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The saint continued …

Once there was a river by name Sarayu flowing beside Pala mountain range. On the bank of that river, there was a city by name Brahma Puram. There was a king by name Boudhudu. He was ruling his kingdom along with his minister Rama Bhadra, in such a way the people were happy in their administration. Both the king and the minister were blessed with sons. The king had kept name to his son as Sanmarga. The minister had kept the name to his son as Guna Bhadra. The boys were bringing up by their respective parents with care, love and affection. When they were at the age of 5 years, they were left at one Gurukulam. Since then they became good friends. They learn together, eat together, play together and sleep together. They had learnt all the Sasthras, arts and fights. They returned home. After reaching their city from Gurukulam also, they had continued their friendship. People had appreciated them for their deep friendship. They became younger age. The king Boudhudu had performed his son Sanmarga’s marriage with the daughter of Chola kingdom. The king of Chola was Kusha. His daughter’s name was Kanaka Valli. [The meaning of this name is golden garland.] The minister of Brahma Pura, Rama Bhadhra had performed his son Guna Bhadra’s marriage with the daughter of minister of Kalinga kingdom. The Minister of Kalinga was Shurdu. His daughter’s name was Amrutha Valli. [The meaning of this name is a garland of nectar. Nectar is the drink of deities. By drinking nectar i.e. Amrutham, people cannot get old age and death] The son of king, and the son of minister were happy with their wives. Some days passed. Kanaka Valli and Amrutha Valli had gone to their parent’s house to have a visit on them.

The prince and the Minister’s son were at Brahma Puram. During the conversation, they had reminded their wives. They had decided as “Our wives had gone to see their parents since long back. It is not advisable to allow them apart from us. Let us go and bring them without further delay. We should not waste single minute.” They had informed this to their fathers. They had permitted the prince and the minister’s son. Next day early in the morning, they got up and taken bathe. They got ready and riding on their horses towards Chola kingdom. While they were travelling through a narrow way in a forest, the prince Sanmarga was a head and the minister’s son Guna Bhadra was following him. They were crossing beside a tree. There were two birds sat on the tree.

One bird said, “There is death to the man who was travelling a head.”

The prince, Sanmarga didn’t know the birds’ language. Guna Bhadra was known it. By hearing the words of bird, his body was trembled. He felt sad and thought, “When my friend die, what is the use if I live or if I die? Why do not those dangers come to me? There is no loss if I die. If he lives, he will rule the people and does good to people.”

Then he overcame the prince and riding his horse before himself. The bird said, “There is death to the man was following the first man within 60 Ghadiyas time.”

By hearing this, Guna Bhadra was disgusted. He thought “Oh God! What a sin and sorrow is this! The bird said that there is death to the former. If I go first, there may be death to me; by the way, the prince could save from the danger. By thinking like this when I’m going first, the bird said that there is death to the later. In this situation, what can I do? Really, it is most unfortunates to me. In previous, once a thief had dipped in a pool and thought that there won’t be deficiency for water to him. But because of his misfortune, the pool had dried on the next day itself. Our elders used to refer this to remind the unfortunate fate to people. Now my life is like that. Since 5 years age, the prince and I are living together as deep friends such as having one soul in two bodies. Now I came across this evil signals. Let it. Whatever it happens, let it? I will protect the life of prince by giving my life to the death Goddess. Elders used to say “Budhi Karmanu Sarini”. It means our attitude or fate will be according to our activities. Hence, our fate can be change by our works. I will change the fate of the prince by the strength of works.”

With this decision, Guna Bhadra didn’t allow Sanmarga to go before or behind to him. He was travelling beside by holding their hands together. He thought to wait and see what would happen since there was 60 Ghadiyas time limit as per the prediction of bird. He kept calm and observing all the surroundings. Mean while they had reached Chola kingdom. They had stayed on the bank of lake beside Chola city. As per tradition, they had sent the message of their arrival to the Chola king, Kusudu.

