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Once there was, a city called Kunthala Nagaram. King Gopala Varma was ruling it. Golaharudu was his Minister. There was a village, nearby Kunthala Nagaram, named as Mathangi puram.

In that village, there was a thief by name Karthi Keya. He had four sons. He put their names as Full thief, Three quarter thief, Half thief and Quarter thief respectively.

One day, early in the morning he called his fourth son, quarter thief and said, “Look my son! I want to know your capacity in doing theft. Show your robbered wealth to me before sunset of this day.”

Quarter thief had taken leave from his father Karthikeya and reached Kunthala Nagaram. He approached a barbershop. By that time, the barber was shaving a customer. Quarter thief asked him “I want to have a shave. How much that you charge for that service.” The barber replied “Anna! [That means six paisa]. Quarter thief said, “I have in urgency. If you shave me immediately, I will pay you Pavala [i.e. 25 paisa]”. The barber requested his customer to whom he done half shave to wait for few minutes as “This man is paying me 25 paisa to immediate shave, please wait for few minutes. I do shave to this man and then I’ll complete yours.” The customer agreed.

The barber had done nice shave to Quarter thief. Quarter thief asked, “Do you have change for rupee?” the barber said “No sir”. Then Quarter thief said “Well! Come with me to market road. I’ll get change to give you Pavala.”

When the barber got ready to go with him, the customer who was waiting with half shave stopped him as “Hai! Barber! You made me to wait. And now you are leaving me with half shave. Complete my shave and go.”

The barber worried. Quarter thief said, “Why are you worrying? Send somebody with me to collect money.” By watching the barber’s son who was playing in front of the saloon, he continued, “Is he your son? Send this boy with me. I’ll keep money in his dress and send.”

The barber agreed. He asked his son to go along with Quarter thief to bring money. Quarter thief straightly went to a posh cloth shop. By watching his appearance the shop keeper thought that he might be a rich customer and received him with great respect. He asked the cloth shopkeeper to show costly saris: by keeping the barber’s son in his lap. The cloth businessman had shown costly silk saris. Quarter thief selected around 30 saris of each costly 2000 to 3000 varahas. In those days, that much money means it is huge amount. He said with the shopkeeper, “Our family women are in choultry room. You know about the women nature in case of sari selections. I take these saris to show them to select. I will return the remaining saris and I pay for the selected saris. You send somebody with me.”

Because that time was very rush time, so the businessman was in trouble to send the sales man with him. Then Quarter thief said “Okay! Keep my son here. I’ll come back within half an hour.” The shopkeeper accepted his deal.

Quarter thief took the packet of costly saris and left the shop. By another way, he reached his house and shown, the thiefted things to his father Karthikeya. He felt happy.

In the Kunthala Nagaram, the barber waited for his son and the cloth shop owner waited for his customer. After an hour, the shopkeeper asked the barber’s son “Where is your father.” The innocent boy said, “He is in the barber saloon.” The cloth businessman worried and asked his fallow men to tie the boy’s hands and legs with rope. The poor boy frightened and started to cry with loud voice. Mean time, the worried barber came to the market road in search of his son. When he watched his son in cloth shop, he shouted “Hai! Why you are beating my son?” The shop man said “Oh! You are the co-fellow of the thief. Did you plan, one of you to theft the costly saris by keeping a boy here as security mortgage, and then the other person will come to take out the boy? I won’t leave you both. Pay my bill and go. Otherwise I’ll beat you.”

Such that the quarrel started and the barber and cloth businessman were beating each other and shouting at each other. People gathered there to watch, intimation gone to king’s soldiers. They took both the men, along with the boy to the king’s court.

After enquiring in detail, the king, and the minister could understand the cheat and theft. The king said “Both of you got cheated. Without enquiring whether your customer is the father of this boy or not, you had given costly saris to the thief. It is your mistake. Go and do your business with care.”

Both the barber and cloth businessman left the court. The king ordered “At day time, in busy market road, a thief succeeded to cheat people and to theft the things. It is ashamed of Kothwal of the city. [Kothwal means police commissioner of city] Within 24 hours, Mr. Kothwal, you have to find out the thief. The thief should be in prison.”

By this time, in Mathangi Puram, Karthikeya called his third son: Half thief and said, “Your younger brother had shown his capacity of doing theft. I’m happy. You go to same Kunthala Nagaram, by this night itself. Before sunrise, you have to show your talent to me. Make me happy by doing so.”

Half thief took leave from his father and reached Kunthala Nagaram. He enquired people by pretending that he was a tourist to that city. People told him “In our city, today a thief had cheated a business man and theft costly saris. Our king was very angry about it. He ordered the Kothwal to arrest the thief within 24 hours. The Kothwal was already on duty.”

Then he enquired about background and what about of the Kothwal. He was told, “The Kothwal has a daughter. In the younger age i.e. at the age of six years, he performed his daughter’s marriage. But the bride groom had left the house and gone somewhere. Now his daughter is at the age of 16 years. Since 10 years, he is searching for his son-in-law, but he could not find him. This is most unhappy thing to him”.

Half thief thought about a plan. He dressed himself in rich appearance. He purchased new and costly clothes for the Kothwal, his wife and his daughter. He brought sweets, fruits, flowers and other gifts and reached the house of Kothwal. By that time, the Kothwal was ready to take his dinner. When he observed the Half thief’s arrival, the Half thief put Namaskar to his feet and said “Father-in-law, how are you?” the kothwal was shocked. His wife rushed to there. He put another namaskar to her feet and said “Mother-in-law. How are you?” Both of the shocked and could not recall the memory of their son-in-law. They thought, “It was 10 years back. At that time, our son-in-law was a boy. We can’t recognize him after grown up. If we say anything wrong, he may leave our house again.”

By thinking like this, the Kothwal and his wife received him with great respect, served him a delicious dinner. The Kothwal wife made up their daughter with gold ornaments. When the Kothwal was getting ready to go out, the Half thief asked, “Father-in-law, why are you getting to go out at this late hour?” The Kothwal said “My dear boy! Today there happened a theft in the city. The king ordered me to capture him. That’s why I’m making move.”

The Half thief said “Well uncle. I want to come with you. Let me see the city.”

The Kothwal agreed for it. It was full moon day. Both the Kothwal and Half thief took rounds in the city and reached a junction, which was near to the Kothwal’s house. There was a rock with holes. It was used to keep the hands and legs of a thief when he was caught at nighttime, before presenting him in court. There was a locking system in that rock which was called as Gudi Banda that means rock prison.

When they reached there, Half thief pretended innocence and asked “Uncle! What is this?” The Kothwal said, “It is Gudi Banda. We use it to arrest thief by keeping his legs and hands in these holes and we can lock it.”

Half thief said “Uncle! It is strange. Let me see how it works. I’ll keep my hands and legs in this, and you look it.”

Kothwal felt embracing. He said “My boy! You are my son-in-law. I feel bad to do so. Do one thing. I keep myself in the holes of this Gudi Banda. You observe how it works. But take care. Don’t lock it. I have no keys with me. The keys are at home. We need the keys in the morning only. That’s why I kept them in house as precautionary of losing.”

Then he put his hands and legs in the holes. Half thief pretended as observing its working and locked the Kothwal in the Gudi Banda. He said “Alas! Uncle! Sorry! I done mistake. It was locked.”

Kothwal worried. He said, “Go home and bring the key immediately. If thief comes by this time, we may loss an opportunity to catch him.”

Half thief said okay to Kothwal and ran to his house. He said to Kothwal’s wife “Aunty! Uncle had information that the thief was planning to come to robbery in our house. That’s why he asked me to tell this information to you and bring all the wealth including money and gold to him to keep it in secured place.”

Kothwal wife confused by this, she shouted at her husband “Hai! Shall I give him?” He thought about the key, and then in reply he shouted, “Send immediately.” She thought about wealth, she packed all the valuables including money, gold and other things and gave it to Half thief.

With that packet, Half thief went to Kothwal and said, “Are you capable to catch holding me?” Kothwal shocked by it.

Just like a flash of light, Half thief vanished from there. He reached Mathanga puram and explained everything to his father Karthikeya. He felt happy.

In the morning, all the public, soldiers surprised at Kothwal in Gudi Banda. The soldiers released him from it. They went to the king. After enquiring all, the king was very angry. The Minister said “Cool Maharaja! This night, I’ll try to capture the thief.” The king accepted it.

Mean time Karthikeya called on his second son, Three quarter thief and said, “Your younger brothers had gone to Kunthala Nagaram and did robbery there. I’m happy about their talent. Now I order you to go to same city and show your art of theft.”

Three quarter thief said, “Okay father.” He reached the city and stayed at a choultry. He enquired in the city among mob. Public had gathered in groups and were discussing about the thieves and Kothwal. When he enquired, somebody told about the incident of Kothwal, and the following Minister’s commitment to capture the thief. In conversation, skill fully he enquired about the personal details of the Minister. He was informed that, “The Minister had an extra marital affair with a prostitute named Meenamba. She is living in the house number 2 in up street. The Minister comes to her house every night.” He observed the appearance, behavior and voice of Minister by visiting the court of king like a citizen.

He collected the needful things and up to night, he waited in his room. Then he dressed himself looks like Minister and reached Meenamba’s house. That woman felt surprise and said “Every night, you used to come by late. Today you come early!” He said by imitating Minister’s voice “Meenanba! I pledged to capture the thief today. But I had received an information that the thief is about to come to our house in my get up. That’s why I came early to warn you. Bring a stick and rope to beat and tie up the thief. Pack all your gold ornaments, money and other valuables and keep them under our bed. Send out all the servants. They may corrupted by the thief and they may help him. Hurry up. “Meenamba, immediately had done as he said. In the mean time, he emptied the water in all pots and tubs, which were filled with water to bath.

Within short time, the Minister entered into the house. Immediately, with the help of Meenamba, Three quarter thief had beaten the Minister with stick until he lost consciousness. He had tied his hands and legs with rope. He kept a towel in his mouth to prevent him to shout. He asked Meenamba to prepare for his bath. When she watched in the bathroom, all the pots and tubs were empty. He said, “I am very tired by fighting with the bloody thief. I must have bath.” Meenamba said, “Let us draw water from the well.”

It was an old well. To draw water from it, there was a system of big and long bamboo known as Yatham. At one end of it, there was a big pot. At another end, a man should climb. By walking in opposite direction, water can be drawn from the well. Since all the servants were sent out, Meenamba climbed upon the bamboo stick. While holding the water pot, Three quarters thief had pulled off the sari of Meenamba. She was half-nude on the Yatham. Three quarters thief left her there and went into the house. He had collected the wealth packet under the cot and gone home. He explained everything to his father. Karthikeya felt very happy by noticing the talent of his son.

At the Meenamba’s house, she kept calm, didn’t shout for help because she felt ashamed being half nude. In the morning, when soldiers were searching for the Minister, they found him at Meenamba’s house, in unconsciousness. They gave him medical treatment and all of they had gone to king’s court. After knowing all the issue, the king felt very angry and said, “You are all useless fellows. Today night, I will go to capture the thief.”

Mean time, Karthikeya called on his first son, Full thief and said “My dear son. Your three brothers had exhibited their art of theft. I’m very glad about it. Today, you go to the Kunthala Nagaram, where your brothers had shown their talents. You robber there and show it to me.”

Full thief said “Well father. I do my level best.”

He reached Kunthala Nagaram and wandered on the roads to enquire into the matter of city news. He came to notice about the king’s effort to capture the thief on that night. He purchased some mats, a lantern i.e. lamp, betel nuts and pan leaves etc. materials which were required to make pans. He waited until night.

After became dark, Full thief approached the entrance to the city. At certain distance to entrance gate of the city, he spread his mats kept some big bags in folders, kept betel nuts, pan leaves etc. in plates and sat there as if a businessman of pans.

The king Gopala Varma, along with his soldiers was wandering on the roads of the city in search of thief. They went around the city and came to the entrance gate. At far they observed light of a little lamp. They approached there. They saw a pan merchant i.e. Full thief. With authoritative voice, the king said “Hai! Man. Who are you? What are you doing here by these late hours?”

Full thief said with trembled voice “Maha Raja! I am a small pan business man, doing my business here.” The king suspected him and said, “Tell me the truth. Otherwise, I will punish you. At this late night, who will come to you to purchase your pans?”

Full thief pretended as crying out with fear and said “Maharaja! Excuse me! Since three days, a thief is coming by this time in this way along with his group. He is purchasing my pans, taking rest on these mats for some time, and giving me good amount of money. That’s why I’m waiting here by this late hour.”

The king said, “Do you know that, to help a thief, itself is a crime? I’ll punish you.”

Full thief fell on the feet of king and said “Maharaja! Leave me. I never do this again. Please leave me. I have wife and children, for their sake excuse me.”

The king said “Okay. If you help me to capture the thief, I’ll leave you. More over I reward you.”

Full thief said “Sure Maharaja! I’ll help you to capture the thief and his group. Time is approaching. He may come by this time. Ask you soldiers to go far and hide somewhere. If the thief watches others here, he may not come here. You hide here in this bag. When the thief come here, when he take rest, by appropriate time I will make whistle. Immediately you can come out the bag and you can catch hold of the thief.”

The king accepted the plan. He ordered all his soldiers to go far and hide.”

When the king got ready to enter in to the bag, Full thief said “Maha Raj! You remove your gold ornaments, and silk dress. Otherwise, they may emit light through the holes of this jute bag. The thief may suspect it.”

The king was in anxiety to capture the thief. He obeyed Full thief’s suggestion. He removed all his valuables and entered in to the bag. Immediately Full thief had bound the mouth of the jute bag with a strong thread, and beaten the king. He had blown off the lamp, and left that place, to his house.

Full thief approached his father Karthikeya and explained everything & shown the ornaments and costly dress of the king. Karthikeya felt happy and satisfaction about the talents of his sons.

In the morning, soldiers had searched for the king and pan merchant. They found the big jute bag there. They thought that the thief was caught and kept in it. When they opened it, they found king in it. The king felt ashamed and returned to his palace.

Mouna Bhashini’s Payyeda had completed the story and said, “Rajendra! Now tell me. In this story, whose capacity is great!”

Vikramadithya said, “The capacity of the king, minister, Kotwal, and clothe merchant is great.”

Mouna Bhashini got irritation by that answer. She said, “Oh king! Are you sleeping? Didn’t you listen the story? The capacity of the thieves is great. Among the four thieves, the elder son of Karthikeya i.e. full thief’s capacity is more great. In spite of typical conditions, when the king and others were alert he had cheated the king and theft his ornaments and other valuables. Really his capacity is great.”

Vikramadithya laughed cheerfully and said, “Yes beauty. I told one thing instead of another with anxiety. In fact, anxiety is not good to anybody. Okay, leave it off! At least now, will you talk to me?”

Mouna Bhashini said nothing. Her Payyeda said, “Oh king! Why do you request Mouna Bhashini to talk? As per her mother’s promise and as per her determination, you had made her to speak thrice. Now she was defeated. You got victory over them. There is no doubt in this. Though you know the right answers to the question based stories, you had given wrong answer to provoke her to speak. Mouna Bahshini didn’t identify this. With eager, anxiety and irritation, she had given reply and talked with you thrice. Now you are eligible to marry her. You be happy with her. You had fulfilled all of their terms and conditions. Now they have to perform your marriage with Mouna Bhashini.”

Mouna Bhashini kept silence as acceptance of her defeat. Vikramadithya said, “Oh Mouna Bhashini! The young beauty! As per your determination, I had crossed all of your gates and I reached your palace. I had overcome all of your tricks and made the curtain, your blouse and your payyeda to tell stories. I had given wrong answers to the story based questions purposefully. You had given reply. Like that, you had spoken thrice in this night. Now, do you have any other objection to become my wife?”

