiers had conveyed the King’s order to Soundarya Valli. Soundarya Valli trembled with fear. She said with Rupa Vathi “Oh Devil. You are like a ghost towards me. Where I found you as per my fate? I had protected you long time as if you are my own daughter. Is it resulting for it? You became like a snake beneath my pillow. Last night, how many ways I counseled you? But you didn’t pay attention. You burnt my life. You had ill-treated and shown disregards towards the prince. He might be anger with me. Otherwise, we don’t receive the king’s soldiers with a message of the king’s order to attend the court within short period. Oh God! May be my head won’t lie an my neck. The king’s order will be rude enough! Oh Rupa Vathi! Please let me know what happened in the bedroom at least now itself. If you tell me without hiding, I can think how to convince the prince. Otherwise, we should receive death as a punishment. Please tell me.” Kanthi Rupini didn’t know anything i.e. what happened on the night. Since she was in deep shock. She didn’t know about the observation of prince, the spreading of her breast milk on his face. That’s why she kept calm. On the other hand, the soldiers were warning Soundarya Valli to move. Soundarya Valli scolded Rupa Vathi and said, “Enough! Why should I scold you? This is all my fate! Being experienced prostitute now, I’m facing king’s enquiry and punishment because of you. By this time, it is safe to tell the truth what I know. By the way God will save me, and God may forgive me.”

Soundarya Valli and Rupa Vathi had arrived to the court along with the king’s soldiers. By watching them, the king Gandheswara had recognized his daughter-in-law Kanthi Rupini. He got tears by watching her in such a situation. He didn’t reveal anything. Some of his ministers also recognized her but kept calm. Gandheswara had controlled himself and started to enquire them. He called on Soundarya Valli. She stood obediently before him with folded hands. He said, “Soundarya Valli! You brought this woman along with you. Who is she? Is she your daughter or not? You will be alive if you say the truth. Don’t try to bluff. It is no use of it. Don’t think that we cannot identify what you say. This is the royal court. Here the judges and ministers are scholars. They can identify what is truth and what is false. Without fear, tell us the truth.”

Soundarya Valli was trembling with extreme fear. She said, “Oh Maharaja! I tell the truth as it is happened. If I had done any mistake, please forgive me. I had a daughter. She was beautiful and talented. But due to my fate, she had died by failing in delivering a baby. When she was alive, doing prostitution my house was always with full of gallants and young men. When she died, nobody came to perform post death ceremony even, to her. I felt helpless and lonely. Since I had no alternative, on that day I had taken the corpse of my daughter to the burial ground. I was burning it at night. After mid night i.e. by 15 Ghadiyas in the night, the woman RupaVathi had came there. She tried to jump into fire of corpse and die. By that time, she was pregnant of matured months. I pitied on her. I had consoled her, convinced her and taken to my house. I had protected her as if she is my own daughter. Since she is beautiful, I had desired to earn by making her to do prostitution; after delivery. One day she was suffering from delivery pains. I had called on midwife and ordered her to tie Rupa Vathi’s eyes by cloth. I bribed the midwife to kill the baby of Rupa Vathi if it is boy. I asked her to protect if the baby is girl. Oh, king! Please forgive me for this kid’s murder. In my profession of prostitution, girls will be assets to us. We don’t need boys. We used to think that it would be waste to bring up the boy. The mid wife had accepted my deal. Pity! This woman Rupa Vathi had given birth to a boy. The mid wife had taken the baby out. I don’t know whether that mid wife had killed the baby or not. Later I kept wooden doll beside Rupa Vathi and told her that she had given birth to that only. Rupa Vathi said, “Mother. I heard that the crying of kid now. How this wooden doll is here?” I said, “You are in semi conscious state with delivery pains. More over you have the hope to have a child. Hence, you might hear such cries. You had delivered this wooden doll only. If you delivery a live baby, what I can do with that kid? It might be your fate. Don’t cry for what happened. It is not safe to cry after delivery.” I had cured her with medicines, service and counseling. I let her for some more months. Later I tried to make her to do prostitution. But she didn’t obey me. She said that her husband had missed. She had committed as chaste woman. When I forced her to earn money by doing prostitution, she said, “Mother. Please don’t force me. You don’t feel that why should you feed me as a waste. Any way you are maintaining servant-maids in your house. I also do service at your house works. Let me have food for such service like your other servant-maids. But don’t force me to do prostitution. If you force me, there is no alternative to me except death.” Since that, she is doing service in my house as housekeeper. By that way, yester day …”

Gandheswara had destructed her and said, “Enough, enough. Stop your long narration. Who is that mid wife? Where she lives?” Soundarya Valli told. The soldiers immediately brought the mid wife to the king’s court. The king Gandheswara said, “Oh Mid wife! Do you know this Soundarya Valli and that woman, Rupa Vathi?” With fear, mid wife replied “Yes Maharaja”.

The king said, “In which manner, you know her. Let us know.” The mid wife said, “Oh Maha raja! Since many years back, this Soundarya Valli had called on me to attend the delivery of this woman Rupa Vathi. Her eyes were tied with a cloth. This woman had given birth to a cute boy. Soundarya Valli had offered me money to kill the kid. I had accepted that deal with the desire on money. Oh, king please forgives me for this. I had taken the baby and came out of that house. I had reached the end of our city near the temple of Goddess Kalika Devi. I had seen the face of baby. The baby was smiling at me. It was cute baby. There was glory in its face. I was not able to kill the baby. I left the baby beside the snake hill in which we believe that 5 headed snake God is there. Later I had gone home. I don’t know what happened further.”