The Chola king, Kusudu felt happy for the arrival of his son-in-law. He had ordered his soldiers to bring them as a procession with musical instruments. He had sent ivory palanquin to the prince and Emerald palanquin to the minister’s son. The soldiers had offered the same to Sanmarga and Guna Bhadra. Guna Bhadra doubted that there might be some danger in the ivory palanquin. Hence, he made the prince to sit in Emerald palanquin and he had occupied the ivory one. The soldiers had taken them as a procession in the streets of city. People had watched the king’s son-in-law with curiosity. They felt wonder by watching the minister’s son in prestigious ivory palanquin and the prince in the secondary grade Emerald palanquin. They had reached the palace. The king Surudu had arranged two guesthouses separately for them. Again, Guna Bhadra had doubt that there might be some danger in the accommodation. Hence, he had mutually changed the guesthouses to prevent death to the prince. By watching all this, the soldiers, servants and people thought, “What an ill-loyal is this! Because he had friendship with the prince, the minister’s son is doing improper works. If we call a dog with affection, it will lick our face. The behavior of the minister’s son is like that.” There were spread such whispers. The royal servants had informed all of this to the king. The king Surudu didn’t entertain these. He said, “Don’t think otherwise. They may be behaving as per their tradition. If we watch it as per our tradition, it will become as the reason of psychological hurting.”

By night, the princess Kanaka Valli had arrived the bedroom of the prince Sanmarga by keeping delicious food and fruits in a golden basket. She was decorated with silk sari, diamond ornaments, flowers and perfumes. By that time, the prince Sanmarga was sleeping because he had tired by travelling from long distance. But the minister’s son, Guna Bhadra didn’t sleep. He had taken dinner at his guesthouse. Then, without any bodies notice he had reached the bedroom of Sanmarga. He had taken all of his weapons and hidden in dark to prevent dangers if happens any.

Kanaka Valli didn’t know this. She had watched that the prince Sanmarga was sleeping on the bed. She said with servant-maids “Oh girls! My husband is sleeping. After he woke up, I’ll feed him. Now there is no use of your service. You can go from here.” The servant-maids had returned.

She had reached the bed. To make Sanmarga to wake up, she had sang sweet songs for some time. He didn’t open the eyes. She had played the lute for some time. He didn’t wake up. He had travelled throughout the day. That’s why he was tired like anything. Hence, he was in sound sleep. Kanaka Valli felt bore and hesitation. She murmured with dislike, as “This prince is a waste fellow.”

She had taken the golden basket and started from palace. Guna Bhadra felt wonder at her abnormal activities. He had decided to know her secret so that he had followed her at certain distance. She didn’t notice his following. As usual, she had gone to the Northern side of the city. There was a monastery. A handicapped man was there. He had only one leg. She had extramarital affair with him. She used to enjoy with him on every night. She was very crazy on him. As per such habit, she came there. By following her, Guna Bhadra had reached there. He had hidden in dark. He thought, “In fact this handicapped man is ugly and dirty. By leaving handsome and learned prince, how she is able to enjoy with such ugly man’s company, she should know or God should know. That’s why, our elder used to say that “Purre ko budhi zihva ko ruche” means every brain has its own thinking, and each tongue likes its own taste. It seems that some people prefer to eat outside dirty food by leaving delicious, pure and healthy home food.”

By that time, Kanaka Valli had hugged handicap man. He was angry with her. She was trying to console him. She was talking with sweet words to him. She said, “Oh dear. You are my life. What can I do? After long time, my husband had came to take me with him to their city. That’s why, I could not come by early to you. I had to wait until he sleeps. That’s why I was late.”

The handicapped man said, “Oh darling! I thought that you are an un-married girl. If you are married and if you have husband, it is not safe to us to meet like this. That’s why, from today onwards don’t come here. If you come by refusing my word, we may loss our heads. Why should we undergo to such troubles. Hence, here is a ‘bye-bye’ to you and another ‘bye-bye’ to your love affair. Don’t come to meet me.

Kanaka Valli had collapsed by hearing it. She had said, “Oh dear! Hear me! Since long days, we are enjoying with each other. By forgetting all this, how can you say to me to do not come here! I can’t live even one day without meeting you. I love you. I feel severe aptitude for each and every second to meet you. If I stay for one day without meeting you, I feel many difficulties on that day. I love you so much. Since long days, I had made you to be happy with my company. In spite of that, you are saying to seize to come here. Please don’t say like that. Don’t hurt me. Please accept me.”

The handicapped man said, “Oh my dear beauty! If you have real love on me, then you have to do one thing without thinking anything.”

She said, “Please say or order me. Whatever you say, I’ll do like that.”