She felt wonder about his strategy to make her to speak. She thought, “Though I read so many Sasthras, I learnt much, and I have capacity, but being woman or being in balanced, I failed to keep my determination. I myself had lost my bet. I had spoken thrice. I was defeated. But it is really happy to be defeat by this wise and capable king.”

She had put Namaskar to his feet to express her acceptance to marry him. He had hugged her and kissed her.

She said, “Oh! King! Why do you take advantage? You defeated me. I won’t run away from you. The water in the well won’t flow out from the well. Like that, I won’t leave you. I belong to you. But please wait until you marry me in the presence of elders and people. I feel happy and respects by that.”

Vikramadithya admired her commitment towards morals. Mouna Bhashini had informed all of this to her mother Amrutha Mohini. She also felt happy. She had called on Purohits and fixed the marriage date. On one auspicious day their marriage was performed. Everybody in that Bheema Puri felt happy as his or her princess got married. People wondered about the couple as they were made for each other.

Newly weds wife and husband spend there for one week. Then they had taken send off from Amrutha Mohini and started to travel from Bheema Puri. On the way, in the forest, Vikramadithya had left Bhatti and Mouna Bhashini and told them to wait. He had gone to some distance and called on Bhethala. He had turned again as Maya Yathi. Then he had returned to the choultry at Bheema Puri edges. He had met the soldiers who he made them to wait there for him. He had taken the soldiers and Palanquin along with him and approached Bhatti and Mouna Bhashini at forest.

He had asked Mouna Bhashini to sit in the palanquin. Bhatti was riding on a horse. Mouna Bhashini thought that this Maya Yathi might be the purohit of the king i.e. her husband. Because it was the tradition to welcome the bride in such a way by the purohits, she kept calm. She had thought that the king had gone in prior and sent his purohit to bring her. They had reached the edges of Alaka Puri. Maya Yathi had gathered some wood twigs and sticks and bundled with rope. He had kept the bundle on his head and walking. Mouna Bhashini was good in heart. She was not able to watch his industry.

She said, “Oh father! Oh, Brahmin! What is this injustice? Here, there are so many servants and soldiers. Instead of order them to carry this bundle of wood, why are you carrying it?”

Maya Yathi said, “Oh child! These are not wood sticks. These are holy twigs. When you enter into the city, there should be a Homam [i.e. holy fire] Then these holy twigs are required to make fire. Because these are holy, I’m carrying this bundle. Except Brahmin and Kshathriya, others should not touch these holy twigs.”

Mouna Bhashini then stepped down the palanquin and said, “Oh elder father! If it is such case, let me carry this bundle. Please give it to me.”
Maya Yathi pretended refuse. She had repeatedly requested him. Then he had given the bundle to her. She kept it on her head and walking behind Maya Yathi. They were passing by the royal court. The king Alakesa, his ministers, Dhana Vathi, Guna Vathi and others had sat in the court. By watching this scene, everybody in the royal court was shocked. Dhana Vathi collapsed like anything. The courtiers had praised the old monk i.e. Maya Yathi’s capability. They had praised Guna Vathi’s good luck. They said, “Oh Guna Vathi! Your lover i.e. Maya Yathi had defeated Mouna Bhashini. He was brining her by keeping a wooden bundle on her head. You look on to the way.”

Guna Vathi had seen Dhana Vathi with pride. She said, “Oh Dhana Vathi! Because you are rich, you troubled me like anything. You scolded me and tried to insult me. Being such bad in nature, how you sit in this royal court without shy? You, shameless woman! Get away from here. Still, why are you sitting in the seat, like respectable person?”

Dhana Vathi bowed her head with defeat and shy. Guna Vathi expressed patience to her and seeked the permission of king to go home.

Guna Vathi had gone to welcome Maya Yathi, Mouna Bhashini and others. She had taken off the wood bundle from Mouna Bhashini’s head and given it to a servant. She had taken all of them into house. She had arranged all facilities to them. They ate and slept.

On next day morning, Guna Vathi had gone to the royal court as usual time. But DhanaVathi didn’t come. The king had summoned Dhana Vathi to attend the court. She came there with shy and cry.

The king Alakesa said, “Dhana Vathi! As per your challenge, your lover the Brahmin scholar was defeated. But Guna Vathi’s lover, the old monk had defeated Mouna Bhashini and brought her here. Hence, as per your bet, all of your wealth and assets belong to Guna Vathi. More over you became slave to her.”

By hearing this, Guna Vathi said, “Oh king! Though Dhana Vathi became slave to me and her assets belong to me, but I’m giving them to her only. I don’t need her money and wealth. She troubled me and she harassed me to insult me. However finally, she got insulted. Elders used to say if we try to harm others, there happens harm to us. Dhana Vathi had forgotten all morals due to her ego and richness. From today onwards, this event would be a warning to her.”

The king and other had praised Guna Vathi for her good nature. After the court adjourned, Guna Vathi had gone to home. She had explained all to Maya Yathi. Everybody felt happy.

Then Maya Yathi called on Bhatti and said, “Brother Bhatti! Did our turn in forest i.e. other than Ujjain over?” Bhatti said, “Vikramadithya Maharaja! By this day it is over.”

With gentle smile Vikramadithya, turn into his original getup by leaving the disguise of Maya Yathi i.e. old monk. Everybody in the house felt surprise. Guna Vathi was thrilled by watching his handsome appearance. She said, “Swami! You didn’t show this form since you came to my house. Really you are great.” She had praised him in many ways.

By watching all of this, Mouna Bhashini felt happy, thrill and little bit pride, as she married not an ordinary king but Vikramadithya Maharaja.

The news was spread in the city. The king and the people came to know that the old monk who lived in Guna Vathi’s house for few months was not an old man. But he was Vikramadithya Maharaja.

People gathered at Guna Vathi’s house as if it was a pilgrim place. They were waiting for the appearance of Bhatti and Vikramadithya. Dhana Vathi also came there. She had begged Vikramadithya to excuse her. The king Alakesa came there along with his ministers. As a symbol of respects he brought gold pot with full of holy water and ornaments etc Vikramadithya had received him and rewarded all of them. People were praising Guna Vathi. It seems that the entire city was at Guna Vathi’s house. It is difficult to describe the thrill and cheerfulness of people.

On the next day, Bhatti and Vikramadithya had taken send off from Alakesa and left to Ujjain along with Guna Vathi and Mouna Bhashini. They had gone to Ujjain Maham Kali temple and paid tributes there. When they were entering into city, there came two Brahmin scholars. They had blessed Vikramadithya and said, “Oh king of kings. You will get every day wealth, prosperous and good fortune. We want these women. Please donate them to us.”

Without sensing doubt or back step, Vikramadithya had donated Guna Vathi and Mouna Bhashini to them. But the women had refused to leave Vikramadithya and they were sad. Then Vikramadithya had convinced the Brahmin scholars to give them back by taking one village and 10,000 Honnes for each. The Brahmin went happily with money.

Bhatti, Vikramadithya, Guna Vathi and Mouna Bhashini had entered into palace. The other Queens had welcomed them. All were happily spent some time.

Next day, in the royal court Vikramadithya sat on the throne. Bhatti and Vikramadithya had exchanged their experiences with ministers. All were happy. Vikramadithya had satisfied everyone with valuable gifts. People were happy in his ruling.

Oh Bhoja Raja! If you have at least some of the qualities and behavior of Vikramaidthya in you, you do climb up the throne. Otherwise go home.”

Bhoja Raja stopped there. By that time, it was sunset. He thought to think next day. The court was adjourned. Everybody had gone home with excitement to tell these stories to others.

OUT COMING SKILLS: by reading these stories, children can learn how to respect others with respective their good qualities irrespective their position such as richness, profession and designation in society. By watching the deal of Vikramadithya to Guna Vathi, children can learn this. By watching the deal of Vikramadithya to Mouna Bhashini, children can absorb how to mesmerize the others to forget their concentration and how to drive the others in our desired paths. More over children can learn by these stories how to approach the goal in step by step, in such a systematic and scientific way.



Once there was a city by name Ranga Nadha puram. The king by name Ranga Nadha was ruling that kingdom. His minister’s name was Sambhrama Varma. He had a son by name Mathi mantha. [The meaning of this name is a wise man] The king had a daughter Anu Raga Valli. [The meaning of this name is a garland of love] The king and the minister had sent their children to the same Gurukulam. The princess Anu Raga Valli and the minister’s son Mathi mantha became good friends in the childhood itself. Their friend ship was growing as their age was growing. When the princess Anu Raga Valli crossed 10 years, she was sent to the palace from Gurukulam. She had continued her education at the palace. Mathi Mantha had continued his education at the Guru kulam. Years passed. Any Raga Valli became beautiful young woman. Mathi mantha became handsome young man.

One day in a royal function, both of them Anu Raga Valli and Mathi Mantha had seen each other. They were in love with each other. Anu Raga Valli had called her close servant-maid and said, “Friend! You go to the minister’s son Mathi Mantha and convey him to meet me at royal garden by this night.” The servant-maid had conveyed the princess’s message to him. He had met her at royal garden. They spend time with sweet nothings. Since that day, they used to meet in the princess’s bedroom and enjoying time with each other’s company.

The king Ranga Nadha was enquiring the other Princes’ or Kings’ particulars in search of bridegroom to his daughter. Anu Raga Valli had informed her opinion and her love on Mathi Mantha to the king through her mother i.e. Queen. But Ranga Nadha didn’t consider it. He felt that it would be shame to give his daughter to the son of his sub ordinate i.e. minister. Hence, he regretted the proposal. He was trying to settle his daughter’s marriage with some king or prince.

Anu Raga Valli and Mathi Mantha felt worry about this. Mean time she got pregnancy. By knowing this, Mathi Mantha said, “Oh my dear! If we delay even for minute, there will be loss to both of us. Let us go somewhere from here.”

Immediately they had left the palace and city. They were wandering over the country to enable to the king Rang Nadha to find them. Some days were passed in this travelling. By that time, Anu Raga Valli was approaching delivery time. Then they had reached a city by name Godha Puri. They had stayed in a choultry. Anu Raga Valli got delivery pains. Mathi Mantha had gone into town to bring a midwife to attend her. He had gone to the prostitute colony in search of midwife. He didn’t know that it was the prostitute street. He had sat on the Verandah of a house. A prostitute woman by name Vilasini was residing in that house. [The meaning of this name is a lustful woman] She had seen him through the window. She became crazy on him. She had come out and enquired him. She had promised him to send a midwife and invited him into house. She had offered him to sit in a chair and said, “We will send mid wife. Don’t worry. I had sent my servant-maid to call the midwife. Mean while you relax. Have this drink and pan.”

Mathi Mantha didn’t expect any risk in it. He had drank the drink and eaten the pan. In fact, Vilasini, the prostitute woman was a witch. She had known some magical words. In that pan, she had mixed a magic material. Hence, Mathi Mantha became a Yolk by eating that pan. She had tied him i.e. Yolk at her cattle shed. At the night, she had spread some magic powder on the Yolk by chanting magic words. The Yolk became the young man Mathi Mantha. She had given food and water to him. She had made him to bathe. She had enjoyed him with sex. She didn’t allow him to talk. By early in the morning she spread again magic powder on him and chanted some magic words. He became as Yolk. Like this Vilasini had prisoned him at her house. Every night she was making him as human being, enjoying with him and in the every morning, she was making him as Yolk.

On the other hand, at the choultry, the princess Anu Raga Valli was suffering from delivery pains. She had screamed aloud. The women who were passing on the road had heard and attended her. She had given birth to a male child. The boy was cute. Three days passed. Mathi Mantha didn’t turn back. Anu Raga Valli was sad. She had thought in several ways. She had waited for 10 more days with anxiety. He didn’t return. She had sensed that something wrong somewhere. She came out of Choultry. She was searching for her husband along with her kid. In search of her husband, she had approached the king of that city Godha Puri, by name Dharmangada. [The meaning of this name is a person who behaves with royals and responsibilities.] His minister’s name was Neethi Dhuryudu. [The meaning of this name is a person who behaves with ethics.]

Anu Raga Valli had urged the king and minister in the royal court to search for her husband. The king had deputed that work to his minister. Neethi Dhurya had appointed some soldiers to search for Mathi Mantha. They were not able to find him. The soldiers had searched all over the city. But Mathi Mantha was not found. The king, his minister and soldiers had taken severe effort but in vain. They had informed the news to Anu Raga Valli. She was crying like anything.

The king Dharmangada said, “Oh my little mother! Don’t cry. Don’t worry, as your husband was not found. We will give food, shelter and every need of you. We will take care of you. You can live with your son peacefully”.

Anu Raga Valli said, “Raja! You are like my father. I requested you to search for my husband. You were not able to find him. He was missed in this city only. I don’t need your help further. ‘My husband was not found’ means; he was not alive in this world. He won’t leave me lonely here and won’t go anywhere except heaven. I know him. He won’t leave me as I was matured pregnant. Without his company, my life is not a life. I don’t like to live. Hence, I request you to prepare a pyre by evening 10 Ghadiyas before sunset. I will meet him at heaven by entering into the fire of pyre.”

The king and minister had tried to convinse her but she didn’t leave her determination.

Unavoidable, they had ordered the soldiers to prepare the pyre. This news spread all over the city like a wild fire.

By evening people gathered as groups in front of royal court where the pyre had prepared. Because it came evening, Vilasini had turned Mathi Mantha as a man from Yolk. She said, “Oh young man! I heard that some woman is going to enter into fire. People are going to watch it. Let us go.”

Mathi Mantha was not able to understand anything. He didn’t know how many days were passed and what was happening around him. He was confused in between the forms of Yolk during the daytime and man during the nighttime.

When he was in such confused situation, Vilasini had decorated him with silk clothes and ornaments. She had taken him to the royal ground by holding his hand in her hand.

By that time, Anu Raga Valli had completed two holy rounds around fire and taking 3rd round. Mathi Mantha had seen his wife Anu Raga Valli and realized what was happening. He had thrown away the hands of Vilasini and run towards Anu Raga Valli. He was shouting at her as “Don’t jump into the fire. I’m here.” Anu Raga Valli was with high grievance, and she was chanting her husband’s and God’s names. She didn’t notice what was happening around. What a tragedy...! Poor, Anu Raga Valli! She had jumped into the fire along with her baby.

Mathi Mantha screamed aloud. Without thinking a single second, he also jumped into the fire. By watching, all this, Vilasini recognized that Anu Raga Valli as the wife of Mathi Mantha for whose delivery he came to her house to fetch midwife. Vilasini was now able to understand what had happened. She felt very bad about her sin. She had run into fire and died.

The minister Neethi Dhurya thought, “The king had ordered me to search for this man, Mathi Mantha and find him. But I failed in that task. Though he is in the city, I was not able to find him. Now that man, his wife, and their little kid had died. I’m liable to all of this sin. People will blame me for my imperfect performance in my duty. Why should I live? Why I should bag such notoriousness.”

By thinking like this, the minister died by jumping in to the fire.

By watching all this, people had wondered. The king felt sad. Immediately he had gone to the temple of Kalika Devi. He prayed to the Goddess as “Oh Mother! Kalika Devi. Aum Bhadra Kali! Aum Maha Kali! These people, Mathi Mantha and his wife came to my kingdom to live here. They had died. I pray you to make alive all of them including Mathi Mantha, his wife, his son, my minister and the public servant i.e. prostitute woman Vilasini. Please make them alive. Otherwise, take my life. If you won’t make them alive, I will leave my life at your feet.”