The king Gandheswara said with Rupa Vathi “Oh girl. Who are you? Is Rupa Vathi your real name? What is your native? Who are your parents? Why did you reach the burial ground? Being pregnant why did you attempted suicide by jumping into the fire of corpse? Is it not the sin? What is your past? Let us know.” She didn’t lift her face. She was watching her feet only. She said, “Oh Rajendra! Mahendra Giri is my native. The king of Mahendra Giri, Maheswardu is my father. They call me as Kanthi Rupini. My husband is the prince of Chandra Giri i.e. the son of King Gandheswara, by name Kanthi Rupudu. My father-in-law had kept us in 7-stared royal palace to lead daily life in peace. We lived there together like sun God and Goddess Chaya for some time. Days passed. What happened, I don’t know. One day we slept on terrace as usual. When early in the morning when I woke up, my husband was not beside me. I searched all over the palace. I didn’t find him. Through servant-maids, I had intimated this to my father-in-law. He had taken appropriate acts to search for him. I was living in the same palace with my servant-maids by waiting for my husband. I don’t know any sin. Miraculary, I had conceived the pregnancy. The servant-maids had informed to my father-in-law. He felt shy and blame of public. They had punished me by dropping me in the midst of forest by night. I didn’t know the way. More over I didn’t have desire to live. I had searched ways to commit suicide. I had gone across the wild animals. But unfortunately, no wild animal had hurt me. By that time, I had seen a fire light at far to me. I walked in that direction. I decided to leave this body, which got the blame of public by jumping in to the fire. What happened further you had heard by Soundarya Valli. But yesterday…”

Gandheswara disturbed her. He said, “Soundarya Valli! While explaining you tried to say something by saying yesterday. Now this woman also used the same word yesterday. What happened yester day. You say first. Later I’ll enquire her.”

Soundarya Valli said, “Maha raja! Yesterday, our Prince Madana Sekhara’s friend came to my house and informed me that our prince is interested to visit my house by night. The prince’s friend had given me 1000 Honnes and ordered me to arrange to entertain the prince, with this woman Rupa Vathi. As our profession is prostitution, I felt happy for the opportunity. I conveyed my acceptance. I tried to convince this woman to attend the prince. She didn’t accept. By night our prince came. I made him to wait in the bedroom. With force, I had dropped Rupa Vathi in that room. Within one minute, the prince had left my house. I had scolded this woman for that. Mean while your soldiers informed me to attend the royal court. Truly, this was happened.”

When the king Gandheswara enquired Rupa Vathi, she also confirmed it. Gandheswara said, “My son Madana Sekhara! With this enquiry, do you get clarification of your doubts?” Madana Sekhara said, “Father! Everything is in sequence like beads in the garland. But there are some gaps. How to confirm that the baby kept by the mid wife beside the snake’s hill is the same as the baby who did you find in the temple? Yesterday when I had gone on city tour, I had seen this woman watching me with keen eye. I had surprised. I found something attraction and relation there. I sent my friend to enquire. He informed me that the woman was the daughter of prostitute Soundarya Valli. Hence, I thought that there won’t be any possibility that I related to this woman but my mind was thinking about her always. I sensed something abnormal. I wanted to find out. By night, I had gone to Soundarya Valli’s house. In the dark, I had stepped on the tail of cow’s calf. The cow had scolded me that I was lustful man and was going to enjoy with my mother. With shock and surprise, I had gone inside. Soundarya Valli asked me to wait in the bedroom. After some time she had brought this Rupa Vathi and left us lonely. I had seen Rupa Vathi’s face. Miracle! Her breast milk had spread on my face. Immediately I return to the palace. There I sensed that there must be some secret regarding my birth. That’s why I requested you to do this enquiry. But still I have doubts whether the I am the son of this Rupa Vathi or not. As per midwife words she had left the son of Rupa Vathi beside snake’s hill. As per your words, you had found me in the inner temple. Hence, let us go to the temple of Goddess Kali Devi. She only can clear our doubts. Let’s go to the temple and devote her. Don’t waste time with words. Let’s go immediately. Come fast.” Madana Sekhara was eager to know and to go to the temple. All the Queens were informed this. They had recognized their daughter-in-law, Kanthi Rupini. The king along with ministers, teachers, scholars and people had gone to temple. Madana Sekhara had performed devotion to Goddess Kalika Devi. He had prayed her “Oh Mother! You are mother to every living being in this world. Let my mother get rid of blame. Let me get rid of sin. You should clarify our doubts and reveal the secrets of my birth. Otherwise I’ll cut off my head at your feet.”

He got ready to scarify his life by cutting his head with sword. Goddess Kalika Devi had appeared in front of them. She said, “Madana Sekhara! Gandheswara! Listen. The mid wife had left the baby beside the snake’s hill. The baby was crying. By hearing that, the 5 head snake Goddess had came out and watched the baby. She had noticed that the baby was your grandson with her magical power. Because your family is devotees to her since generations, she had kept the baby in the inner temple, here. You had taken him and brought up him by name Madana Sekhara. Madana Sekhara’s mother is this Rupa Vathi alias Kanthi Rupini only. Due to Kanthi Rupudu only, Kanthi Rupini had conceived the pregnancy. Because Madana Sekhara is the son of your son, he was made to reach you, as the valuable object reaches its own true owner. Hence, you be happy.”

Gandheswara said, “Oh mother! You are so kind to us. What you said is true. We know this all. But still we had a doubt. You said that Madana Sekhara is my grandson i.e. the son of my son. My son was missed from the specially built 7-stared royal palace for him. This happened before Kanthi Rupini conceived pregnancy. Then how this Madana Sekhara born to him. Please let us know.”

Goddess Kalika Devi smiled at him with affection. She said “Son. You are asking the secret of other world. Because you are my devotees and victims, I’m saying that to you. One night your son and daughter-in-law were sleeping on their terrace. By that time, 7 Yakshinies were travelling in the air after taking bathe in the beautiful lake beside your city. They used to do such on every full moon night. By watching your son’s handsome appearance, they had taken him with their magical powers to their world. They were enjoying with your son on turns. After some days, they felt pity on your daughter-in-law. Because she is his own wife, they had decided to give her one turn. As per such, they used to drop him on every 8th night on the bed of Kanthi Rupini and brought him back before morning. Because of the 7 Yakshinies magical power, no body including your daughter-in-law, her servant-maids and security guards was able to notice it. After few months, your daughter-in-law conceived pregnancy. Any way past is passed. Due to your fate, you all including yourself, your wives, son, daughter-in-law and your grand son had faced such sorrows. To anybody, fate is unavoidable. Due to your past acts, including good and bad, your fate will be designed. Hence, everybody should always do good. This is unavoidable to any living being in any world. Even deities also cannot escape from this system. What now the 7 Yakshinies have done, they will receive the appropriate fate in future. Hence, now you don’t cry for what happened. Now you locate the way by which you can get back your son. I can punish the 7 Yakshinies. But before that, I want to give a choice to them to realize their sin. Let Kanthi Rupini do Monday devotion towards 7 Yakshinies. If she does penance towards them, they will come to her. Let her ask them ‘her husband’ as a boon. Let me watch what they will do.”