He had shown a sword to her. He said, “Take this sword. Cut off your husband head by any afford. Then we can be happy permanently.”

Kanaka Valli smiled at him and said, “Oh dear! Do you think that I won’t do this? Give me the sword. I’ll kill the prince. Moreover, I’ll send the minister’s son also to the heaven. Then only I’ll come to you.”

The handicapped man felt happy. He had kissed her. Both of they had ate the delicious food which Kanaka Valli brought in the golden basket. They chattered for some time. They made love for some time. It was beyond mid night. Kanaka Valli was getting ready to take send off from the handicapped man.

The minister’s son, Guna Bhadra had seen all of this and heard every word. He had thought, “What a wonder is this? This woman is crazy on her lover. She is saying very rude words due to such crazy. Can she kill her husband? Though she is crazy, is she capable to kill her husband who is a prince? Oh No! I should not forget the predict of bird. Otherwise, there won’t happen such abnormal incident. Where is beautiful princess? Where is ugly handicapped man? Unless it is fate, why did this princess got ready to kill her handsome husband for the sake of ugly lover? I should not waste time, by thinking whether she is able to kill or not. It is safe to take care first of all.” Before her move, he rushed to the palace. He had reached the bedroom of prince Sanmarga and hidden in secret place.

Later Kanaka Valli had reached the bedroom in hurry up. Still the prince was sleeping in the bed. She didn’t consider that the prince had married her by the witness of Fire God and elders. She had cutoff his head with sword with single stroke.

Guna Bhadra was shocked by this. He didn’t expect this much speed with her. He had jumped towards the bed and held her hand. He said with trembling voice “Oh Devil! Sin fellow! How dare you are to do so! What did harm, my prince had done to you? While he is sleeping, how your hands are able to cut off his head?” By that time, the body of Sanmarga was separated as two parts and he had died.

Kanaka Valli was very sharp. She had thrown him away. She had shouted aloud by beating on her breast and stomach. She said, “Oh God! Oh, People! Is there nobody to save me? What is this in justice to me? Oh, save me! Help, help!” It was about by nightly 13 Ghadiyas time. The security guards had rushed there. They had seen the murder of prince. She said, “Oh soldiers. This man had killed my husband. He attempted to rape me.” The soldiers had believed her words. They had caught the minister’s son Guna Bhadra and put him in chains. They had taken both Kanaka Valli and Guna Bhadra to the bedroom of the king Kusudu at that nighttime, as it was the urgent case. The king had jumped up from his bed by hearing the claim. He worried like anything. He could not understand what happened at a time. Kanaka Valli said, “Father! Look at my fate. Listen to me. Night, my husband and I were sleeping in our bedroom. This fellow had come there. He had observed our sleeping and then he had cut off my husband’s head. He attempted to rape me. I protested him and shouted aloud. By hearing my cries, these soldiers had come there. Unless they came, what happen, God should know. This fellow might rape me and kill me. The soldiers had arrested him and brought him here. If you ask the soldiers, their report can support me.”

The soldiers said, “Maha raja! Please listen. This man sat in the palanquin, which you have sent for the prince. Similarly, he had accommodated in the guesthouse, which was allotted for the prince. Like that always, this minister’s son had desired on the prince belongings. He is such kind of person. Such man, will he hesitate to capture the prince’s wife?”

The king said, “This fellow is really demon. He is sinful. I already heard about his activities. It is really sin if we watch his face. Immediately, handover him to the Northern gate minister. You say to him to kill this man after torture.”

The soldiers had taken him to the Northern gate monster, by that night. He asked them “Oh soldiers! Why do you come here by this night?”

The soldiers said, “Oh Minister! This man came along with our king’s son-in-law from his city. This man had killed the prince and afforded to rape our princess Kanaka Valli. She had shouted aloud. We had rushed there and caught this man. We had taken him to the king’s presence and informed him what happened. He had enquired all and ordered you to kill this man after torture.”

The minister had thought for a while and asked the soldiers to wait outside. He said with Guna Bhadra “Young man! Who are you? It seems that you belong to good family. You are looking like learned man. In spite of such case, why did you commit such sins?”