Goddess Kalika Devi was pleased with his prayer she had made all of them alive and blessed all the people. The king Dharmangada well treated Mathi Mantha and Anu Raga Valli as his guests. He had offered job to Mathi Mantha at his court. Mean time, this news was reached Ranga nadha Puri. Both the parents of Mathi Mantha and Anu Raga Valli had understood the love of Mathi Mantha and Anu Raga Valli. The king Ranga Natha and Sambhrama Varma came to Gadha Puri. They had thanked to Dharmangada and taken Mathi Mantha and Anu Raga Valli along with them to their native Ranga Nadha Puri.

Later Mathi Mantha became king of Ranga Nadha Puri and Anu Raga Valli became Queen. They lived happily for long time.”

The blouse had completed to story and said, “Oh king! I think you heard the story. Now tell me. In this story, four members had jumped into fire to die. Whose life sacrifice is great?”

Vikramadithya said, “Vilasini life sacrifice is great. Being immoral woman, she had realized her sin.”

Mouna Bhashini said, “No! No! In fact, Vilasini had done sin. Hence, she deserves life sacrifice. But the minister Neethi Dhurya didn’t any mistake or sin. There was nothing wrong in his performance. Because Mathi Mantha was not in the form of human being, they were not able to find him. But Minister Neethi Dhurya had self-bounded and felt self-responsibility. His commitment towards his duty and his sincerity were really appreciable. Hence, his life sacrifice is great.”

Vikramadithya said, “Off Course. I agree with you. Being woman who resides within palace, you had known this analysis. Whereas being man who wanders around in the world, I didn’t know this. What an interesting feature is this?”

Mouna Bhashini enjoyed his praising and admiration. In that excitement, she didn’t noticed that she had spoken for 2nd time.

Vikramadithya smiled. There were naughtiness and victory shining in his smile.

Vikramadithya said, “Still there is lot of time to get sunrise. Time is not passing. I’m not able to sleep. This beauty is not entertaining me with her sweet words. What can I do? Well. Oh, the sari edge i.e. Payyeda, which Mouna Bhashini had wore! Please tell me a story.”

The Payyeda i.e. edge of her sari said, “Oh king! This Mouna Bhashini had worn me on her breast. She had decorated ornaments on me, by tautly me with those ornaments. In these difficulties, how can I tell you a story?”

Mouna Bhashini had wondered by this event. She had removed her Payyeda and dropped it in between their cots. Now she was half-nude by removing blouse and Payyeda. She had slipped beneath the blanket.

Naughty Vikramadithya smiled at her. Her face became red like a rose with shy.

Vikramadithya said, “Oh Payyeda. Your mistress is very kind to you. She had released you from your difficulties. Now tell me a story. Let me spend time cheerfully.”

Then her Payyeda started to tell a story.



Once there was a great city Mandara Puri. The king Manmadha Jeeva Karudu was ruling it. He had a minister by name Mangala Karudu. This minister was very wise and good. A boy was born to the king. On the same day, a son was born to the Minister. The King had put the name Madana Mohana to his son. The minister had put the name Thanthra Lohana to his son. They were growing. At the age of 5 years, they were sent to the Gurukulam. They became deep friends. They play together, eat together, learn together and sleep together. They were like eye and eyelids. If one gets foot pain, the other would feel, as it was his eye pain.

They had learnt all education, arts and war arts. They had grown up as handsome young men. They had returned from Gurukulam.

One day, they had gone to forest for hunting. They didn’t take the soldiers along with them. They rode their horses and travelled deep into forests. They had enjoyed a lot by watching the nature and in hunting the wild animals. They were tired and thirsty. Then they were searching for water. In search of lake or other water source, they travelled long distance. At last, they had seen a lake and a big banyan tree on its bank. There was a beautiful and big temple there. They drank water and washed their faces. They felt relax. They had sat under the shade of the banyan tree. The prince was snapping.

The minister’s son, Thanthra Lohana rose up and went into the temple. It was the temple of Goddess Kali Devi. He had devoted Goddess KaliKa Devi and taking round in the temple premises. At the Northern side of the temple, there was a statue. It seems that it was exposing the sculpture’s talent by its appearance. Thanthra Lohana first thought that some young woman was standing there. Later when he keenly observed it, he could notice that it was a statue of woman. It was holding a flower garland in the hands. There was a beautiful smile on its lips. It was like a princess alive or a divine woman, but not like a rock statue.

Thanthra Lohana suspected that if the prince Madana Mohana had seen it, he would fell in love. With these thought he had returned to the banyan tree. By that time, the prince was woken up. He said, “My friend! Let us devote the Goddess in this temple. It will be joyful if we visit this temple. This temple looks very big and beautiful. Let us have a visit. Come on.” He was pressuring Thanthra Lohana with eager to go into the temple.

The minister’s son, Thanthra Lohana said, “Oh my friend! Yuva Raja [Young Prince] You go and devote Kalika mother in the temple. I had already devoted her. I’ll be here to look after our horses. You go through East gate, go to South and come back through west gate.”

The prince, Madana Mohana had gone into the temple through East gate and devoted Kalika Devi. While taking round around the temple in the premises he had gone to South and West gate. Then he had thought, “Why Thanthra Lohana asked me to do not go to Northern gate. Let me see what is there.” Then he had gone to Northern side of the temple. There he had seen the statue of woman. By watching it, he became crazy. He thought that it was real woman or divine beauty. He didn’t notice it was statue. He became such crazy and lost self-awareness. He stood there and asking it “Oh beauty! Please give me the flower garland. Keep it in my neck. Accept me as your husband. Marry me. Let me have the flower garland in your hands.”

There, under the banyan tree, the minister’s son, Thanthra Lohana was waiting for him. Because the prince didn’t turn up, Thanthra Lohana had come into the temple to watch. He had observed the prince in front of the statue of beautiful woman. The prince was saying something with crazy. Thanthra Lohana had tried to convince the prince in many ways, as it was statue but not a real woman. But the prince was not able to hear anything. He did not understand anything. He continued to request the statue to love him and to marry him. Thanthra Lohana felt sad. He was helpless.

Then, the Poojari [priest] of the temple came there. Thanthra Lohana had approached the purohit and asked “Oh, holy man! Here, there is a statue of beautiful woman at the Northern side of the temple. Do you know its particulars like who the sculpture of it was, when he made it and where he lives?”

The purohit [priest] said, “Oh great young man! There is a city by name Sangameswaram at distance of 10 Amadas [distance measurement] to here. There is a sculpture by name Kodanda Chari. He used to come to the temple to devote Kalika Devi yearly twice. Few days back he had made this statue and established there. I don’t know further.”

By hearing this, Thanthra Lohana thought, “The sculpture might see some woman like this and made the statue. By enquiring him, I should bring that beautiful woman to here. Otherwise, our prince won’t leave this place and come with us. What can I do? But I must do something.”

Thanthra Lohana had given his valuable diamond ornaments to the purohit and said, “Oh holy man. You are like my father. I have to go on some work. It may take one month or two months or 6 months. Unless I complete the work, I won’t come back. Hence, it will take that much time for me to return. Until I come back, you please take care of my prince by giving food and water. You please look after him.”

The purohit had accepted his deal. Thanthra Lohana had taken send off from purohit and travelled on his horse. Within two days, he had reached Sangameswaram. He had enquired about Kodanda Chari and reached his home. He said, “Oh sculpture! There is a sculpture in temple in the forest near Mandara Puri. Are you the sculpture who made it and install it there?”

Kodanda Chari said, “Yes my son! What do you want?” Thanthra Lohana said, “Father! By watching whom, you had encarved that sculpture? It you have no objection to say, please tell me.”

Kodanda Chari said, “My dear young man! Few days back, probably within one month, one day I had gone to the temple of Kalika Devi in that forest. In the evening, after sunset, it was semi dark. I stood at the west gate. There came a potter by name Parumallu from chittor, a town at Southern direction. He had given some thing to me. I had seen that. It was bright like diamond. I had taken that from the potter and given the gold chain to him as a return gift. He had left there happily with the gold chain. On the next day morning when I had observed it, it was not a diamond. It was a nail. I felt sad. Because I am a sculpture, I felt wonder about the nail, its brightness and its beauty. With respective that nail, I had guessed the beautiful woman who had lost that nail. As per the science of sculpture, I had established a rock into beautiful woman and installed at the Northern side of the temple. I know this much only.”

Thanthra Lohana had thanked Kodanda Chari and gone to Chittor. There he located the potter Perumallu. He asked the potter “Oh Potter man! Did you give a nail to the sculpture Kodanda Chari?” He said, “Yes please!”

Thanthra Lohana said, “How did you get that nail?” The potter said, “Oh great man! How can I say? One day evening I had gone to riverside to bring mud to make pots. There came one hunter by name Khargudu from the forest Karkotaka. It is 1½ Amadas distance from here. He had given this nail to me. In that evening’s semi darkness, it was shining like a diamond. I hoped to make a chain to my daughter with it. I had given pots and mud vessels to the hunter as many as he could carry. He had gone happily. On the morning, when I had seen it, it was not a diamond but a nail. I felt sad and grievance towards the hunter. I played the same trick on Kodanda Chari, gave the nail to him and brought gold chain from him. This much I know.”

Thanthra Lohana had taken send off from potter and rushed to Karkotaka Vanam i.e. forest. He had found out the hunter and enquired about the nail.

The hunter said, “Oh great man! One day I had gone to forest to hunt the animals as per my profession. What a misfortune of me on that day! I didn’t catch even a single animal or bird. I had wandered and wandered in the forest and I was tired and desperate. I had reached a big banyan tree. I had laid under its shade. These were cool breeze. Due to my tiresome, I slept there. I didn’t consider time. I had sound sleep for long time. When I woke up, it was night. There was half moon in the sky. In that semi dark, I had found something bright in front of me. I thought that it might be a diamond. I had collected it and come home. In the morning, when I observed it, it was a nail but not a diamond. Because I need some pots and mud vessels, I had deceived the potter at Chittor by giving the nail to him and brought pots. It seems that you belong to royal family. You please forgive me for my mischief cheating of potter.”

Thanthra Lohana said, “It doesn’t matter. Where is that banyan tree?”

The hunter said, “It is at a distance of 2 Amadas to here at Northern direction.”

Thanthra Lohana had reached the banyan tree. He didn’t know whom to ask. What could he do? With desperation, he sat under the shade of tree. By that time, it was one Ghadiya time over sunset. There were 1000 parrots living on that tree. There was a parrot king in them. The parrot king had seen Thanthra Lohana. It said, “Oh Young man! It seems that you are the best among men! In this forest, there are dangerous animals and snakes. If they observe you, they may harm you or they may eat you. That’s why before the animals start ‘the searching of food’; you go to any town or village. It is better for you to go from here.”

Thanthra Lohana had known the language of birds. He had understood what the king of parrots was saying. He had given reply in the language of birds. He said, “Oh king of parrots. As a well wish, you advised me to move from here. I accept and I’m thankful to you for your kindness. But I was not able to get success in my task. That’s why I don’t like to live. What is the use of life with failure? Hence, I don’t worry if the animals eat me. Let them kill me.”

By hearing this, the king of parrots said “Brother! If you have no objection, let me know the task on which you came here. If there are any possibilities to help you, I’ll do.”

Thanthra Lohana felt happy. He thought that his work might be complete successfully. He had narrated everything to the parrots and the king of parrots. The parrots’ king had asked his 1000 parrots. He said, “Do you know whose nail is that?”

Then one parrot came front and said, “Oh king of parrots! Since some days back, one day all of we had gone to Madhu Vanam after crossing 7 Oceans and 7 Islands. There we had eaten sweet fruits. Each of we were bringing one sweet fruit for you. While returning, we had reached Mallika Island. There was a 3-staired building. On the terrace of that building, there was a young woman. She was very beautiful. She had head shower and combing her hair. She was like divine woman Uravasi or Rambha. While she was combing her hair, her last fingernail had cut off and dropped at few feet distance. It was shining like a diamond. I thought that it was a diamond. I dropped out the fruit in my mouth and I carried the nail to please you. In the morning, when I observe, it was not a diamond. It was the nail. You had thrown the nail on to the floor and given a punch to me. Do you remember it?”

The king of parrots said, “Oh great man! I remember it now. This parrot told the truth. Do you hear?”

Thanthra Lohana said, “Oh king of parrots. You had told me where that young woman is living. By knowing that information, I’m satisfied like a person who eats delicious food. You please tell me that how can I reach the Mallika Island to get her. Nobody else is there to me to guide me. Please let me know right way.”

The king of parrots said, “Thanthra Lohana! There is a tallest tree at a distance of 3 Yojanas to here. It is so tall as if it is touching the sky. On that tree, there are a couple of Ganda Bherunda birds living. [In Indian folk stories, Ganda Bherunda birds are huge birds. They have good role in folk literature. These birds are of 9 feet height. They can easily carry human being on their either back or on their feet.] They are kind. If you secure their friendship, they can help you. They can take you to the Mallika Island.”

Thanthra Lohana had thanked the king of parrots and 1000 parrots in many ways. He had taken send off and gone to the tallest tree on his horse.

By that time, the male and female birds had gone to other Islands in search of food. There were two birds’ Kids on the tree. There a black King Cobra was climbing up to eat the chick of birds. Thanthra Lohana had killed the snake by cutting it into two pieces. The birds’ kids were fearing up to that moment. They had seen that the minister’s son, Thanthra Lohana had cut off the snake with his sword. They felt happy and grateful to him. They said, “Oh great man. You have saved our lives. By the way, you became 2nd parent to us. More over you are guest to us. Elders used to say that we should serve the guest as if he is God to us. We are very thankful to you. Whatever you need, we will make you to get through our parents. They had gone to other Islands to bring food for us. Now it is time for their return. If they see you, before we inform them about you, they may kill you. That’s why you should not be here. You please hide behind that tree.”

Thanthra Lohana had hidden behind a tree. After few minutes, the Ganda Bherunda birds had came to their nest with food. The kids of birds had didn’t notice their parents arrival. The kids were sad. The parent birds said, “Oh my dear kids. You are our hills of gold. You are our bags of boons. You are our heaps of kisses. Every day you used to welcome us with cheers. Today you are not like that. Why are you un-cheerful? Do you get any grievance or angry with us?”

The kids of birds said, “Mother! Father! We had no grievance or angry with you. When you had gone in search of food, a black king cobra came to eat us. Then a great man came here, cut off it into two pieces and saved us. You see, there are the two pieces of the snake. Is it correct to attend us before attending our guest cum life saver? It is natural for you to attend us because you don’t know what happened. But, if we fill our belly without informing you about him, then it will not be correct for us. Look. He is there, behind that tree. You please attend him first. Then only you give food to us. Otherwise we won’t take food.”

Ganda Bherunda Birds felt grateful towards Thanthra Lohana, because he had saved their kids. They said “Oh great man! You had saved our children’s lives. Really, you had saved our lives. Please accept our hospitality.” They had served him like anything. They had brought him near to their nest. They had given food to him. Later the kids of birds had taken food. All were relaxed with chatting for some time. The birds had told so many wonders which they had crossed in the different Islands. As the Ganda Bherunda birds were huge with large and long wings, they used to go far distances over crossing seas, oceans and Islands every day in search of food.

While chatting they had asked Thanthra Lohana about his particulars. The female bird said, “Brother! You have saved our children from the snake’s danger. We have no other dear relative than you. If you want anything, please tell us. We will help you to fulfill it. Let us know what you want.”

Thanthra Lohana had explained everything to them. He said, “Oh birds! Please tell me how to reach Mallika Island and how to bring that woman. Let me have your guidance.”

The male bird said, “You please sit on my feet. I’ll take you to the Mallika Island. Because you have no experience in travelling through air, you may fell down. That’s why tie up your body to my foot. As well you cover up your eyes with a cloth to prevent the experience of air pressure and force.”