Goddess Kalika Devi had blessed them and disappeared. Madana Sekhara had fallen on the feet of Kanthi Rupini and cried like anything. In the same situation, she had lifted him and hugged him. The king also had wept. All the people around them had tears in their eyes. The king and ministers had consoled the mother and son i.e. Kanthi Rupini and Madana Sekhara. King Gandheswara said, “Oh my daughter-in-law, Kanthi Rupini. You are like my mother. How many difficulties you had faced. My child, forgive me. I had done mistake in your case without knowing the truth. You are chaste woman. Without noticing it, I had driven you to forest. Because of your holiness, today it was happened to meet all of us. We had appearance of Goddess Durga because of your sincerity only.” His wives had received their daughter-in-law with joy and tears in the eyes.

Gandheswara returned to the court. He said, with Soundarya Valli, “Oh Soundarya Valli! You had troubled my daughter-in-law to do prostitution. You are eligible to get punishment for it. But you had saved my daughter-in-law who was pregnant from death. You had protected her since 20 years with food and shelter. That’s why I excused you.” He had given so many gifts including gold and money to her and sent her. He called on midwife and said, “You are really kind woman. Unless you left the baby beside the snake’s hill without killing, we could not get our grandson. You are really great.” He had given much more gifts to her including gold and gems.

On the other hand, Kanthi Rupini was on fasting on every Monday and doing penance towards 7 Yakshinies. On the 7th Monday, the 7 Yakshinies had appeared to her. She prayed them “Oh Yakshini women! Being chaste woman, I won’t desire anything else except my husband’s company. Please bless me to be with my husband.”

They had came to know what happened since her pregnancy up to the appearance of Goddess Kalika Devi to her; with their magical power and vision of knowledge. They had realized their mistake and sin. They thought, “With craze on a handsome man, how much sin we had done. With our magical powers we had taken him off from his wife. We separated loving wife and husband. More over we made him to forget everything. Not by leaving like that, we dropped him on turn on the bed of his wife. As a result, how many difficulties this Kanthi Rupini had faced. Our crime, our sin and we are the reasons for the separation of loving wife and husband, son and his parents as well loving mother and son. By the way, we became as the reason for their difficulties. This is because of our ego, we have magical powers. This Kanthi Rupini is a chaste woman. It is better to return her husband before she curse us.”

They had apologized her and returned Kanthi Rupudu to her. They had gone to Goddess Kalika Devi’s temple. Because they had realized themselves, they had sacrificed their magical powers at the feet of Goddess Kalika Devi’s and went to forest to penance by leaving their Yakshinies luxurious life.

In the palace, Kanthi Rupudu had realized and remembered all. He had recognized his loving wife Kanthi Rupini. He had hugged her. He had fallen on to the feet of his parents. King Gandheswara had narrated what happened in his absence. He had shown Madana Sekhara. Kanthi Rupudu had received everybody with great love. All had chattered until they get satisfaction. They had narrated one another about the happenings. Kanthi Rupudu had enjoyed the company of his loving wife, son and parents. After some years, Gandheswara had made Kanthi Rupudu as king of Chandra Giri and went to forest to do penance. Kanthi Rupudu had coroneted his son Madana Sekhara as a prince i.e. future king and ruled his kingdom with morals. In his ruling, people were happy and peaceful.

Do you hear, oh Vikramadithya in the disguise of Vysya businessman! You are the king of kings. You are capable to do anything. Because of your greatness, though we have no talkative power, we were able to tell you stories. Otherwise, we can’t tell any, even in the presence of deities. Here is the end of my narration.”

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The light stand continued …

The 7 Yakshinies had taken Kanthi Rupudu to their world. Here on the earth, Kanthi Rupini had woken up after mid night. She didn’t find husband beside. She had watched 4 sides. He was not there. She had watched in the 7 stares of the palace. She was not able to find him. With helplessness, Kanthi Rupini had cried aloud. Her servant-maids had rushed towards her. They had consoled her first. Then she told them about the missing of Kanthi Rupudu. What the servant-maids could do? They had searched again in the 7 stares of palace and surrounding gardens. The Sun rose in the East. The servant-maids had searched every inch in the palace and garden. If Kanthi Rupudu had gone out of palace, the security guards should know it. With this logic, they had enquired the guards. But the security guards had confirmed that the prince Kanthi Rupudu didn’t go out of palace. They thought, “To play practical joke on us, the prince might hide somewhere.” With this thought, they had searched behind all plants and furniture. They were not able to find him.

Then they had gone to king to report it. By that time, the king Gandheswara was in his court. The ministers, scholars, courtiers and people were there in the court. By hearing the news of Kanthi Rupudu’s missing the king became un-conscious. Immediately his ministers rushed to him. They had served him, the servants and doctors had treated him with sandal powder, cool water and medicines. After some minutes, he came into conscious. He had seen 4 sides to recall his memory. Again, he remembered his son missing. He had wept with sorrow. He said, “My dear ministers! What you have done? Why did you get me to consciousness? Why don’t you leave me to die? When I lost my son, why should I live? What is the use of my life? Why should I have this kingdom? My life is waste.” Like this, he was crying. Our elders used to say that the sorrow of losing children or death of children is forever to any parent. This was circumstantial with the king Gandheswara.