Guna Bhadra said, “Oh respected minister! I’m the son of the prime minister of Brahma Puri. I was minister to the prince Sanmarga …”

The minister had disturbed him and said, “What? You are saying that you are the son of minister. Minister should serve the king in all sense. The kings are like crops. The ministers are like sun light. In spite of this relation, by doing such coup, you had brought blame to the entire world ministers.”

Guna Bhadra said, “Oh respectable elder minister! You are saying so much by destructing my explanation. But, it is correct to you, being elder to counsel me like this as per the profession of minister. Nobody will say that this is not correct. Whatever you said now, by God’s kindness and by blessing of elders like your good self, I have in practice. But who can escape from their fate? What can I do, when the tiger in his native place became as a cat in other place? Your king had decided that I had done sin and ordered you to kill me after torture. Unless it is not my fate, why should he decide such and sentenced me to death? Why should you feel for this? You can perform your duty as per your king’s order.”

The Northern gate minister was intellectual, sincere, and moral. He had observed the talks and behavior of Guna Bhadra. He could watch maturity in Guna Bhadra’s face and eyes. He thought, “It seems that there is no sin with this young man. We can’t believe Kanaka Valli, though she is our princess. Probably, the king didn’t enquire into the matter properly. That’s why he might given such order. I should not implement his order immediately.”

By thinking like this, he had ordered the soldiers to take him to the western gate minister and inform about the king’s order. They had taken him to the minister of western gate; and informed the king’s order. He had enquired Guna Bhadra like Northern Gate minister. Guna Bhadra had replied him as he replied to Northern Gate Minister. This minister had thought for a while and ordered the soldiers to take him to the Southern Gate minister and inform him about the king’s order. This minister also enquired Guna Bhadra and sent him to the Eastern Gate Minister. By the time when the soldiers had brought Guna Bhadra to the Eastern Gate minister, then was sunrise. The three Gates ministers had discussed among themselves and gone to the Eastern Gate. The four ministers had come to unanimous opinion about his innocence of sin.

They said, “Child! We are sensing something odd by your conversation. At least now, tell us what happened really. Later we will think what to do.”

Guna Bhadra said, “Oh ministers! Because you are asking me like this, I tell you what happened as happened. Since our 5th year age, the prince Sanmarga and I are deep friends. We lived together. Our parents performed our marriage when we became young. Our prince got married your princess. I got married the daughter of Kalinga Minister. After some days, our wives had gone to their natives to visit their parents. During conversation, we decided to do not leave wives for long time at their parents’ house. We had secured our parents’ permission and started from our city to Chola Kingdom. On the way, while we were coming, a bird said that there would be death to the former. By that time, the prince was moving before me. Then I had over taken him. Then the bird said there would be death to the lateral. Then I had ride my horse beside the prince’s horse and moved by holding his hand in my hand. Then the birds didn’t say anything. I know the birds’ language. But the prince didn’t know this. When we reached your city, we had informed your king about our arrival as per tradition. He had sent two palanquins. I felt fear that there might be any danger in the palanquin. Hence, I had changed the palanquins mutually. With the same doubt, I had interchanged the guesthouses also. I was very careful about my friend’s life. In spite of my trials, the fate was fulfilled. Our elders used to say that ‘as per our fate whatever it should happen, it will happen and whatever it should go, it will go’. Like that, as per my fate I had hidden in the bedroom of prince to prevent his death. If I didn’t hide there, there would not be blame to me like this. But now, to think about past is waste. Because this is all my fate, it had happened. I could not save my friend’s life. Let it. Now, you can perform your duty. Why should be the time waste? If you delay, you can have blame from your king.”

The four ministers said, “Hold! You had told half of issue. You tell the remaining also. Then only we can look into the matter to do justice.”

Guna Bhadra bowed his head to them and said “Oh respected ministers! What I have to reveal is very secret. Any way I lost my prince i.e. my friend. At any cost, he won’t turn alive. Why should be shameful to all of us. Leave it off. And perform your duty. I also don’t like to live after losing my friend.”

The ministers said, “Young man! It is good to all if the justice happens and if the truth comes out. What is there, if it is shameful to anybody or not. Justice and Truths are always great than any others. That’s why tell us truth.”