Thanthra Lohana had agreed to this. He had gone to nearby village and handed over his horse to one of the villager to look after it. He paid the villager for it. He returned to the Ganda Bherunda birds.

He said, “Oh birds! You are great. I request you to explain the way and Islands on which we are travelling through air, throughout our journey.” They had agreed. He had tied up his body with a rope to the foot of male bird. The female bird was following the male bird. They were travelling by air. The female bird was explaining him about the specialties of seas, Islands beneath them. They were crossing over nine gems Island. There were heaps of 9 gems such as Diamonds, Pearls, Carbuncle, Lapslazulli, Topaz, Emerald, Coral, Ruby, Sardonyx and Sapphire etc. Because of those gems, the entire Island was shining like sun. Though, the eyes of Thanthra Lohana were covered with cloth, he could sensed the brightness. He had asked them “On which Island we are flying.”

The birds said, “Over nine gems Island.” He said, “I had taken heavy lunch at your nest. Now I’m suffering from stomachache. Let me leave on ground for few minutes. I want to go to toilet.”

The birds had come down and left him on the Island of 9 gems. There were heaps of diamonds and gems like hillocks. Those were valuable gems. Thanthra Lohana had collected as many as possible gems in his clothes and climbed up the foot of bird. They had flown to Mallika Island. The Ganda Bherunda birds had given him a feather and said, “Oh great man! You are the best among human beings. Whenever you won’t to return from this island, you devote this feather and remind us. We will come to take you back.”

Then the minister’s son, Thanthra Lohana had turned himself in the disguise of a Vysya Merchant. He had gone to the market street. He had taken a shop on rent and purchased required furniture such as diamonds carpets and glass showcases etc. He had started the business of 9 gems. He had offered valuable diamonds, pearls, topazes etc that he had collected at 9 gems Island. The gems, which he was offering, were with high quality. They were bright and shining like stars. The merchants of the Mallika Island had observed the quality of diamonds. Each of they had purchased diamonds from him for not less than 5 or 6 lakhs of Honnes. He became fame there within short period.

There was a Vysya Businessman by name Nava Koti Narayana Setti. He was considered as leader of the merchants in that Island. No other merchant in that island was equal to him in richness and famous. He was living in a 3-staired building. There was no other rich and beautiful building like his house. He had a daughter by name Sangeetha Sahithya Sarosollasa Hasini. [The meaning of this name is a girl who has pleasant smiles with the excitement of music and literature] She was beautiful unmarried girl. In fact, the parrot in Karkotaka vanam had picked up her nail only, by which the sculpture Kodanda Chari had encarved her statue.

One day Nava Koti Narayana setti had came to Thanthra Lohana’s shop. By that time, there were some other merchants and customers in his shop. All of they had stood up to respect him. He had gently asked them to sit with pleasant smile. Thanthra Lohana had received Nava Koti Narayana Setti with high respect.

Nava Koti Narayana Setti said, “Oh young business man! I heard about you. Within short period, you became fame in our Island. I’m very happy by watching dynamic and young man like you. You are doing best in the business. I’m interested to hear your particulars. Which is your native? Who are your parents? If you have no objection, you please tell us. We will be happy by hearing your details.”

Thanthra Lohana said, “Oh great elderly man. Namaskar. My native is Mandakini Puri. I had born in business family. My father’s name is Setha Koti Syamanna Setti. My name is Dinakara koti Prabhakara Setti. I have desire to watch wonders of the world. That’s why I’m wandering on the world by taking the diamonds in my home to do business as well as touring. On the way, I came here. I heard about you. I thought to visit you. I fear in which manner you receive me if I take such initiation. I suspect that you may consider it as my ego or disobedience. That’s why I stepped back. Today I’m happy, because I am able to meet you.”

By watching his obedience towards elders and intellectual communicative skills, Nava Koti Narayana Setti had admired him. He had invited Thanthra Lohana to his home. He had given feast to him. Then Thanthra Lohana had seen Sangeetha Sahithya Sarosollasa Hasini, and wondered about her beauty. He thought, “Really she is like divine woman. She is very correct bride to my prince Madana Mohana.” Ullasa Hasini had seen Thanthra Lohana and wondered about his handsome appearance. She thought, “This man is really handsome. Why he watched me with keen observation? There is something special in him.”

Thanthra Lohana in the disguise of Dinakara Koti Prabhakara Setti had stayed there for four or five days. He got some freedom in the house. He was moving closely with the family members of Nava Koti Narayana Setti. He was calling them with suitable relations. He was calling Nava Koti Narayana Setti as uncle i.e. father-in-law and his wife as Aunt i.e. mother-in-law.

On the 5th day, he said, “Uncle! How many days that I can stay at your house? In fact, I want to stay for some more days in this Island. I have to bring my wife here. When my wife comes, it is not good to us to stay at your home. It is better for me to stay in another house. That’s why I request you to give me the land opposite to your house. I’ll construct a house there. Whenever I want to go to my place, I leave the land and building to you. What do you say for this? I request you to accept my proposal.

Nava Koti Narayana Setti had accepted this deal. Thanthra Lohana in the disguise of Vysya businessman by name Dinakara Koti Prabhakara Setti had hired some masonry workers and constructed a 3-Staired building in the opposite land, as early as possible. It was rich and posh equally to the house of Nava Koti Narayana Setti. Prabakara Setti i.e. Thanthra Lohana had paid much to some of masonry workers and constructed a secret tunnel from his building to the room of Ullasa Hasini. This was done without notice of others.

On an auspicious day, he had accommodated in the new building. One night, Prabhakara Setti had reached Ullasa Hasini room through the tunnel by holding a lamp in the hand. Her room was bright with lamps. The walls of the room were decorated with beautiful colored paintings. The Almarah’s were neatly filled with many books. There was a lute in the corner of a room on a Deevanchi i.e. long sofa. It seems that her rooms was very suitable to her tastes, hobbies and her name such as Sangeetha Sahithya Sarasollosa Hasini.

She was sleeping on her Hamsa Thulika Thalpam i.e. bed made up of silk, soft
cotton and feathers of swan. The lights were bright. He had touched her with the lamp stick to wake up her. She had wake up and saw him. She felt shock in first moment. Because she sensed something special in him, she didn’t shout aloud.

She asked him “How did you come to my room?” Divakara Setti i.e. Thanthra Lohana had shown the tunnel way to her. She said, “Why did you come to my room?”

He said, “Ullasa Hasini! There is a handsome man who is eligible to marry you. He is at Mandara Puri. He is our prince. I’m his minister. He is very suitable to you in appearance and talents.” He had narrated the entire particulars to her.

Ullasa Hasini felt wonder by hearing this. She thought, “What a wonder is this? Unless it is Gods’ miracle, how my nail reached far beyond the oceans and how it became reason to a sculpture. By taking that as a symbol, how this young man had taken pain to reach here. It is true; my nail had cut off on one evening since some months back. Probably he is telling truth. His sincere effort is confirming this.”

Dinakara Setti i.e. Thanthra Lohana said, “Ullasa Hasini! You are like my sister. Within 10 days, we have to travel to Mandara Puri. I tell you a plan. You please implement this.”

He had explained his strategy to take her from there to Mandara Puri. She had accepted his plan. Dinakara Setti had taken send off from her and gone to his house. Ullasa Hassini was excited with the wonderful happenings. She was dreaming about the prince and eager to meet him.

In the morning, Dinakara Setti had approached Nava Koti Narayana Setti. He had paid respects to Nava Koti Narayana Setti and said, “Uncle! My wife came by last night. I want to give a grand feast to your family. I pray to visit my house along with all your family members, relatives and friends. We will be happy by that.”

Nava Koti Narayana Setti had accepted his invitation. At the lunchtime, all the family members were getting ready to go to Dinakara Koti Prabhakara Setti. Nava Koti Narayana Setti asked his daughter, Ullasa Hasini to come to lunch. She said, “Father! I have headache. I can’t come. I have no hunger and moods. You please go. I’ll take rest in my room.”

Her parents said, “Okay”. All of they had gone for lunch to Dinakara Koti Prabhakara Setti’s house. As per their pre plan, Ullasa Hasini had approached the house of Prabhkara Setti through the tunnel in prior. She was filling the dining set vessels with curries, pickles and other dishes. There came the family members, relatives and friends of Nava Koti Narayana Setti along with him. Prabhakara Setti had received them with regards and affection. Prabhakara Setti had called on his wife. She came from kitchen and put Namaskar to them. Prabhakara Setti said, “She is my wife Suhasini. She is very talented in cooking. We welcome you to enjoy the feast and to taste her cooking.”

By watching her, Nava Koti Narayana Setti and others were shocked. He had suspected her as his own daughter. He thought, “What an extreme is this? When I called my daughter, she had refused to come. Then how she came in prior to us? Did our daughter fall crazy and in love with this young man? Is she my daughter Ullasa Hasini or his wife Suhasini? Who is she?”

He had whispered this in the ears of his brother-in-law. His brother-in-law said, “What, brother-in-law? Do you become mad? Ullasa Hasini had laid at her room with head ache. Where is she and how she could come here? Is there no body like your daughter? If Dinakara Koti Prabhakara Setti hears this, he may feel bad. Please keep quite.”

Nava Koti Narayana Setti didn’t give up his doubt. He murmured again “Brother-in-law! She might be my daughter Ullasa Hasini. When we were coming here, she had wore the same type of sari, which this Suhasini wore now. I suspect this woman; Suhasini is nothing but our Ullasa Hasini.”

Mean time they had sat to have lunch. His wife Suhasini i.e. Ullasa Hasini had came to serve rice to them. Nava Koti Narayana Setti was still murmuring in the ears of his brother-in-law. He said, “Okay brother-in-law. If you still doubt her, let us do one thing. When she comes to serve you, throw some ghee on her sari without her notice. When we return home, we can check her with this sign.” Nava Koti Narayana Setti was satisfied with this trick. When Suhasini i.e. Ullasa Hasini came to serve dal and curries, he had dropped some ghee on her sari. She didn’t notice it in the busy work. But Dinakara Koti Prabhakara Setti i.e. Thanthra Lohana had noticed it. But he didn’t reveal it as he noticed it.

All of they had enjoyed the feast. Prabhakara Setti had served betel leaves i.e. pan to the guests. They enjoyed with music and chatting for some time. Mean time, Prabhakara Setti had ordered his clerks and servants some works. The guests had taken leave and gone to their home.

Immediately, Prabhakara Setti had called on his clerk and taken a sari from him. In fact, he had ordered his clerk to buy a sari of some type, which Suhasin had wore, at the time of relax after lunch. He had given that sari to Ullasa Hasini and told her to change her sari. He said, “Your father doubted you. Hence, he had dropped some ghee on your sari. When you go back, if he checks for that ghee strain, you may catch up. If you change your sari with another, he will interrogate you why you have changed. Moreover, he may ask you to bring this sari to check. That’s why, I sent the clerk to bring the same type of sari. You wear this and go.”

She had done the same. She had reached her room, through tunnel and laid on the bed. Her father and others reached home. Nava koti Narayana Setti called her “Daughter! Come here?”

She said, “Father! I told you that I’m suffering from head ache. In spite of that, why do you trouble me? I have no strength to come. I have heavy pain.”

He said, “Sorry my child! There is no need for you to come to here. You wear another sari and send the sari which you wore now.”

She didn’t argue because she knew her father’s thoughts. She had changed her sari with another and sent it to her father by a servant-maid. Her parents had examined the sari. There was no ghee strain and nothing else. They felt bad because they had suspected her. They had felt happy because their daughter was innocent.

Few days passed. One-day morning, Thanthra Lohana i.e. Prabhakara Setti had approached Nava Koti Narayana Setti and said, “Uncle! I came here since long time back. We have to return to my native. You please come and hand over my house. You please give send off to my wife and me.”

They felt sad to give send off to him. After controlling their emotion, they had gone to his house. Ullasa Hasini had locked her room door from inside. She had reached Prabhakara Setti’s house in prior through the tunnel. She was got ready to travel from there. Dinakara Koti Prabhakara Setti had handed over the building to Nava Koti Narayana Setti. He had taken send off from them. Narayana Setti and others were very affectionate on Prabhakara Setti and his wife Suhasini. They had walked up to the edge of city along with the couple in the part of send off. Prabhakara Setti didn’t stop them. Because, he had wanted to delay Nava Koti Narayana Setti return, to his house. Then they could not identify that Ullasa Hasini was missed in time. By that delay both of Ullasa Hasini and of Thanthra Lohana could escape from that Island. That’s why he had allowed them to follow up to the edge of the city.

Then he said, “Uncle! Aunt! You have come, so long distance with us. Now you can stop here. Let me have your blessings.” They blessed him with tears in eyes.

He said with Ullasa Hasini “Suhasini! Take permission to go from your parents and others. Take send off and blessing from them.”

She had put Namaskar to the feet of Nava Koti Narayana Setti and his wife and other elders. She had taken send off from them. By that time, she was crying with emotion. They had consoled her. They said, “You silly girl! You are like our own daughter. For you, your husband’s house is permanent but the houses like ours. You have to reside where your husband resides. Don’t cry. Be happy and peaceful. Live long life happily with husband and children.”

They had given send off to her and returned home. Thanthra Lohana and Ullasa Hasini had reached the seashore. He had reminded the Ganda Bherunda Birds and devoted to their feather. There came the birds. Ullasa Hasini had tied her body to the foot of Female bird with her sari edge. Thanthra Lohana had tied up his body to the foot of male bird. The Ganda Bherunda birds had brought them safely to the tall tree in Karkotaka vanam.

On the other hand, Nava Koti Narayana Setti and others had noticed that Ullasa Hasini’s room door was locked from inside. They had searched for her all over the house and surroundings. She was not there. They had broken the door and entered into her room. She was not in room. There was a tunnel at a corner in the room. They had entered into the tunnel to trace its way and destination. They had reached the opposite house of Prabhakara Setti i.e. Thanthra Lohana. They were shocked.

Nava Koti Narayana Setti thought, “Oh God! What a cheating is this? In this manner, it had happened. The young man i.e. Prabhakara Setti had deceived us, and taken our girl along with him with our permission at our presence. Our girl Ullasa Hasini had co-operated him. It will be shame to us if we tell this to others. People will laugh at our foolishness. We should not spell out this. We should keep quite like a thief who got a scorpions’ bite in the hole.” [In olden days, thieves used to enter into the houses to do thefting by digging holes in the walls. If any scorpion bites him, he can’t cry aloud due to the fear of catch up by people. Hence, this idiom is used to describe the situation when we have to keep quite because of our own mistake.]

In the Karkotaka Vanam, the Ganda Bherunda Birds had released Ullasa Hasini and Thanthra Lohana on the ground near the tallest tree. They felt very happy. Thanthra Lohana had expressed his thankfulness to the birds and their kids. They had taken send off from them and gone to the nearby village. Thanthra Lohana had collected his horse from the villager and rewarded him with diamonds.

Both of they had rushed to the temple of Goddess Kalika Devi on the horse. Thanthra Lohana had plucked some flowers and pierced them into a garland. He had given that garland to Ullasa Hasini and said, “Ullasa Hasini! You are like my sister and mother. You take this garland and go into the temple. At the Northern side of the temple, there is a statue of yourself. There will be my friend, Prince Madana Mohana. You hide yourself behind the statue without his notice. When he asks you to give the garland to him, suddenly you come before the statue and keep the garland in his neck. He will feel happy. When he enquired about me, say that I had died?”

Ullasa Hasini was paralyzed with these words. She said, “Brother! You are like my brother, father and every relative. You bring me from far away to make your friend happy. Now why are you saying such rude words? I can’t hear them.”

He said, “Mother, Ullasa Hasini! I had brought you here after facing so many difficulties to make my friend, Prince Madana Mohana happy. Just I want to check how much friendship, kind and love has my friend, Prince Madana Mohana on me. You please do this much help for my satisfaction.”