By hearing this, his ministers said, “Oh, King! You have to cry like this if your son had died. But he is very much alive. Just he was missing. If he dead, we could find his dead body. But there is no such case. He can’t go to heaven with body because he didn’t know Anima etc Ashta Sidhi. [In Indians’ believes, there are 8 magical powers by name Animadi Ashta Sidhas. By doing penance people or saints can achieve them. With such magical powers, they can move in invisible form, travel through air, walk on water, psychologically over power others etc.] As well, he is not a devotee to go to heaven with body. However, devotees, people should leave this physical body on this earth. Only soul can go to upper worlds like heaven. On the other hand, our elders used to say that we should experience the result of our bad and good acts. Others will not experience the result of our works. Being knowledgeous, you know all these things. In spite of such, you should not cry like an ordinary man. We should not keep calm. Let us send our spies to all over the world to identify his whereabouts. You please give up crying. Please think about the appropriate work to do now.”

By the console of ministers, the king felt some peace. He had sent skilled spies to all over his kingdom and neighboring countries to trace his son. They had wandered all over. With desperation, they returned to report the nil result to the king. The king felt very sorrow. By watching the sorrow of Kanthi Rupini, he had forgotten his own sorrow, and he consoled her like her own father. He thought, “How cruel this fate is! She is so beautiful and young. I had searched for beautiful bride to my handsome son. But now she remained lonely.”

By thinking like this, Gandheswara ordered the servant-maids and security guards of 7 stared palace to protect her like a flower. In fact, oh, King, can anybody avoid the fate? It will happen at its time; however, it is bitter or sweet to us. On every full moon day, the 7 Yakshinies used to come to the lake. As usual they came. But this time, why should they come to the palace of Kanthi Rupudu and Kanthi Rupini, instead of going on their way? Okay! They came. But why should they feel lust on human prince? Though they felt lust, why should they taken him to their world? They didn’t consider the sin of separating the loving wife and husband. Being Yakshinies, why didn’t they concern about sin and faith, unless it was according to the fate of Yakshinies, Kanthi Rupudu and kanthi Rupini? The king Gandheswara kept them in the isolated 7 stared building to protect their privacy from public visit. It had lead to the separation of the pair. If they live in their old palace, might be the Yakshinies not seen him and taken him. All of this was according to their fate only. Without thinking about fate, people can say anything. But it is impossible for anybody to avoid the happenings of life according to their fate. Well, let’s come back to the story, by leaving this philosophical discussion.” By saying like this, the light stand was continuing the story.

At the world of Yakshinies, Kanthi Rupudu had woken up from sleep. He had seen all around. He didn’t find his loving wife beside himself. He noticed that it was new place. Mean while one of the Yakishinies came into that room. She had mesmerized him with her magical power. She had served him by fulfill his needs. She had given delicious food and drinks. She had entertained him with her talents of music, dance etc. She had decorated him with beautiful dress and ornaments. She made love with him. He had forgotten everything and enjoying.

Like this, every day, the Yakshinies were enjoying in his company on turns. Days were passing like this. One day, due to fate they had thought about kanthi Rupudu’s wife Kanthi Rupini. They discussed among themselves as “We had separated this handsome prince from his wife. We are enjoying with him by creating loneliness to his real wife. Our elders say that it is sin to snatch food from others and eat. His wife might love him. She might be chaste woman. She may curse us. It is not safe to us if we create tears in her eyes. Hence, let us provide her one turn after us.” [What a self deceive is this!]

By deciding like that, they had taken him on next full moon day and dropped him beside Kanthi Rupini on her bed. They had applied their magical power on the couple so that neither Kanthi Rupini nor Kanthi Rupudu could identify what was happening. With the magical sense, Kanthi Rupudu used to enjoy with his wife Kanthi Rupini on every full moon night. Because it was the magic power of Yakshinies, no human beings including Kanthi Rupini, servant-maids and security guards could notice what was happening. It had repeated for few months. After 5, 6 months Kanthi Rupini was conceived pregnancy. By watching the symptoms, the servant-maids felt surprise. They were murmuring among themselves as “She didn’t go anywhere at any time by leaving us. How she got pregnancy?” By watching their whispers, Kanthi Rupini asked “Oh dear servant-maids! You are friends to me. You are like my sisters. Why are you murmuring? What is the matter?”

They had expressed their doubts to her. She was shocked with fear and anger. She said, “Will the swans which swim in lotus lakes desire to eat ordinary snails? What are you talking? Do you think that I will be immoral to love others by leaving my husband? I will not look at Devendra even, except my husband. Will the bee which drink nectar from jasmines go to ---- flower? While you are guarding me and protecting me throughout day and night, how can I meet others by spraying dust in your eyes? You are saying that you sense symptoms of pregnancy with me. This is making me surprise and frightfulness. In fact, I don’t know this. By which mystery this happened, I really don’t know. The fate and God who had separated me from my husband may be driving me into this difficulty and blame. Oh, God! How can I escape from this blame? How can I protect myself? How can I prove my morality? How can I live with this blame?”

Kanthi Rupini was crying like anything. The servant-maids had consoled her. Later they gathered in a secret place. The leader of servant-maids said, “Friends! Our princess had no husband. When her husband is not here, how she conceived pregnancy? She is arguing that she didn’t know the reason of pregnancy. Is any thief say that he is a thief at any time? There must be some lover to her. It is no use of we argue with her. By any trick we have to trace him.” All others had accepted this deal. To find out the truth, they were spreading sand on the ways to Kanthi Rupini’s bedroom and on terrace on every night. They were observing for footprints. With much care, they were observing every day and night. As usual on full moon night, the 7 Yakshinies brought Kanthi Rupudu through air and dropped him on Kanthi Rupini’s bed. After their bathe in the lake, they had picked him up from the bed. That’s why on full moon night also, there were no footprints on the sand. Like that, the servant-maids efforts had failed. They were not able to trace out any body. Some more months were passed. By that time, Kanthi Rupini was pregnant by 8 months. The servant-maids decided to inform to the king about all of this. They feared about the king’s punishment for the delay. In their opinion, already they had delayed. That’s why, they had gone to the king’s court and stood there with folding hands. Their bodies were trembling with fear. Their faces were pale. The king asked “Oh servant-maids! What is the matter? Don’t fear. Say the truth?”