Ullasa Hasini had agreed and gone into the temple. There was the prince. He was handsome. Ullasa Hasini was thrilled by watching him and her statue. It was just like her. She had hidden herself behind the statue. The prince was requesting the statue to keep the garland in his neck. Immediately she came before and kept the garland in his neck. He felt wonder, as the statue didn’t move since long says and now how it could move. He had seen two figures, one was statue and the other was a young beautiful woman, Ullasa Hasini alive. He felt extreme happy. With love and craze, he had hugged her. She had taken a back step with shy. He asked her how she came there. She said, “Your friend Thanathra Lohana brought me here.”

Madana Mohana asked, “Where is he?”

She said, “He had died due to the snake’s bite at the gate of this temple.”

With in a second, Madana Mohana had pierced his heart with a dagger and left life. Ullasa Hasini was shocked by this event. She thought “Oh God! I came by leaving loving parents, wealth and residence with a desire to marry this Prince. Now he died. I was fallen on road like on orphan. Why should I live after losing such a handsome and affectionate prince?” She had pulled out the dagger from the dead body of Madana Mohana and pierced herself. Hence, she also died.

At the gate of the temple, the minister’s son Thanthra Lohana was waiting. He thought, “What is this! Ullasa Hasini didn’t come back. The prince also didn’t come. What happened to them? Let me go and see.”

He had gone to Northern side of the temple and seen their dead bodies. He wept like anything. He thought, “Oh God! Why should I said such? What is there if the prince has love on me or not? I had tested him. By the way, I had done great sin. Now I lost my loving friend. What is the use of my life when I lost my friend and Ullasa Hasini who came by believing me and by leaving her wealth, assets and parents?”

He also had pierced his heart by a dagger and died. After some time, there came the poojari [Priest]. He had seen the three dead bodies. He had protected the prince by giving food and other needs until that day, as per his commitment to do so to Thanthra Lohana. He had recognized the minister’s son, Thanthra Lohana and the woman, Ullasa Hasini who was like the statue. He didn’t bear such tragedy happening. He also committed suicide. In the evening, some devotees came to the temple. They had seen four members died in the temple premises. They had prayed Goddess Kalika Devi “Mother! Won’t you be kind to the people as your children? Here four people had died in your temple. It is not correct, if you leave them like that. It is okay if you make them alive. If not, we will leave our lives at your feet.”

Goddess Kalika Devi was pleased with them. She had made all the four people alive. At their capital city, Mandara Puri, the marriage of Ullasa Hasini and Madana Mohana was celebrated on a grand scale. Thanthra Lohana became minister and Madana Mohana became king. Thanthra Lohana got married a suitable girl to him. All of they lived happily for long time.”

The curtain had completed the story and said, “Oh king! Tell me, whose life sacrifice is great in this story?”

Vikramadithya wanted to provoke Mouna Bhashini to speak. Hence, he said purposefully “The life sacrifice of minister’s son i.e. Thanthra Lohana is great.”

Mouna Bhashini said, “What? What are you saying? Whose sacrifice is great? Is it Thanthra Lohana’s? No. you said wrong. The life sacrifice of purohit is great. Because he had no way relation to them. He had died because he was not able to bear such rude event and cruel fate happening.”

Vikramadithya said with a gentle smile, “Yes yes. You are right. The story is one and your speech is one.”

Mouna Bhashini had realized her temptation and kept calm.

Then Bhethala had inserted in her blouse. Vikramadithya said, “Time is not passing. The sleeping is not coming. This Mouna Bhashini is not speaking. Oh, blouse which wore by Mouna Bhashini! You tell me a story. I’ll be happy by hearing it.”

The Bhethala in the blouse said, “Oh king. Why you trouble me to tell the story. This young beauty had tied me in tight against her breast. I’m not able to breathe even. How can I tell you the story? More over I’m suffering with the sweat and odor of body. I can’t tell you any story. If you release me from these ties, then I can tell you a beautiful story as per your wish.”

By hearing this, Mouna Bhashini was excited like anything. Anybody will be like that only, when a non-living blouse is able to speak like a living being. She had removed the blouse and had covered her body with the edge of sari i.e. Payyeda. She had dropped the blouse in the middle of their cots.

Then Vikramadithya said, “Oh Blouse! This princess had noticed your difficulties. Hence, she had released you from such difficulties. Now can’t you tell the story?”

The blouse said, “Hurray! Now I’m comfortable. My lives are comfortable now in my body. Now I’ll tell you a beautiful story, listen.”


Bhatti and Vikramadithya had reached a forest, after crossing rivulets, rivers, hills and caves. They were going on the way by enjoying with the intellectual and humor talks. While going on, their way was becoming narrow and the forest was thick. They were surprised but not stopped. Finally, they reached a big banyan tree. The way by which they reached there had ended up there. They had seen around. The banyan tree was very huge. But it was wonder! It had only two large branches. One was towards North direction and the other was towards South direction. The branches were very large such that ten people could walk on them beside one another, or three horse riders could travel on them beside one another. Bhatti and Vikramadithya had entered into that forest from West to East direction. The North and South branches were at their right and left sides. Beyond that tree, there was no way towards East. More over the forest was very thick. They had observed East direction. It seems thickness of forest in East direction was getting increase if anybody penetrates into the forest. In one word, it was almost impossible to travel through that forest in East direction.

Bhatti and Vikramadithya had seen each other’s face. They had watched all around by thinking what to do. They had observed a rock pillar laid there. There was a notice written on it.

“Once here, a saint lived in doing penance to Goddess Kalika Devi. People who travel through this way were disturbing him by their travelling and paying tributes to him. He prayed to Goddess Kalika Devi to seize the way through this forest in order to prevent the disturbance to his peaceful penance. Hence, Goddess had created two large branches towards North and South direction to this banyan tree. Almost these branches were like fly-over bridges over this forest. People can travel on these branches without disturbing the life of wild animals and saints. There are no citizens or villages in East direction except sea. In North direction, there is a city by name Alaka Puri. The king Alakesa is ruling it. In his court, two royal dancers cum prostitutes are there. They get royal treatment almost equal to the king. They sit in royal seats on either side of the king. Among them, one woman’s name is Guna Vathi. Another’s name is Dhana Vathi. They had hung bell at the entrance of their houses. Whoever wants to enjoy with their company can ring the bell and pay 1000 Honnes.

On South direction, there is a city by name Bheema Puram. In that city, the Queen Amrutha Mohini is ruling the kingdom since her husband i.e. the king died. She had built a royal palace with 10 compound walls and 10 gates. She had a beautiful daughter. The Queen Amrutha Valli had kept her daughter in that palace. The young and beautiful princess won’t speak with others. Hence, people are calling her by name Mouna Bhashini. [The meaning of this name is a girl who speaks by her silence] If anybody makes her to speak, by taking the needful risk, then she will get marry him. Otherwise, they will drive away that person, by removing his hair and insult him. Many princes, kings and others had received such insult.”

By reading such notice on the rock pillar, Bhatti and Vikramadithya wondered. They kept calm for a while. Vikramadithya said, “Bhatti! The notice on this pillar is very interesting. Let us find out these wonders. What do you say?”

Bhatti said, “Brother! If both of we go in one direction, it will be time waste to us. Hence you go on North direction i.e. to Alaka Puri verify the specialty and extraordinary issue of two prostitutes. Then you come to Bheema Puri. I will go on this Southern branch to reach Bheema Puri. I’ll wait for you after knowing the particulars of Mouna Bhashini. We can meet at Bheema Puri to design further programs.”

Vikramadithya had accepted this proposal. He started to walk on Northern branch of the Banyan tree. After taking send off Bhatti had climbed up on the Southern branch of the banyan tree and travelled to Bheema Puri.

After reaching Bheema Puri, Bhatti had accommodated at a Peda Rasi Peddamma’s [The then hotel of lodging and boarding] house. He had taken bathe and food there. He had paid more than enough to Peda Rasi Peddamma and made her happy. After having some rest, he had enquired her regarding the wonders and specialties of the city. He had enquired others in the city. He had made friendship with other princes and kings who were returning after failure in the task of Mouna Bhashini. With all their efforts, he was gathering the details of Mouna Bhashini. Almost every day, it became his duty. He didn’t reveal his identity. He was in the disguise of merchant.

On the other hand, Vikramadithya had reached the edge of Alka Puri. By approaching the city of Alaka Puri, the forest thickness was getting decrease. Gradually Vikramadithya had watched hunters and other people who came to the forest for wood. There the branch of banyan tree was ended up. Vikramadithya got down and started walking. After few minutes, he had watched that the king of Alaka Puri, Alakesa was returning city after hunting in the forest along with his fellow men.

Vikramadithya thought, “If I go to Dhana Vathi and Guna Vathi, I should not go there with this form. I should change my getup. Let me go in the disguise of old saint i.e. Yathi.”

With the assistance of Bhethala, Vikramadithya had protected his ornaments and weapons. He had taken the disguise of old aged Yathi. Now his face and body was with wrinkles. Body was swinging. Hair was white in color. It was tied up on the head. He was dressed up in reddish brown clothes. He was walking with the help of a stick. It seems that his age was about 90 years.

He had waited until the king Alakesh and his fellow men reach the palace. Then he had approached the house of Dhana Vathi.

In fact, Dhana Vathi and Guna Vathi were young, beautiful and talented. They had learnt many Sasthras i.e. subjects and arts such as music, dancing, painting, humorous skills in talking, lyrics, poetry and literature. Their talents and artistic skills were almost equal. While they were participating in royal celebrations and temple festivals their performance would be as if competeting with each other. That’s why they got royal treatment in the court of king Alakesa. But their attitudes were entirely different. Dhana Vathi was more materialistic and business mind. Guna Vathi was moral and idealistic. However, both were doing prostitution, their style of deals and mode of business was entirely different to each other. Both of they had hung a bell in front of their houses.

If any man rang the bell, such man should pay 1000 Honnes to these women to enjoy their company.

If any man rang the bell of Dhana Vathi, she would enquire about his economical conditions. She would not satisfy with the 1000 Honnes, which he paid for the visit. First time, after collecting 1000 Honnes, she entertains him by her dance, music, other talents and sex. She used to make the man to become crazy on her. She used to tell so many sweet nothing. She used to entertain him with her lovely conversation. Later she could grip all of his wealth. Then she would drive him away with her servant-maids and servants. She didn’t mind about the families of her gallants. She used to think, “While doing business such as prostituting we should not think sin and good. If I feel pity on the wives and children of gallants how to earn wealth? In fact, the gallants must have love and care on their wives and children. Man who has such care on family won’t come to me. Whoever came to me are already immoral. Then it is not immoral to seek money from them. Otherwise, how to become rich?”

In such way, she had earned limitless wealth. But people are hesitating her. Because king was treating her, people feel fear to express their hesitation towards her. But gradually the gallants who visit her house had decreased. But Guna Vathi was entirely different to Dhana Vathi. Though she was in the profession like prostitution, she used to practice the inherited morals in it. If any man rang the bell, she entertained him with her talents. She served him up to his satisfaction. She would collect 1000 Honnes from him. That’s all. She would not try to make him mad and crazy on her, to suck his money.

She used to think, “If I make him to be mad and crazy on me, his wife, children and parents will suffer. If I suck money from him, his family will be on road. I put 1000 Honnes as service charge. He paid it and came into the house. I’ll make him satisfaction with my service. That’s enough to me. Where is the limit of earning? If I gather so much money by doing sin, God is there to look after everything. He will punish me. Money is not going to save me then. God only can do protection to any living being in this world. Hence morals are important than money.”

Hence, the wealth of Guna Vathi was less while compare with the wealth of Dhana Vathi. But people admire Guna Vathi. Because of this psychology, Guna Vathi’s face was delightful, graceful and with glory. People praise her in open. This always made Dhana Vathi to feel jealousy towards Guna Vathi.

On this juncture, the old Yathi i.e. Vikramadithya had approached Dhana Vathi’s house. He had seen the bell at the entrance. He had ringed it aloud. It made big sound. Dhana Vathi felt surprise about it. She said, “Oh servant-maids! Since some days back, the bell at our entrance is not ringing. Nobody is coming to our house to ring it. But surprisingly it is ringing today. That’s why you go and observe who is ringing the bell. If the man had 1000 Honnes, take the payment from him and bring him here. If any saint or Yathi or beggar had rang it without knowing the importance of bell, give him rice, dal, and money as 1 or 2 Honnes as donation. If any old or blind ox had pulled the rope of bell, feed it with green grass and fodder.”

As per her order, the servant-maids came to the gate. There was the old man Yathi stand with the help of walking stick. They asked “Oh old father! Who rang this bell?”

He said, “It is me!”

They said, “Okay! Take this rice, dal and little money as Dakshina” We know that, being Yathi you won’t accept our food. That’s why we are giving raw rice and dal. Cook and eat it with satisfaction.”

The old Yathi stopped them and said, “Oh Servant-maids! I didn’t ring the bell to have rice and dal. I didn’t come to this house to get donation. I came here with the desire to enjoy with your mistress’s company. I came from far away. You go and inform your mistress.”

The servant-maids had laughed at him with mockery. With ridicule smile on their faces, they said with Dhana Vathi “Oh, mistress! We feel humor to tell you. An old monk i.e. Yathi of aged 90 years had rang the bell. When we offered rice and dal to him, he rejected it. He said that he came to enjoy your company. We never cross such abnormal incident.”

By hearing this, Dhana Vathi’s ego hurt. She rose from seat with extreme anger. She said, “What? What do you say? Is it 90 years old monk? Is it beggar? How dare he is to come here to say to enjoy my company. How dare you are to inform this to me? You should drive him away by scolding. Without doing such, you came to me. Really you have no brain”.

She had taken pestle and came out. She had pushed the Yathi with that pestle and thrown him on to road. She had closed the gate of her house with anger and gone inside. The Yathi had fallen onto the ground. He rose up and tied his white loose hair. He said, as a challenge “I will do revenge to this, along with interest.” He went on. The security guards of Dhana Vathi had watched all this and reported her.

The Maya Yathi i.e. Vikramadithya thought, “Well! This is the character of Dhana Vathi. Let me observe the nature of Guna Vathi.” He had reached the house of Guna Vathi. He had rang the bell at the gate. Guna Vathi also ordered her servant-maids like Dhana Vathi. As per her order, the servant-maids had offered rice and dal and donations to him. But Maya Yathi said, “I don’t need rice and dal.”

They said, “What do you want?”

The old Maya Yathi said, “I came to enjoy with your mistress.”

The servant-maids had wondered at it and informed this to Guna Vathi like the servant-maids of Dhana Vathi.

By receiving the information, Guna Vathi felt very happy. She said, “Oh, Servant-maids! You are innocent. You don’t know that how lucky and fortunate is this. I think we had done penance or holy acts in our previous birth. With such faith only, we can have the company of such great saints. Otherwise, will such Yathi come to our house? Will he touch our door? Will he get pleasing on us? Will he love us? This is wonderful and peculiar. That’s why, it is not safe and good to keep him in waiting. Immediately go to him and bring him into the house.

The servant-maids had rushed to Maya Yathi i.e. Vikramadithya and welcomed him. While they were bringing him inside, Guna Vathi had approached him with a vessel of water. She had washed his feet and sprinkled that water on her head as a symbol of her respect on him. She had taken him into bedroom and made him to sit on Hamsa Tulika Talpam i.e. bed of soft cotton and feathers of swan. She had put namaskar to him and said, “Swami! [Means God] I think I had done good devotion in my previous birth. That’s why you had come here by considering me as a great person. By the way, my penance has fruit filled. My life got success. My life goal had achieved. My task got fruitful. By the touch of your feet at my house, though it is small like a hut, became holy place. My race became fame by your arrival.”