The servant-maids said, “Oh king! We are protecting your daughter-in-law like eyelids to eyes. From the day on which your son had disappeared, we are watching her, serving her and protecting her. No other men can reach the 7 stared palace. The security is very tight and perfect. By slipping the notice of security guards, even male bee could not enter into the palace. We don’t know what mystery had happened. Your daughter-in-law conceived pregnancy. Now she is with 8 months pregnancy. Since we noticed the symptoms of pregnancy, we had keenly observed. But we didn’t notice any person. We brought the truth to your notice. Now the issue is up to you.”

By hearing this, the king Gandheswara felt sad and shy. It was like the pestles’ beat on the injured finger. He said with his prime minister, “Oh Prime Minister! You are the justice of our kingdom. Your heard the servant-maids’ report. What we had to do?” The Prime Minster said, “Maharaja! We have to proceed according to Manu Dharma Sasthra. [It is the penal code of ancient India] In the administration and ruling of country, we have to decide punishment to people without showing the partiality of our people and other people. Then only people will accept the justice. Now your daughter-in-law had done most immoral and blamable act. This makes us blame in the world and public. Hence, at night about 15 Gadiyas time, you handover her to the soldiers and order them to leave her in the forest. This is the appropriate punishment to her.”

The king had ordered the soldiers to do so. The soldiers had dropped Kanthi Rupini in the thick forest and informed the same to the king. The king and his Queens had cried for their son’s missing and their daughter-in-law’s fate. They were leading life with prayers and devotion to God.

Kanthi Rupini had never gone out of royal palace since her birth. Such delicate and beautiful soft girl, how she had wept in that forest at that dark night, you can imagine. In that thick forest, at that dark night she was trembling by watching the trees, plants and ants. When the snakes moved beside her, her body was shriveling. She was frightening when the wild animals crying. When she tried to walk, her hair and dress had wound to thorn plants. She felt some body was dragging her. She was hurting by thorns pierced in her delicate feet. She was not able to see anything in that dark time. When she got strike against rocks, her delicate body was injured. Her body and feet became bleeding. She was crying with psychological hurt rather than the physical hurt. She had gone towards the wild animals by tracing them with sound, to offer her body as a bray to them. She wanted to commit suicide like that. She thought that it was better to die than living with blame. But when she had gone in front of wild animals, though the wild animals were cruel by virtue of their nature, by watching her pitiable face, the wild animals became kind and soft. They didn’t hurt her. Instead of hurting her, the wild animals had run away from her. Kanthi Rupini had cried like anything as the death also preventing her. While she was suffering like this, the mid might had passed. In the light of stars, she had traced a narrow way. Kanthi Rupini was walking on the way. She had watched a fire at far. She walked in that direction. By the way, she had reached the burial ground of Chandra Giri. She had seen an old woman there. That woman was burning a corpse. In fact, that old woman was a prostitute whose name was Soundarya Valli [The meaning of this name is a beautiful garland or creeper.] The corpse was of her daughter Chitra Valli [The meaning of this name is a wonderful garland] Chitra Valli was beautiful and young when she was alive. She was active in her profession of prostitution. She conceived the pregnancy. But the baby in her womb was dead. Hence, Chitra Valli’s delivery had turn as tragedy. She had died.

By the way, Soundraya Valli had lost her younger aged daughter at her old age. Because she had no relatives, she was burning the corpse of Chitra Valli herself.

By that time, Kanthi Rupini had reached there. She had seen the old prostitute and burning corpse there. She had thought “Well! The light I watched is from this burial ground. The body stood in front of the fire of corpse may be a ghost. If I go in front of that ghost, it will eat me. But such death is terrible. It is better to scarify life by entering into this fire, before this ghost kills me. Certainly it will be the appropriate act.” She had tied up her sari and Pallu tight. She had tied up her long and beautiful hair. By praying God with folding hands, she had paid 2 holy rounds around the burning corpse. After 3rd round, she got ready to jump into the fire. At that moment suddenly Soundarya Valli, the old prostitute woman had rushed towards her. Soundarya Valli had dragged Kanthi Rupini far from fire. She had taken the shocked young princess to other side of fire and made her to sit beside a tree. She had observed Kanthi Rupini and said, “Oh, Girl! You are like my mother. It seems that you are divine girl or princess. You are so beautiful and delicate. More over you are pregnant with matured months. In spite of carrying a baby in your womb, why did you try to jump into the fire of corpse?”

Kanthi Rupini said, “Oh Mother! If any person had the serious sorrows and difficulties, such person will take these types of steps. Others cannot understand this and others cannot experience it. Due to my fate, I’m facing unbearable sorrows and difficulties. That’s why, I want to die by jumping into that fire of corpse. You had spoilt my trial and saved me. May be you are thinking that you had done faith and good to me. But you had made me to suffer from terrible future. What you have done is not at all a holy thing. Is it not sin to throw a person from comfortable death to terrible future?”

With this conversation, the old woman had understood the desperation of Kanthi Rupini. She said, “Oh young girl. It seems that you are delicate and soft character girl. I had a daughter who was more beautiful than you are. Unfortunately, she had dead yesterday. I’m burning that corpse only here, into which you had tried to jump. My daughter had dead, because the baby in her womb had died before delivery. You are like my daughter. I have no other children and no body. I treat yourself as if my own daughter. I’ll take care of you in all sense. Please do come to my house. There won’t be any deficiency and difficulty to you in my house. You can think that it is your own house.”

By this way, the old woman i.e. prostitute Soundarya Valli had consoled Kanthi Rupini. She was convinced by the old woman’s words. Soundarya Valli had taken Kanthi Rupini to her house and treated her with medicines, food and other needs. After 4 days, she had enquired Kanthi Rupini for her personal details. Kanthi Rupini didn’t tell the truth. She said, “Mother! I’m an orphan. My name is Rupa Vathi. My husband had left me when I got pregnancy.”

Soundarya Valli didn’t stressed further. She was protecting Kanthi Rupini with all comforts. Days had passed. One day Kanthi Rupini got delivery pains. Soundarya Valli had called on a mid wife. She said, “Oh mid wife! If this woman gives birth to male child, kill him. I’ll give large amount of money and gold to you. If she gives birth to female child, protect the baby.” The midwife had agreed to this deal. Kanthi Rupini was suffering from pains. She was un-conscious. Soundarya Valli had tied a cloth across her two eyes. She had given birth to a boy. The kid was cute and bright like the sun in the sky. As per the deal, the midwife had taken the baby out along with her gift from Soundarya Valli.

After some time, Kanthi Rupini became conscious. She had opened the eyes and watched beside her. There was no baby. There was a wooden doll. She had asked Soundarya Valli, “Mother! What is this?” Soundarya Valli said, “I don’t know the miracle. But you had delivered this wooden doll only.” Kanthi Rupini had wept silently. She didn’t say anything. Soundarya Valli had cured Kanthi Rupini with medicines.

On the other hand, when the mid wife was taking the baby, on the way, she had seen the face of baby. The kid was smiling at her. The midwife had seen the glory of the baby. She thought, “This baby is very cute. What is the use of me by killing this innocent kid? Definitely l’ll gather sin by doing like that.” There was temple of Godden Durga at the end of that city, Chandra Giri. In the premises of that temple, there was a big anthill. In that, there was living a 5 headed king cobra. By that early in the morning, before sun rise there was semi dark at all. The mid wife had kept the kid beside the snake hill and gone away.

Oh king of kings! I know this story up to this only. I don’t know the remaining story. Hence, I can’t continue.”

The light stand said like that. By hearing this, Vikramadithya in the disguise of Vysya businessman said, “Very well light stand! What a story you told? The Prince i.e. father was in the world of Yakshaw. The princess i.e. mother was in the house of prostitute. Their baby was beside the snake’s hill. By leaving them like this, you had finished the story. For the remaining story, what I can do?”

The light stand said, “Oh king. Don’t be anger with me. What can I do? I heard the story upto this much only. While I was hearing the story with anxiety, somebody had taken me to another room. Won’t you know that I’m dependent on others. If you want to know the remaining story, this pillow had heard the remaining story. You can ask the pillow on which Hela Rambha had leaned, to tell the remaining the story.”

Immediately, Vikramadithya said, “Oh Pillow. I heard that you know the remaining story up to which the light stand had narrated. You must tell me the remaining story.” Co-ordinatively Bhethala had inserted himself in the pillow and said, “Oh Rajendra! Please consider my request. These people had filled me tightly with soft cotton and stitched with needle and thread. More over this beautiful young princess had leaned on me. In this situation, it is not possible for me to breathe even comfortable. While I’m suffering from these situations, you are insisting me to tell me the story. It seems that my work is like the idiom, ‘it is play to cat and the same is danger to life of rat’. Wont you have concern on me?”

By hearing this, Hela Rambha had thought, “This Vysya business man should not be a business man. He should not be deity or some other man. He might be Vikramadithya who is the emperor of Ujjain. Otherwise, how the curtain, light stand and pillow can tell stories? More over they are calling him as king, Maharaja, Rajendra etc. Let me verify it.”

By thinking like this, with pleasure, Hela Rambha had dropped the pillow in between their cots. The king Jambu Natha Varma and others who were surrounded that room, were eagerly waiting to know the rest of story. Vikramadithya said, “Oh pillow! This princess is so intellectual. She had concern on you. Hence, she had released you from your difficulties. Now let me hear the remaining story.”

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The curtain said …

Oh great man! Listen. The past-happened story I’m telling now. In ancient time, there was a king by name Gandheswara ruling Chandra Giri Kingdom. He had 120 wives. But he had no children. To have children, he had done penance to God. With God’s boon, his first Queen had given birth to a male child. The prince was cute. The king and his Queens were bringing up the prince with great love and affection. He was growing like moon in the bi-week before full moon day. They were calling him by name Kanthi Rupudu. [The meaning this name is light in the form of boy] When he was at the age of 5 years, his parents had sent him to a Gurukulam. [Gurukulam is the school cum college of those days. It was residential. Every disciple including rich and poor or from prince to poor should obey the rules of Gurukulam. They should obey their teacher. They should lead ordinary life by doing physical industry] Within 10 years, Kanthi Rupudu had learnt all Sasthras, arts and worrier qualities. By that time, he was at the age of 15 years. King Gandheswara was very happy with his son. He was worried to locate suitable match to him. One day he had called on his wives and said, “My dear Queens. Our child Kanthi Rupudu is very handsome. He became 15 years old. It is a tough task to locate a suitable girl to him. She must be equally beautiful to our handsome prince. She must be equally talented and learned to our boy. That’s why now itself we have to start to locate an appropriate bride to our son.”

All of his wives had supported him. They loved their son very much. The king had sent skilled Brahmins to neighboring kingdoms and all over the world. But they were not able to locate a suitable girl. They didn’t satisfy with any match.

Then the king had ordered painting artists to draw his son Kanthi Rupudu’s picture. They had done so. It was beautiful and lively. The king Gandheswara had given it to his ministers and sent them along with army troops to search for a suitable girl. They had visited so many kingdoms. But they didn’t satisfy with any princess, so that they didn’t locate any match to their prince. They felt sad and desperation. They had returned to their native Chandra Giri. On the way, they had reached a city called Thanthra Puram. Beside that city, there was a beautiful garden with flowers and fruits bearing plants and shady trees. The lake was filled with sweet and cool water. By that time, all the ministers and their soldiers were tired. They had constructed some tents on the bank of the lake and taking rest there.