By these words, Maya Yathi had noticed the obedience and other qualities of Guna Vathi. In fact, her house was not very small like hut. But she compared like that by her obedience. Maya Yathi satisfied. But still, he wanted to verify her nature. He pretended, as he was not able to speak due to old age cough. He continued his pretention as facing trouble to speak. Slowly he started to speak. He said “Guna Vathi! I heard your good qualities as spread over kingdom. That’s why I came from far away with a desire to see you. If you are kind to me, give medicines to my cough etc illness. Give me food, bed and other comforts. If you make me happy every day, then I’ll be with you. If you don’t like this, I’ll leave now itself.”

Guna Vathi readily and happily accepted this. She promised him to do up to his desire.

Then Maya Yathi had laughed at her aloud. He said, “Guna Vathi! Are you mad? I’m a monk having no money. That to, I’m too old. I’m not handsome. I have no strength in my old body. Only I have the desire and lust only. In fact, the burial ground is welcoming me. [That means he was that much old enough to die.] In spite of all this, you treated me well. More over you are promising me to fulfill my desire. Is it correct to promise me by believing such old man? What is the use that you can get by me? You are in the prostitute profession. Is if correct for you to behave against your profession?”

For this, Guna Vathi said, “Swami! Oh, saint! What do you say is all correct. But that’s all is the treatment of others who desire money. I have no desire on money. I feel happy with satisfaction, other human emotions and qualities. Don’t suspect me with such feelings. It is enough to me if you stay in my house. I don’t need money, gold and Honnes. If you be happy here with me, it is equal to lakhs of Honnes to me.”

But Maya Yathi didn’t give up his argument. He said, “Guna Vathi! Are you thinking that I have Animadi Sidhies or Parusu vedi etc magical powers by which wealth can be create? If you have such hopes, forget me. I have nothing such magical powers except ash. So think yourself. By entertaining me, you can’t get any benefit and wealth.”

Guna Vathi said, “Swami! By God’s kindness, I earned sufficient. With that, I can lead comfortable life until my life long. Whatever we earn, but on some day, we have to go i.e. die by leaving all of wealth and this body on this earth. We can’t carry anything from this materialistic world. We can carry only faith and sin along with us after we die. With the company of you like Yathi, if I get any knowledge, moral behavior, balance of mind and self-control over of emotions, that is enough to me. I think I might have done sins in my previous lives. Hence, I had born in this profession. Now at least, the God had given me good opportunity. That’s why only you came here by searching for me. Let me serve you up to your satisfaction. I’m not expecting any magical powers, boons or wealth from you. Let God bless me. That is enough to me.”

Maya Yathi didn’t say anything. Since that day, Guna Vathi was treating him with respect, love and affection. She was taking care of his every need. She was providing delicious food and other comforts. She had ordered her servant-maids to provide everything for him. She was entertaining him with chess etc games, songs, dances and love making. Always she was sincerely trying to make him happy. Maya Yathi had noticed everything and he admired her self-consciousness. But he was behaving, as he didn’t know anything.

On the other hand, Dhana Vathi was worried about the Yathi when the security guards reported her as the Yathi had challenged to take revenge on her. She had felt fear and thought, “I had pushed the Yathi with a pestle and locked the house. I had thrown him on to the road. I don’t know what happened to him. I don’t know where did he go and what danger he might face.”

She had called on the servant-maids and said, “Oh servant-maids. You follow that old saint i.e. Yathi without his notice. You know where he go, and report it back to me.” The servant-maids had followed him. They reported her “Oh mistress! We had followed the old Yathi according to your order. He had straightly gone to the house of Guna Vathi and ring the bell. Her servant-maids had offered him rice and dal. But he refused to take. He had said as he said here, at our gate. The servant-maids had gone inside and returned to him. They had taken him inside by saying that their mistress was inviting him. We came to you to inform this.”

By hearing this Dhana Vathi said, “Oh! Enough! This Guna Vathi became like a black mole on the prostitute professionals. She might be thinking that it is enough to her to entertain a handicap or a blind or an old monk or someone waste fellow. Being prostitute, she is not sucking money from gallants. Moreover, she is protecting an old monk by giving free boarding and lodging. Because of the prostitute like her, all others like me are getting blames. I think that’s why only she is playing such strategies. Is it need of ¾ kg turmeric for her face? [That means she is not eligible to get respect] She is not eligible to sit in the royal court as in equal seat to me. Tomorrow in the kings court I’ll make her to learn right lessons.”

She was not peaceful with the grievance on Guna Vathi. She didn’t sleep throughout the night. She had thought about so many plans to trouble Guna Vathi. At last, she had finalized a plan. By that time, it was morning. She had rose from bed and completed her daily works. She got ready to go to the royal court. She was very eager to quarrel with Guna Vathi. Actually, Dhana Vathi was sucking money from gallants. To fresh up, her knowledge on literature and other Sasthras i.e. subjects and to guide her on difference issues, she was entertaining a Brahmin scholar. He was on astrologist. She had love affair with him. She was giving wealth, shelter and money to this Brahmin scholar beside her prostitution.

It was the assembly time in the court of king Alakesa. All the ministers, scholars, higher officials and people were in their relevant seats. Guna Vathi had sat in her seat. The court was silent. Dhana Vathi had seen Guna Vathi and said, “Oh Durguna Vathi! Is it reliable to sit in a seat as equal to me? If you are a right person, do you entertain an old monk by giving food, shelter and other needs? Without shy, you came to royal court to sit in a royal seat. Is it needed to sit here to you? You idiot! Get away from here. Do not be here in front of me. It is sin to see you and to talk with you.”

Guna Vathi didn’t consider her dialogues. She said, “You, woman of magics! You are speaking as if you are pure and virgin. Are you not entertaining the Brahmin scholar cum Astrologist by giving food, bed and money? How you are greater than I even in these angles also? You go away!”

When both of Guna Vathi and Dhana Vathi were quarrelling with each other, the king and his minister had stopped them. They said, “Is it correct to quarrel like this for you in the royal court?”

Dhana Vathi immediately rose up from her chair as if she was waiting for such moment and said, “Oh king! Please excuse me. As you know that, women are imbalanced whoever they are. Because I got severe anger, without knowing the surroundings and the presence of elders like you, I quarreled with this Guna Vathi. Please forgive me for my foolishness. Because I made non-sense quarrel in the royal court, here is one of lakh Honnes towards the fine.”

By saying like this, Dhana Vathi had kept one lakh of Honnes. Otherwise, she has to accept that she is not equal to me. By the way, she should not sit as equal to me, in the royal court, from tomorrow. The court had adjourned for tomorrow. All were dispersed.

Guna Vathi had reached home. She was sad. She thought, “How can I produce one lakh Honnes? From where, I can get such large amount? Though I sell my entire assets, I can’t bag one lakh Honnes. What can I do for this insult? How can I escape from it? Oh, God! What I have to do?”

Vikramadithya had observed her tense. He had sensed that she was suffering from something. He said “Oh young woman, Guna Vathi! What happened in the royal court? Did you get any bitter experience there?”

She had narrated everything. He said, “Guna Vathi! That’s why I told on the beginning day itself to think well before entertain me. I told you clearly that you couldn’t get money from me. You didn’t consider my words. Now you are facing troubles. At least now, itself you entertain rich people and extract money from them. I’ll go to my place. I can’t see your beautiful face with sad. You should not face troubles due to me. You think about your safe. I can’t say anything else. Because you are sad, I’m in need to talk like this. If I’m the obstacle to your income sources, tell me. Then I’ll leave you. But don’t be sad.”

Guna Vathi worried about this turning. She said, “Swami! I didn’t think even in dream that you can talk like this. You are not an obstacle to my income sources. To say like that, what rubbish it is? I truly believe that you are valuable to me. I feel that your words are like pestle stroke on the whit low. [That means a sorrow beside another sorrow.] I feel that it will be faith to me if I do service to you. Your company will give me spiritual thinking and maturity. At present, in any sense you are not my problem. Dhana Vathi had blamed me. She had criticized me. Moreover, she had paid one lakh Honnes as fine to the king. She had forced the king to insist me to pay fine of one lakh Honnes. Happily, the king and his fellow men had accepted this condition. Who is there to leave their profits and benefits? With pre-plan to trouble me, she had brought one lakh Honnes to the royal court. I’m sad because I don’t know how to produce one lakh Honnes. But I’m not sad because of you and I’m not feeling that you are obstacle to my income. Please believe me.”

Maya Yathi said, “Guna Vathi! Don’t worry. Now I under stood your problem. You need one lakh Honnes. Is n’t it? By tomorrow, let me find a way to save your respects. Be brave. Go and have food.”

Guna Vathi felt somewhat peaceful but she was not courageous to face next day’s event. She was with tense. Her servant-maids also felt bad. They were very sympathetic towards their mistress. Time was passing slowly. The night was moving slowly.

Maya Yathi had ordered Bhethala to bring a garland of Emeralds. Bhethala had brought it. Maya Yathi had kept it in safe, and slept.

It was morning. By that time, Guna Vathi had to go to royal court. Guna Vathi was worrying like anything. She was not able to sit at one place and to stand at one place. She was suffering from so many doubts. One time she was feeling that Maya Yathi could save her. On the next moment, she was feeling that nobody could save her.

Maya Yathi was observing everything. He said, “Oh Guna Vathi! My darling! This Emerald ornament is my entire earning until date. I saved this with high care. What is the use of this if it is not useful to you? You take this ornament and give to your king. You can defeat Dhana Vathi by this. Don’t worry now. You go without fear!”

By watching the garland of Emeralds, Guna Vathi was wonder and happy. She had taken that to the royal court and deposited to the king Alakusa. She sat in her seat with satisfaction and little pride.

The king had called on the jeweler merchants and ordered them to estimate the value of Emeralds’ garland. They had surprised at it. They said, “Rajendra! We never see such Emeralds’ garland at anywhere. We are doing business since long time. We had supplied so many valuable ornaments to so many kings like your good self. We had good experience in evaluating the gems. But we didn’t find this type of Emeralds’ ornament. Certainly this is super quality one. It is valuable. We can’t estimate its value. If we want to valuate, its cost is more than the cost of our kingdom.”

By having this, all were surprised. The king was very happy. Dhana Vathi downed her head with shy. She thought to shame Guna Vathi. But she had received the same. Her agony, anger and hatred were increased. She had determined in herself to degrade Guna Vathi by any means at any cost. After other programs, the court was adjourned for next day.

In the next day royal court, all of the people were at their seats. Dhana Vathi rose up from her seat and said “Maharaja! I’m getting respects and good treatment since long days at your court. As return gift and as a symbol of my thankfulness to you, I want to give a feast to your good self. I request you to come to lunch to my house tomorrow along with your ministers, sub-ordinates, fellow men and soldiers. Please accept my invitation.”

The king had accepted her invitation. Next day Dhana Vathi house was decorated to receive the guests. She had ordered her servants to prepare rich lunch. The king and other guests came. She had served delicious lunch to them. She made them happy with her lunch, service and entertainment such them as music and dance programs. All the guests had praised her. Along with the king, Guna Vathi also had attended the feast, at Dhana Vathi’ house. She had watched Dhana Vathi’s exhibition of richness.

She thought, “It won’t be beneficial unless I also provide feast to the king and his fellow men. I should get their appreciation. Otherwise my position will get degrade in the royal court. To trouble me like this, Dhana Vathi had created a competitive situation. I should not be back. What can I do? If I ask my loving Yathi, he may tell an appropriate plan. In the beginning he told that he had nothing money. But he had given Emeralds’ ornament. It was very valuable. In the same manner, definitely he may help me. Really, there is something special in him. Otherwise has it is possible for him to give me such valuable ornaments. Let me know it.”

By thinking like this, she approached home. This time she didn’t reveal anything to Maya Yathi. She tried to behave normal. But her absent-mindness was on her face. Maya Yathi also didn’t enquire her, because she didn’t reveal. He had called on Bhethala and known what happened. Maya Yathi had ordered Bhethala to arrange a grand feast with all special features up to the level of king and his fellow men.

Maya Yathi had driven Guna Vathi to leave her worry and to be happy. She had gone to have bathe and fresh up. With in that short period Bhethala had completed his work. Guna Vathi’s house was painted with attractive colors. Doors and windows were decorated with new designed curtains. Doors were decorated with garlands of gems. There were pandyals before her house. The pandyals were decorated with green leaves, pearls and gems. The entire house was emitting bright lights and sweet perfumes. A beautiful and small pond was provided before the portico of her house. The beautiful water birds like swans were swimming slowly in the pond. The beautiful water lilies and lotus flowers were smiling in the pond. It seems that the house of Guna Vathi was like the Devendra’s house in AmaraVathi.

When Guna Vathi came out from bathe room, she wondered at the appearance of her house. She had approached Maya Yathi and said, “Swami! How do you know the desires which are in my mind? The house decoration is suitable to my wish and desire. How is it possible? How do you know my need and wish? Though you know it, how it is possible to decorate the house with in short period?”

The Maya Yathi said, “Oh dear Guna Vathi! If we are with morals and truth, God will give all we need. I can’t do much than this. That’s why I told you that it is no use with me to you. Time is not exceeded. If you want to avoid me and to find some other rich men, you can do whatever you want. If you ask me to go, I’ll leave you and go away.”

Guna Vathi worried and said, “Swami! Don’t say such bitter words. I think you are considering me with other prostituting woman. With your experience, you can notice that I’m not such kind. My colleague Dhana Vathi is always affording to shame and degrade me. That’s why I had to give trouble to you. I have to defend myself. In fact, she had started this competitive strategy. Except depending myself, how can I avoid it? That’s why I pray you to do not think otherwise.”

Maya Yathi said, “Well, Guna Vathi! I know your nature. Just for fun, I said such. Don’t worry. Let us have dinner and go to sleep.”

Guna Vathi was very happy. She had sang and danced to make Maya Yathi happy. That night, her performance was marvelous. Maya Yathi was pleased with her service. He had made her extreme happy with his talent in love making according to Vasthyayana’s Kama Sastra. [In ancient Sanskrit literature, the saint Vasthyayana’s Kama Sastra was famous] Guna Vathi wondered about him. After tiresome, they had slept. Before it was morning, Maya Yathi i.e. Vikramadithya had given assignment to arrange for grand feast to Bhethala. Bhethala had done everything.

By that time, the sun rose at East. Guna Vathi’s house was decorated like anything. There were Pandyals with pillars of gems. The pandyals were covered with white colored silk clothes. They were decorated with flowers, leaves, gems in beautiful designs. There were such pandyals from the king’s palace up to Guna Vathi’s house. Everywhere there were perfumes of flowers and scented oils. The flour was wet and painted with Rangolies. In Guna Vathi’s house, there built a temporary and big kitchen. In more than huge quantities, so many delicious dishes with 6 tastes and 9 fruits and other sweets. The snacks were very attractive in such a way no body can avoid mouth watering by watching and smelling them. The king and his fellow men were surprised by noticing that grand arrangements. They didn’t guess the reason for it. The entire streets were filled with people and their eager. The public were attracted towards Guna Vathi’s house to watch the arrangements.

By watching all of this, Guna Vathi felt very happy. She thought, “I don’t know who this old Yathi is. He might be king of saints or king of deities. Last night he was very active in bed. No young men even can be like that. It is enough to suspect him as not olden monk. Certainly he should be some great man who is in such disguise.”

By thinking like that, she stood like a painting on the wall. Maya Yathi had observed her wonder. She was just like a statue without speaking. He said, “Oh beauty! Guna Vathi. Come here. Why are you looking like that with surprise? As I told you, God is there to help us. Because of God’s kindness only, we got all of this. Now itself you go to the king’s palace and invite him for the feast.”