In fact, there was a city by name Mahendra Giri at certain distance to this lake. King Maheswara was ruling it. He had 21 wives, but no children. He had done penance to have children. With God’s boon, his last Queen had given birth to a girl. The baby was like full moon. They had brought up her with great love and affection. They were calling her by name Kanthi Rupini. She had learnt all Sasthras i.e. subjects and 64 arts like music, dance, painting etc. Now she was at tean age. Her parents had wished to perform her marriage with any prince who should be equal to her in appearance, education and talents. They had sent Brahmins to neighboring kingdoms to locate a suitable prince to their princess. But they could not. Then the king Maheswara had sent his ministers along with army troops by giving the painting of their princess; to locate a right prince all over the world. They had searched wide but in vain. With desperation, they were returning to their native Mahendra giri. On the way, they had reached Thanthra Puram. They had constructed tents on the other bank of the lake to take rest in the mid of their journey.

By morning, both the teams of Chandra Giri and Mahendra Giri had watched the other party. The ministers of both kingdoms had sent messengers to enquire about the others. The messengers met on the way. The messengers of Chandra Giri had asked “Oh man! Who are you? Where is your native? Why did you stayed here. Let us know. Our ministers were interested to know.” The messengers of Mahendra Giri said, “We belong to Mahendra Giri. Our king has a princess. To locate a suitable prince to her to get marry, we are searching. But we are not able to achieve our task. With desperation, we are returning to our native. Who are you? Why are you staying here?”

By hearing that, the messengers of Chandra Giri said, “Good! This is like the appearance of God to whom we are going to pay our tributes. And this is like the winding of creeper to our feet for which we are searching. There is same case with us. We are searching for a suitable princess to our prince to marry. We have his painting. Let us inform this to our ministers.”

The messengers of the both kingdom felt happy and encourage. The ministers had met and exchanged their information. They had observed the painting of the prince and princess by keeping side by side. By watching the beauty of pair, they felt wonder. When they had known the names and the birth stories, they felt as if it was a miracle of God. The ministers of Mahendra Giri said, “The meeting of our teams is just accidental and un-expected. With desperation, we are returning to our native. There is same case with you. By luck, we met here. Really, God is great. This is his wonderful creation.”

The ministers of Chandra Giri had accepted this opinion. They had exchanged their painting and decided that Kanthi Rupini and Kanthi Rupudu were made for each other. The ministers of both kingdoms had taken send off mutually and left to their natives. They had informed to their respective kings.

By watching the painting of Kanthi Rupini, Gandheswara felt very happy. They had decided that she was the only choice to Kanthi Rupudu. By watching the painting of Kanthi Rupudu, Maheswara felt very very happy. Everybody had accepted the decision of performing marriage of Kanthi Rupini and Kanthi Rupudu. Both the kings had decided an auspicious day to perform the marriage, by Brahmin scholars. They had done all arrangements for that celebration.

They had invited all of their relatives and friends. When time approached, king of Chandra Giri, Gandheswara had started to Maheswara Giri, with his Queens and bridegroom Kanthi Rupudu. The Brahmin scholars, artists, people, ministers, sub-ordinates, relatives and friends all were there. By staying at suitable places, they had reached Mahendra Giri within few days. King of Mahendra Giri, Maheswara had welcomed them on grand scale. He had treated them with respects and love. He had given gifts to all the invitees. He provided comfortable guesthouses to all of them. On the auspicious day, Kanthi Rupini and Kanthi Rupudu were made in beautiful and valuable dress with gold and diamond ornaments. The city was decorated with flowers, Pandyals and lights. The marriage was performed with Veda Mantras and sweet music. There was a great feast to all. Including people, everybody had enjoyed the occasion. The kings had donated valuable gifts to Brahmins and poor people. They had gifted all the invitees. There was no in-satisfaction in any body. Few days passed.

Then Gandheswara had taken leave from Maheswara. The marriage party was arriving Chandra Giri. People were waiting for the new pair. All of the city was decorated. The entrance of the fort was delighted with flowers and pearls garlands. They reached the city. People received their prince and newlywed princess with heart. They welcomed Kanthi Rupini, a bride to their kingdom with great love and affection. As per their tradition, the newlyweds had paid their holy round visit to the city and then entered into the city temple. They had performed devotional programs there. Then they reached their palace. They had taken rest there. The king Gandheswara had given gifts to the invitees and people. All of they had returned to their houses.

Since then, Kanthi Rupini and Kanthi Rupudu were living together. They loved each other. There was limit less love, affection and friendship in between them. Whatever they do, always they were together. They were enjoying with each other’s company. They were very good looking pair. They were like Rathi Manmadha who were famous as beautiful pair in deities. People were comparing them with Sachi Purondaras [Purandara i.e. Devendra is the king of deities and Sachi Devi is his Queen] and Rohini Chandras [Rohini is the name of star and Chandra means moon.]

Because Kanthi Rupini and Kanthi Rupudu were famous as most beautiful couple, people were coming to see them from near and far away places. Hence, their daily life was not peaceful. The king Gandheswara had watched all of this. He thought, “I had no children for long time. As a rare child, I got Kanthi Rupudu by the boon of God. With great effort, I made his marriage with Kanthi Rupini. Now their life is not with leisure and peacefulness. I have to prevent this problem.”

He had constructed a 7 stared building with height compound walls. The compound walls were as height as palm trees. The 7 stared palace was surrounded with beautiful garden, lakes and swimming pools. The garden was furnished with beautiful flower plants and fruits bearing trees. It was filled with colored flowers, sweet smells and butterflies. The lakes were furnished with lotus, water lilies and water birds. The entire construction was in the mid of hills beside the capital city, Chandra Giri.

Because of these arrangements, Kanthi Rupini and Kanthi Rupudu were enjoying life peacefully and happily. The required servants, servant-maids, guards and soldiers were appointed to serve them in their palace. Days were passing like this.

One day, it was full moon day. The full moon was bright in the sky like a golden plate. The white full moon light had spread like silver powder all over the earth. The entire world was sleeping with peace and comfort in the lap of Goddess ‘sleep’. There was a hills range beside Chandra Giri at certain distance. Among that range, there were 3 hills. In between them, there was beautiful lake. On every full moon day, 7 Yakshinies used to come on to the earth and take bathe in that lake. [Indians believe that Yakshaw world is one, among 14 worlds on this universe. The Yakshaw had magical powers. The females among Yakshaws were called as Yakshinies.]

Since long time, these 7 Yakshinies were coming to have pleasure bathe in that lake. On this full moon day also, they had came and had bathe. They had seen the 7 stared palace of Kanthi Rupini and Kanthi Rupudu. They had thought, “Since long time we are coming here. But we didn’t notice this beautiful palace till now. It is so nice and attractive. Even in our rich world also, we didn’t notice this type of palace. We don’t know who is living in that palace. They might be deities or snake Gods. Unless we see this, we should not go to our world. Let us go to see that palace”. They had expressed this opinion among themselves. Then they had reached on to the terrace of the palace.

By that time, Kanthi Rupini and Kanthi Rupudu were sleeping on a beautiful bed i.e. Hamsa Thulika Thalpams [The bed made up of pure and soft silk, cotton and with Swans’ feathers] on the Terrace. The 7 Yakshinies had seen the beautiful couple. Later they had seen the entire palace in invisible form. They didn’t like to go to their world. They had pride, as they were most beautiful women in the universe. Now they had thought, “Oh God! Being human beings, this prince and princess are very attractive and this pair is very beautiful. Just they are looking like ‘Made for each other! God Brahma had created them and made them as a pair with most care. Though we are beautiful, but it is no use of our beauty unless we had the love of this prince. He is not eligible to be on this earth. He is eligible to be in our world and to enjoy with us.” They had shared their feelings among themselves. They had committed as “Let us enjoy sex with this prince on the base of turns. If we find a sweet fruit, we have to share among ourselves. It is not correct for one person to enjoy the fruit. And it is not correct to give the entire fruit to only one person. Unity is strength. Our elders used to tell this. [In fact, they had applied the elder’s words to the selfish things] If we live together with unity, we can achieve all comforts and luxurious. By leaving this, if we oppose one another, nobody can enjoy.”

Then they had applied Sammohana Mantra [a magic power by which we can make the others to loss self-consciousness and obey us] on Kanthi Rupudu. He lost self-consciousness. They had taken him to their world of Yakshaws. They had thought about unity among them; comfort of themselves and their luxuries. That’s why they made commitments to enjoy the Prince Kanthi Rupudu’s company on turns. But they didn’t think about the princess, his wife Kanthi Rupini. They didn’t concern about the sin of separating the loving wife and husband. Who is there to think about the other’s benefits by leaving their own benefits? Who is there to work for others by leaving self-benefits. People are there who are thinking to fill their bellies. People are not thinking about others. People are not concern about others. There are so many people like that. Rajendra! Won’t you see such people? You asked me to tell a story. I spaid that I can tell the story up to I know. I know this much story only. I don’t know the remaining story. In whichever manner you force me to tell the remaining story, it is of no use. Actually, some days back, I was not at a corner. Some people had spread me on floor like mat and sat on me. One of them had told this story. I was hearing if with interest and curiosity. By that time, a servant came there like God of unlucky i.e. Shani God to me. He was searching for me i.e. curtain. He had seen the people who were telling story by sitting on me. He said, “Enough! Enough! Stop your stories and chatting. While we are searching for this curtain, you are chatting here by sitting on this with leisure. It’s all enough. Get up.” Without giving sufficient time to them to get up, he had dragged me from there and taken me away. That’s why I didn’t hear the complete story?”

By saying like this, the curtain cloth kept calm. By hearing this Hela Rambha, servant-maids, king, Queen, ministers and others felt so much surprise. They felt sad for the in-completion of story. They were curious to hear the remaining story. With all these emotions, they didn’t notice that the curtain called the Vysya businessman as Rajendra i.e. king. They were waiting to hear the remaining story with eager and anxiety.

Then Vikramadithya who was in the disguise of Vysya businessman said, “Oh curtain cloth! Good! Good! What a good talk you had! Who had asked you to tell half story or in-completed story? If you don’t know this story completely, you have to say the same, in the beginning itself. You should not do like this. What is the use by giving half food to anybody to satisfy his hunger? Do you know how your work is now? While we are cheering the curd, by the moment when we are going to have butter, then if the pot get break, how it will be? Your story telling is like that! We should not work like that. If we do any work, it should be like lifting of butter from curd. However times you say that you don’t know the remaining story, I won’t leave you.”

The curtain said, “Oh Maharaja! It is no use to ask me repeatedly to tell the remaining story. After the servant had taken me from there, the people who were enjoying the story by sitting on me until then, they had continued to talk. But I was not able to hear. Then, this light stand on which the light is burning in the middle of yourself and the princess Hela Rambha, was there on that day. It had heard the reaming story. You ask the light stand to tell the story. It can tell you and you can enjoy it.”

Then Vikramadithya said, “Oh light stand! Can you tell me remaining story?” The light stand said, “Oh king! Don’t you have concern on me? I’m bearing this burning lamp on me. It is hot and oily. Actually, I was a tree branch in the forest. The royal carpenters came there, cut me off and carved me into this light stand with beautiful sculpture. You are enjoying my sculpture beauty and lighting service. But I’m suffering from hot and oily touch. I know the remaining story. But I can’t tell you.” All the listeners had felt wonder. They thought, “What a wonder is this? Till now, the curtain had told a story. Now this light stand is speaking. We didn’t hear about such wonders in previous. Where is light stand, how it is telling a story?”

By thinking like this, they were eager to hear the rest of story. Then Hela Rambha ordered her servant-maids to keep the burning lamp on some other stand and wipe it with cloth. They had done so.

Vikramadithya said, “Oh light stand! This princess Hela Rambha is so kind. She had lifted you from sufferings. Now let me hear the story. Please tell me the remaining story. I’m very eager to hear it.”

The light stand said, “Oh king of kings! I know the rest of story to some extent, which the curtain had told you. If you want, I tell you. Listen with care.”