Guna Vathi happily went to the king. She said, “Oh king! You please do come to my hut along with your family, friends, servants, ministers and fellow men to have lunch at my home. I wish to make you happy with my hospitality. I had prepared a delicious lunch for you.”

With a sweet smile and soft words, she had invited the king and his fellow men. The king and his ministers felt wonder towards her appearance, words and invitation. The king Alakesa said, “Guna Vathi! As all of we know that you won’t earn money in much quantity. How can you provide rich lunch to me along with my fellow men?”

Guna Vathi put namaskar to him and said, “Yes Maharaja! I’m not rich like Dhana Vathi. Because she is rich enough, she had given good lunch to you. When compare with it, in my house, the lunch will be like Kanji [The juice of rice]. Elders used to say that if we give Kanji even, to the guest, but with love and affection, it will be equal to extreme valuable. In such a way, I’m inviting you with regards and affection. I request you to visit my hut i.e. house with affection. And I request you to accept my hospitality though it is not rich. Though it is not rich, but it is with respects in you and with affections on you. Please do come now itself.”

The king, ministers and others had appreciated her way of invitation. They were pleased with her sweet words. The King said, “Well Guna Vathi. We will come to your home.” She had thanked him and left to her house.

The king and his fellow men had started to her house. The way from palace to her house was completely covered with Pandyals. Under that cool shade, there were so many entertainments. Some of artistes were singing songs. Some were dancing. Some were performing wonderful feats. Some servants were spraying perfumes on guests. Some were welcoming them with praising. Everywhere it is colorful and cheerful. The king and his fellow men wondered at all. They had reached Guna Vathi’s house. They thought, “It is not possible to us to construct this type of pandyals. Being king also, it is not possible to us to arrange like this. This house is delightful like the house of Devendra. Really, this is wonderful. It might be possible by the old Yathi who was lover to Guna Vathi. Certainly, he is not an ordinary man. He may be saint of deities. Otherwise nobody can arrange like this.”

The king had relaxed in a rich seat. There use suitable chairs for each and every invitee. Everybody had lain in their seats with relax. Surprise! Everybody got alert with sudden excitement. To their surprise there came a doll i.e. robot. It was waiving hand fan to them. Another robot had given water to them. Some dolls and some servant-maids had served delicious dishes to the hosts. Guna Vathi had taken care of every guest. All had eaten up to their hunger satisfaction and desire fulfill. A doll like divine dancer had served betel leaves and fruits to them. Some other dolls had danced to entertain them. Everybody had enjoyed a lot. Guna Vathi had given one lakh of Honnes to the king as a return gift in the pan. The feast was finished. The king and his fellow men had returned to their houses.

Dhana Vathi also participated in the feast given by Guna Vathi. She had seen all the richness of grand feast and received all the information about it. She thought, “How this Guna Vathi had got this much large amount of money to spend like this? The old monk might be some saint or deity who has magical powers. I should not leave this! I should make Guna Vathi to feel shame and degrade.”

With this intuition, Dhana Vathi was waiting with impatience. On the next day, when the king, his ministers and his fellow men were assembled in the court, everybody was discussing about the yesterday’s feast given by Guna Vathi. All were praising Guna Vathi. She was receiving them with a pleasant smile on her lips, obedience in her body language and glittering happiness in her eyes. Dhana Vathi was burning by watching all this with jealousy.

Suddenly she had risen up from her seat and said “Oh king! There is a city at South to us. It is Bheema Puri. The king Pancha Nadha had ruled that kingdom with morals. He was the best in the devotees. He had a queen Amrutha Mohini. They had no children for long time. They had devoted to God for the boon of children. After long time, they had a female child. They had brought up the child with care, love and affection by name Amrutha Bhashini. Due to fate, the king Pancha Nadha died when his daughter Amrutha Bhashini was too young. Since then the Queen Amrutha Mohini was ruling the kingdom. She had constructed a palace with 7-stairs and 10 compound walls. She had kept her daughter, Amrutha Bhashini in that palace. The princess Amrutha Bhashini won’t come out. So that nobody had seen her. She won’t speak with others. Hence, people are calling her as Mouna Bhashini instead of Amrutha Bhashini. In her palace, there are 10 gates to the 10 compound walls. In those 10 gates, there are some wonders. In those compound wall gates, some are not get even the sun light or moon light. Amrutha Mohini had kept her daughter Mouna Bhashini; by keeping 1000 servant-maids to serve her. Mouna Bhashini is living in that palace like Asuryampasya. [That means a woman who does not get the focus of sun or moon light on her body]

If any princes or other men want to marry Mouna Bhashini, have to pay 10,000 Honnes at the first gate. They have to reach her palace by overcoming the wonders in the gates. More over they have to make Mouna Bhashini to speak thrice. Then she will marry the person who done all. Like this, they had declared to the public by a Tom-Tom and ejected a rock pillar with such notice. Nobody had crossed the 2nd gate. Whoever afforded to marry Mouna Bhashini had paid 10,000 Honnes at first gate, ate their offered food, and got head shaved at the 2nd gate and returned with shy. Till date, there are no body that had seen her and make her to speak. With this strategy, the Queen Amrutha Mohini and the princess Mouna Bhashini had earned nearly 60 crores of Honnes. Now I’m challenging that my lover, the Brahmin scholar cum astrologist can defeat Mouna Bhashini and bring her here by keeping a bundle of wood on her head. If he does such, this Guna Vathi should shave her hair and she has to become slave to me. If not, she can effort to send her lover, the old monk to defeat Mouna Bhashini. If her lover, the old monk defeat Mouna Bhashini and bring her here by keeping the bundle of wood on her head, I will shave my hair and I’ll become as her slave. This is my challenge.”

The king said, “Guna Vathi! Will you accept this challenge?” Guna Vathi had no alternative except accepting the challenge. All of the courtiers had stamped the challenge. The king had finalized the terms and conditions of the challenge. The king, his fellow men and courtiers were enjoying these events with suspense of future. The court was adjourned for next day.

Dhana Vathi had reached home and informed everything about the challenge to her lover, the Brahmin scholar cum Astrologist. She said, “Oh my loving scholar! I know your ability. With that dare only, I had challenged Guna Vathi like that. That’s why you go to Bheema Puri and defeat Mouna Bhashini. You bring her here by keeping a bundle of wood on her head.”

The Brahmin scholar was shocked by hearing this. He had thought, “This is too much. Is it possible to me to do? Every day we are hearing that many princes’ had failed to defeat Mouna Bhashini and return with shame and desperation. When the princes’ are securing failure, then, being Brahmin is it possible to me to defeat her? It is utterly, my bad luck and misfortune. Because of my mis-fate only, this woman Dhana Vathi got this idea. My relation with this woman may be at the end. Otherwise why this Dhana Vathi had made such challenge? If I say no, here itself, she won’t leave me out alive because she had given food, bed, money and all my needs till now. She has reputation at the king’s court. She is able to do anything. Because of her reputation, whatever she does, she can get king’s acceptance. Why should I welcome all such troubles?”

By thinking like this, he said, “My darling Dhana Vathi! Don’t fear! There is no need to you to take back step. I’ll do according to your desire. You see my strength. But you go to the king and ask him for the time 3 weeks to achieve Mouna Bhashini.”

Dhana Vathi felt happy. She became proud as if she got the instant victory. She praised her lover i.e. Brahmin scholar. She had gone to the king and said, “Oh Maharaja! My lover is going to Bheema Puri to achieve Mouna Bhashini. You please send some horses and soldiers along with him. He will achieve Mouna Bhashini and bring her here within 3 weeks.”

The king had accepted her request and sent the horses and soldiers.

Dhana Vathi had returned home. She had given the needful dresses and ornaments to the Brahmin scholar. She had given 50,000 Honnes to him to pay 10,000 Honnes at first gate of Mouna Bhashini and for the daily expenditure. She had praised his capability with an intuition to motivate him. She had given send-off to him like this. The Brahmin scholar had gone to Bheema Puri along with soldiers and horses like a rich procession. He had hired a guesthouse there and stayed at it along with his servants and soldiers. Next day, he had taken 10,000 Honnes and gone to the palace of Mouna Bhashini. He had ring the bell at first gate. The clerks of Amrutha Mohini came to him and collected 10,000 Honnes from him. They had served lunch to him. He had ate it and gone to the 2nd gate. There came 3 dolls i.e. robots. One had brought a chair for him. The second robot had pushed him to sit in the chair and held him in such a way he could not move. It had caught up his hands and legs. The 3rd doll had shaved his hair on head completely. The Brahmin scholar had returned with shy. He had reached Alaka Puri and informed everything to Dhana Vathi with a fear that what she could say.

But Dhana Vathi said, “If it is not possible to you, being scholar and capable, at any cost the old monk i.e. the lover of Guna Vathi never achieve the task.”

With this dare, she had approached the king and said, “Oh king! My lover, the Brahmin scholar had returned from Bheema Puri with empty hands. He could not defeat Mouna Bhashini. As per my challenge, now the lover of Guna Vathi i.e. the old monk has to go to Bheema Puri to achieve Mouna Bhashini. You please arrange for that. I accept my defeat. Hence I request your good self to order Guna Vathi to send her lover to Bheema Puri.”

Then the king Alakesa had called on Guna Vathi and said, “Guna Vathi! The lover of Dhana Vathi had gone to Bheema Puri. He was not able to defeat Mouna Bhashini. He returned with complete shaved head. Can your lover, the old monk defeat Mouna Bhashini and bring her here?”

Guna Vathi said, “Oh! King! He can do that without any doubt. He is such capable. Certainly he can achieve her.”

She had returned home and explained everything i.e. what happened at royal court to Maya Yathi.

The Maya Yathi i.e. Vikramadithya who was in such disguise said, “Oh mad woman, Guna Vathi! Do you think that Mouna Bhashini is an ordinary girl? It is heard that whoever gone there to achieve her had returned with shame. How can I achieve such woman? I am old enough. In fact, at this old age I should spend life with the chanting of Gods’ name as ‘Krishna and Rama’. Instead of that, shall I go to achieve such princess? That Dhana Vathi is wasting her time with the pride of money. She is behaving with ego. Will you do like her? I think you got bore with me. That’s why only you are affording to send me there. You are not considering my old age. I think you are implementing like this to drive me away from here. I won’t be deceive with your sweet words. Get lost!”

He had pretended anger on her. Guna Vathi said, “Swami! Oh my master! You are mistaking me. I’m not planning to drive you away. Though you are old enough, but I know your capacity. With my experience, I know that you are capable to impress even young woman. If you do this, you can achieve everlasting fame; and a beautiful young princess i.e. Mouna Bhashini. I can achieve success in the challenge. I know your power of penance. That’s why I’m requesting you to do so. In fact, Dhana Vathi is not valuable than a betel nut. But she is challenging me i.e. your servant. It is not right for your good self. That’s why I explained everything to you. If you achieve this task, it will be grand success to me and great shy to Dhana Vathi. It will be beneficial to both of us. Please think off.”

The Maya Yathi i.e. Vikramadithya had thought for some time and said, “Oh my young woman! Guna Vathi! I have no craze on Mouna Bhashini. I have to go there because of your pressure. I’m not interested on fame or kingdom or young princess. I’m old enough. Why should I take all such difficult steps? But I can’t throw away your request. Because you are praying me like this, I’ll try at my level best. But I need something. You go and ask your king to send one palanquin, some soldiers. I’ll bring her within 45 days. Convey this to the king.”

Guna Vathi had informed this to the king. He had sent palanquin and soldiers. Guna Vathi returned home and said, “My dear master! As you said, you have to come back with Mouna Bhashini within 45 days. If you won’t come within time, on the 46th day I’ll die by entering into fire. This is true. I determine as your feet are within to this.”

The Maya Yathi said, “Don’t worry. I’ll come within time.” He had taken send off from her and gone to Bheema Puri by palanquin and with soldiers. Bhethala was with him in invisible form.

The Maya Yathi had reached Bheema Puri. There were 100 streets in each direction. In the middle of the city, there was the 7-staired palace of Mouna Bhashini with 10 compound walls. There was a bell hanging in front of first gate. The Maya Yathi was watching all these and moving across market streets. In one shop, the Maya Yathi i.e. Vikramadithya had seen Bhatti. Both of them i.e. Maya Yathi and Bhatti in the disguise of merchant had recognized each other. Bhatti had signaled him to do not stop there. Hence, the Maya Yathi didn’t stop his palanquin there. He had reached a choultry at the edge of the city. He had hired rooms in the choultry and accommodated the soldiers and palanquin carriers there. He had given more than enough money to them and said, “Oh soldiers! You be here till I come back. Don’t come to search for me. Here is money, which is required to you to stay here. You can stay even up to one month with this money. But I return as early as possible. I’m going to do some work. You be here with leisure.”

He came out from choultry and moved certain distance. He had tuned into his real appearance from the disguise of Maya Yathi. He came to the market street. Bhatti had met him at a secret place by avoiding the customers in the shop. They had enquired each other’s safety and other particulars. Both of they had reached the house of Peda Rasi Peddamma. Bhatti had given money to her and said, “Oh Peda Rasi Peddamma! This is my brother. He came to see me. You prepare food to him also.”

She had agreed and cooking food for them. Bhatti and Vikramadithya were counting 10,000 Honnes and keeping them as heaps. While preparing food, Peda Rasi Peddamma had came into room on some work. She didn’t see that much of large amount till then. She said, “My sons! What is the business you are going to do with this Honnes?”

Then Bhatti said, “Mother! My brother didn’t bring this money to do business. He wants to defeat Mouna Bhashini by this night. That’s why he came here with this money.”

Peda Rasi Peddamma said, “My dear young men! Till date, that Mouna Bhashini and her mother had deceived so many princes and rich men. Nobody had seen her face. Everybody returned with shaved hair and shy. It seems that your misfortune is welcoming you to that situation. Why should you take troubles? With this money, you do some business and live happily.”

They said, “Mother! How this Mouna Bhashini had defeated many princes and rich men? How they made shame by head shave? You please tell us about her particulars from beginning till end in detail.”

Then the Peda Rasi Peddamma said, “My sons! You listen. There are 10 gates, 10 compound walls to the 7-staired palace of Mouna Bhashini. At the first gate, there hanging a bell. There are some clerks. If you ring the bell, the clerks will receive you and take 10,000 Honnes from you. Then they will serve meals to you. In that feast, there will be boiled rice and un-boiled rice, a row fruits and ripe fruits, peeled roots and unpeeled roots, cooked curries and un-cooked curries. You have to eat these meals. Then you can go to the 2nd gate. There will be 3 dolls. One will bring a chair. The other doll will keep you in the chair in tight, as you cannot move. The 3rd doll will shave the head. Till date, nobody had crossed the 2nd gate and reach the 3rd gate. If you reach the 3rd gate, there will be two wrestlers. You have to defeat them. Then only you can reach the 4th gate. There will be a huge monkey. If you defeat it, you can reach 5th gate. There will be a tiger. There will be an elephant at the 6th gate. At the 7th gate, there will deep and wide well. If you cross it, there will be muddy canal at the 8th gate. You have to walk across it. After reaching the other bank of the canal, there will be bit of palm tree leaf and a snails’ shell. In that shell, there will be water. You have to wash your feet until the entire mud remove from your feet with half of that water. You have to leave remaining half of water in the shell. Then only you can reach the 9th gate. There will be a way made with smooth crystals. You have to walk on it to reach 10th gate. If you slip down, there will be danger to break your skull in to multiple pieces. If you cross this successfully then you can reach the 10th gate. There will be construction with 1000 pillars. It will be with deep darkness. You have to find the way to cross it. Otherwise, you will be loss way in between the pillars and you will die in the darkness. It is very tough to escape from this dark 1000 pillar construction. If you cross it successfully then you can reach the 7-staired palace of Mouna Bhashini. There will be a beautiful cot and bed. But we cannot identify which side of the bed is head side and which is foot side. You have to sit on the bed by knowing the head side. It you sit in wrong way i.e. at foot side, there will come some dolls from that cot. One doll will pour hot water on you. Another will divide and cut your hair on head into 5 parts. Another doll will laugh and insult you. Another will keep black and red dots on your face. With all these terrible experience, who ever rings the bell and pays 10,000 Honnes had to run away from there by tracing the way by which they gone there. If you sit on the bed in right manner i.e. at head side, a doll will show you the bust size mirror. Another will spray sweet perfumes on you. Another will serve you the tasty and rich pan. Some dolls will wave hand fans to you. Some dolls will sing and some dolls will dance. In between all these wonders, without undergoing deceive of dolls, you have to make Mouna Bhashini to speak thrice within night i.e. before getting morning. Then only you can get marry her. Otherwise you have to return with shame.”

By hearing all of this with concentration, Vikramadithya said, “Mother! You had explained the trials to achieve Mouna Bhashini till now. But you didn’t tell about her. Is she beauty or not? What are her personal particulars? You please tell us clearly if you know it.”

Peda Rasi Peddamma said, “My children! Mouna Bhashini was born by God’s boon. After her father’s expire, her mother Amrutha Mohini had made her to learn all education and arts. When she grown to teen age, Amrutha Mohini had constructed this wonderful palace and put these conditions to challenge princes and rich men. Like this, they had earned 60 crores of Honnes by now. If I have to say about her beauty, it will be a tough task to describe her beauty even for Adi Seshu. [In Indian Mythology, Adi Sushu is a great snake God. He does service to God Vishnu as God Vishnu’s bed. Adi Seshu has 1000 hoofs and 1000 tongues. In the above comparison, Peda Rasi Peddamma said that a person who has 1000 tongues also could not describe Mouna Bhashini’s beauty. That means she was that much beauty. This is exclamatory comparison.] If we watch her, we will continue to watch her without self-conscious. Hence, she became fame all around. It is famous that no other woman is comparable with her among 14 worlds. Any way I advise you to leave her issue by today. It will be safe to you.”

Vikramadithya said, “Mother! Because, we don’t know all these, I desired on her. Now I knew all. Then why should I go for her. Now I won’t see even her palace.”

Peda Rasi Peddamma said, “Very good sons. Come to have food.” She had served them affectionately. They had taken food and had pan i.e. betel leaves and nuts. They had relaxed for few minutes. They said, “Mother! We will go on a round in city.”

They had gone to the palace of Mouna Bhashini. They reached the bell at the 1st gate. Vikramadithya had ringed the bell. There came the clerks. He had paid 10,000 Honnes to them. They had invited him for feast. He had sat to take meals. The clerks had served the dishes to the king Vikramadithya.

Bhatti said, “Brother! You eat boiled rice, cooked curries, ripe fruits, and peeled roots. Keep the un-boiled rice, un-cooked vegetables, raw fruits and unpeeled roots on this kerchief and give me.” Vikramadithya had done so. Mean time when Vikramadithya was taking food, Bhatti had made friendship with one of the clerks by giving him gifts. That clerk and Bhatti were walking to the 2nd gate. There was a gatekeeper at the gate. Bhatti asked to clerk to send the gatekeeper out. While asking like that Bhatti had pushed the clerk to the 2nd gate. That’s enough! There came the three dolls. One had put a chair, the second had captured the clerk and the 3rd had shaved his head. The clerk was shouting aloud.

Bhatti and Vikramadithya had reached the 3rd gate. The 3 dolls at the 2nd gate had released the clerk after head shave. The clerk got angry with Bhatti and running towards him to take revenge. Bhatti had irritated him. The clerk rushed to Bhatti. At the moment, Bhatti had turned aside. The clerk had fallen on the arena at the 3rd gate. That’s enough! There came two wrestlers. They were beating the clerk.

Mean time Bhatti and Vikramadithya had reached the 4th gate. There was a black and huge monkey. They had kept un-boiled rice and unpeeled roots in front of it. It didn’t eat them. Just it was touching and mixing the rice and roots. They had keenly observed the monkey. It was a machine. Vikramadithya had destroyed it.

They had passed through the 4th gate like that and reached the 5th gate. There was a tiger. They had offered uncooked curries to it. Just like monkey, the tiger also not eating the curries, it was just touching the curries. Bhatti and Vikramadithya had noticed that the tiger also just machine. Vikramadithya had destroyed it.

At the 6th gate, there was a huge elephant. They had offered raw fruits to it. Because this was also a machine, it didn’t eat. Then Vikramadithya had destroyed it.

By the way, they had reached the 7th gate. There was a deep and wide well. Nobody could jump over it. Because Vikramadithya was affording to defeat Mouna Bhashini, he didn’t like to jump the well by sitting on the shoulders of Bhethala. They had observed the well. There was a stone beside the well. They had dropped that stone in the well. Hai! There came two metal sheets to cover the well. Bhatti and Vikramadithya had crossed the well by walking on the metal sheets.

They had reached the 8th gate. There was a muddy canal. Bhatti had crossed the canal on the shoulders of Bhethala. Vikramadithya had crossed the muddy canal by walk. He had reached the other bank. Then Bhatti had scratched the mud at the feet of Vikramadithya by using Palm leaf. Then Bhatti had made his kerchief wet by using half of water in snail’s shell and cleaned the feet of Vikramadithya until all the mud removed.

They had reached the 9th gate. There was a smooth crystal floured building. Bhatti said, “Maha raja! You have the desire to marry Mouna Bhashini. Hence, you have to cross this crystal flour. It is moral. I’ll cross it over Bhathala’s shoulders.” Vikramadithya had ordered Bhethala to bring wax. The king, Vikramadithya had burnt wax and spread the liquid wax on the crystal floor. It became rough, when the wax got solidified. Then Vikramadithya had crossed it.

They had approached the 10th gate. There was a 1000 pillared construction. It was very dark. Bhatti said, “Rajendra! This construction is very dark. The pillars are in disorder. It is very tough to penetrate between these pillars and to reach other end. That’s why I tell you an idea. I will take the honeybee form with Kama Rupa Vidya. [In Ancient India, it was believed that saints and some great people know the education by virtue of which they could change their body shape into other living beings. It was known as Kama Rupa Vidya.] I’ll trace the way. By following my ‘bhum-bhum’ sound, you reach the other end of this building.” Vikramadithya had done so.

They had reached the 7-staired palace of Mouna Bhashini. The visitor’s hall was delighted with bright lights and chandeliers. There was a beautiful cot and bed. It was covered with silk bed sheets and pillows. Bhatti had given a lemon to Vikramadithya and said, “Raja! Keep this lemon in the middle of bed.” Vikramadithya had done so. The lemon had fallen to one side of the bed and stopped there. Bhatti said, “Oh Maharaja! Where the lemon fruit had stopped, it is the feet side.”

Then Vikramadithya sat on the head side of the bed. There came to dolls from the cot. They were entertaining him with their services, music and dance as told by Peda Rasi Peddamma.

With those sounds, the servant-maids in the palace had woken up. But before they woke up, Bhatti had divided the hair of each servant-maid into two parts and tied one’s hair to another’s hair with the help of Bhethala. Moreover, he had blown off all the lights in that room and made it dark. He had scratched one servant-maid on her back. She shouted aloud and tried to get up. Because her hair was tied with other two servant-maids’ hair on either side of her, they also shouted aloud with pain. They had realized that their hair was tied up with others; they removed the ties and ran to Amrutha Mohini and Mouna Bhashini. The servant-maids were frightened. In fact, they were habituated to do not receive any prince or rich man up to palace after crossing 10 gates. That’s why, they were crying and fearing for this sudden change.

They said, “Mother! Oh, Queen! This night some men had reached our palace, by crossing our 10 gates with magical and mechanical hurdles. We don’t know what happened to our lives.”

Amrutha Mohini and Mouna Bhashini were shocked with this sudden information. They were paralyzed with fear for some time. Later they realized the facts. Amrutha Mohini thought, “Is it harm to us? Is it danger to us? Certainly not. If this man is capable, let him marry my daughter. If not, no problem. He will return with empty hands like others in previous. But I should not allow him to defeat my daughter.”

She said, “Oh my dear daughter. You are my golden hill. You are my pack of boons. This man may be capable, to reach up to our palace. Until date, nobody had achieved up to this even. But we should not allow him to achieve easy victory on us. Hence, let us play appropriate plan to defeat him.”

They had called one of servant-maids, Deepale Nagi. [Deepala means lamps. Nagi means name of girl on behalf of snake Goddess] They had made up her with costly silk sari and ornaments. They had decorated her as if he was the princess Mouna Bhashini and sent her to the hall where Vikramadithya was waiting. She was carrying lamps. In fact, this Deepala Nagi was the in-charge of lights in palace. Her duty was to look after the lamps and lights to burn to give light in the palace. Mean time, Bhatti left the hall and waiting in the side room.

While Deepala Nagi was coming into the hall, with such richness and grand appearance, Vikramadithya asked Bhethala as “Is this woman Mouna Bhashini?”

Bhethala said, “We can’t say by watching like this. Now I’ll make the lamps to dim. She will push up the cotton thread [wick] in the oil lamp to burn brightly. After that, if she wipe her oily fingers to another cloth piece, she will be Mouna Bhashini. If she wipes her oily fingers to her hair, then she will be the servant-maid Deepala Nagi.”

Mean while she had approached him and kept the lamps on a lamp stand. Bhethala in invisible form had made the lamps to dim. Immediately this woman had pushed up the cotton thread to enable to lamp to burn bright. Then she had wiped her fingers to her hair.

Vikramadithya had considered this and said, “Oh! Deepala Nagi! If your mistress comes here, will her beauty and delicacy get reduce? It is shame! I came here for Mouna Bhashini but not for you. Immediately you go from here and send Mouna Bhashini.”

Deepala Nagi had frightened like anything. With shy and fear she ran away from there. She had rushed to Amrutha Mohini and Mouna Bhashini and reported everything. They thought, “Oh God! This is really wonder. This man is not on ordinary man. Even though, let us take another effort.”

This time they had decorated their servant-maid i.e. chef in their kitchen by name Vantala Rangi as if she was the princess. [Vantala means cooking. Rangi means name of girl on behalf of God Ranga]. They had decorated her with rich dress, ornaments, flowers and perfumes. She came there with delicious dishes. While she was coming with grand appearance, Vikramadithya said, “Bhethala! Is this woman, Mouna Bhashini?”

Bhethala said, “Let us wait and see.” While she was serving food to Vikramadithya, Bhethala in invisible form had thrown away the Ghee vessel. The ghee had spread on the floor. The servant-maid Vantala Rangi didn’t go for another ghee vessel. She was trying to lift the ghee dropped on floor back into the vessel.

Vikramadithya had considered her as chef in the Kitchen. He said, “Oh! Vantala Rangi! Who had invited you to come here by giving betel leaves i.e. pan? If your mistress comes here, are her legs getting pain? You go and send her. I came here to marry her but not you. You go and select some other. Go away from here.”

Vantala Rangi felt shy and fear. She had lowered her head and left there. She had rushed to the Queen Amrutha Mohini and Princess Mouna Bhashini. She had informed everything to them.

Amrutha Mohini said, “Oh my dear daughter! Until date, we had earned so much money by defeating so many princes and kings. Nobody had crossed even our 2nd gate. Nobody had achieved us. Now, we don’t know what this magic is. This man had crossed our 10 gates and reached our palace. Moreover, he is scolding us, as he likes. It seems that this man won’t get influence by our tricks. Now, we have no alternative to defeat him. You don’t talk him thrice. This is the only way to get victory on him.”

Mouna Bhashini had agreed to this. Amrutha Mohini had approached Vikramadithya and said, “Oh king! I’m happy, because you have behaved as per our terms and conditions. Now you have to make my daughter Mouna Bhashini to speak with you thrice. Then only you can marry her. Otherwise, you have to trace your own way by which you came here. There will be a curtain in between you. Oh, king! Please remember. You have to make her to speak thrice. Do you agree to this?”

Vikramadithya said, “I agree. It is not good for anybody to over look the terms and conditions.”

Then the servant-maids had arranged another cot and bed just at some distance to his cot. They had hung a curtain in between the cots. Amrutha Mohini had told everything to Mouna Bhashini and sent her.

Mouna Bhashini had came to that room and sat on the other cot behind the
screen i.e. curtain. She was silent.

Vikramadithya said, “Oh beauty! I came to your palace since long time. Now only you came. I am your guest. Being host, you made me to wait. Now I want to hear your sweet voice. Hence, at least, now itself you say some sweet words.” He had tried to make her to speak with his sweet conversation. But Mouna Bhashini didn’t respond. She thought, “No doubt. This man came to deceive me and to defeat me. I should not influence by his sweet words.” She had continued her silence.

Vikramadithya had observed all this and thought, “To break this young beauty’s silence and stories are the best way.” He silently ordered Bhethala to insert in the curtain. It was swinging with the wind.

Vikramadithya said, “Oh curtain! You are in between Mouna Bhashini and me. She is not speaking single word. The sleep is not approaching me. This night is very long. The lights are burning bright. You are swinging slight. I’m feeling bore. To spend time cheerfully, tell me a story.”

Then the curtain had swing this side and that side with ‘Pata-Pata’ sound. It said, “Oh king of kings! Please consider my request. You asked me to tell a story by treating me as a great one. Hence, I should not be here without telling the story. Now, what type of story you like to hear, tell me. Shall I tell the story of my difficulties which I had faced? Or shall I tell the story of my misfate? Or shall I tell a new story which I heard? Or shall I tell an old story which you already heard? Whatever you want, I tell you.”

Vikramadithya said, “Oh curtain. You are wise. Why should you tell an old story? I don’t like to hear an old story, which I already heard. Hence, the first 3 stories you tell me one by one. We will hear.”

Then the curtain said, “Oh my master! Listen. I tell the story of my difficulties. In the beginning, I was a seed. A farmer had planted me in the field. When it was rained, I rose as a plant. I had two leaves. Then four leaves. Days were passing. I got more and more leaves. People called me as cotton plant. Then I got flowers, raw fruits which broken with cotton. The farmer had plucked me and sold to some women. They had kept me on the spinning wheel and made me as fine thread. This is the story of my difficulties.

Now I’m telling you the story of my mis-fate. The women had sold me to the weaver. He had stretched me, wet me by dipping in the Kangi, colored me and kept me on the loom. He had made me as cloth and sold to a merchant. This Queen’s servants had brought me and given to the tailor. He had cut me into pieces and added the pieces in a design with needle and string. The servant-maids had pierced holes in me and kept iron rings. They had hung me like this. They had tied me in tight. I’m not able to breathe. I’m feeling painful to stand like this. This is the story of my mis-fate. With these difficulties, how can I tell you story and how can you hear it.”

By saying like this, Bhethala in the curtain kept silence. Mouna Bhashini had observed all this and heard every word. She had though, “What a wonder is this? Until date, we know this curtain has no voice. Today it is able to speak. How it is possible? Which story it will tell? Let me hear!”

Mouna Bhashini had silently called her servant-maids and ordered them to remove the curtain. The servant-maids had released the curtain from ties and dropped it in the floor. Vikramadithya had seen Mouna Bhashini and felt wonder about her beauty. Mouna Bhashini had seen Vikramadithya and admired his handsome appearance. She had bowed her head with shy and respects.

Vikramadithya said, “Oh curtain! It seems that this princess is very wise and kind. She had released you from your difficulties. Now tell me a good story to lead time with pleasure.”

The curtain was telling the story.