Guna Bhadra said, “Respected Ministers! You are equal to my father. Because you are insisting me to tell, I’m telling you. As I told you, I was hidden at a secret place in the prince’s bedroom. Then, there came the princess Kanchana Valli by carrying delicious food in a golden basket. The prince had travelled all through the day. That’s why he was tired and slept. She had sent out all the servant-maids. To check the prince’s sleeping, the princess had sang and played lute. He didn’t woke up. She had scolded him and left the bedroom by carrying the food. I had followed her. She had gone to a monastery at the edge of city. A handicapped man was waiting there for her. He had expressed anger with her for delay. She had fed him. He asked her why did she was late. She replied him that her husband came to take her. He said that love affair with married woman was equal to the keeping of a snake beneath the pillow. Hence, he told her to do not come to meet him. She had begged him to forgive. He had asked her to cut off her husband’s head. He had given a sword to her. She had promised him to do so. Later they had enjoyed with food and then with sex. I sensed the danger. I didn’t expect that she would be such sharp in action. She came there. Within a moment, like a lighting flash she had cut off the prince’s head. I jumped to her to stop. I had held her hands in my hand. I had seen on the bed. The prince’s body was cut into two pieces. Blood was floating like a fountain. I felt shock as the bird’s prediction came true like that in spite of my trials to avoid it. While I was in such shock, that princess had throne me into danger in addition to the killing of her husband. I had explained the fact as it happened. Now the decision is up to you. But I have an urge to you.”

The ministers were surprised at this. But they didn’t shocked. They said, “What do you want.”

Guna Bhadra said, “I request you to do not burn my prince’s dead body.”

The 4 ministers had consulted with one another. They thought, “Unless we verify the truth in his words, we cannot decide the justice.” They had hidden Guna Bhadra in a secret place and spread the rumor as they had implemented the king’s order and punished the minister’s son after torture. It became sensational in the city. People had talked on it in as many as possible ways. The ministers and soldiers on duty didn’t reveal anything. They left to their places.

The king Kusudu had called on his 4 ministers and explained his version. He said, “We have to perform the post death ceremony to my son-in-law’s body such as burning etc.”

The ministers said, “Oh king! Today we should not burn that body. Let us inform this to his parents and others. They will come by tomorrow. Then we can perform the ceremony of cremation.”

The king had accepted their advice. The ministers, Guna Bradra and the soldiers on duty were waiting for night. After sunset, by night to 4 Ghadiyas, they were waiting, on the way to monastery from palace. They had hidden behind bushes and watching for the arrival of princess. It was night by 12 Ghadiyas. The princess didn’t turn up. But they didn’t give up waiting. Some more time had passed. They decided to wait for some more time. They were watching the way with keen observation. There was complete silence except the cries of creatures. No people were moving anywhere in the city. Then there came Kanaka Valli. She was decorated with flowers, perfumes and ornaments. She was carrying food. They had allowed her to cross them. Then without making noise, they were following at countable distance to her. She didn’t suspect that someone might follow her. That’s why without fear, she had reached the monastery. The 4 ministers, Guna Bhadra and soldiers on duty had surrounded the monastery and watching them from dark.

The handicapped man who was waiting for her had seen her. He said, “Oh beauty! Did you implement our plan what I told you, last night?”

For that she said, “Oh my lover! As per your order to me, I had cut off my husband’s head and send him to Yama’s world i.e. hell. I kept the blame on the head of minister’s son who came along with my husband. By the way, he was sentenced to death after torture. By this time, they might be chatting in the world of Yama.”

By hearing this, the handicapped man felt happy. He had laughed aloud. She also laughed with cheers. Later they had enjoyed the food and chatted for some time. They were enjoyed by engaged with one another. The ministers and the soldiers on duty who were watching all this had burnt with anger. They had run to them. They had tied them as in their position with ropes. In fact, Kanaka Valli and the handicapped man were half-nude. The soldiers had covered them together by a blanket. By that nighttime itself, they had taken them to the presence of king. By watching his daughter in such nasty situation, the king Kusudu had dropped his head with shy. The 4 ministers had deposited Guna Bhadra at the king’s presence.

By watching Guna Bhadra, the king Kusudu said, “Yesterday itself I had sentenced you to death after torture. How could you come alive?”

Guna Bhadra had explained everything. He said, “Oh king! Do you get clarified
your doubts?” The king had realized the truth. He got severe anger. He had sentenced his daughter Kanaka Valli and the handicapped man to death. At that moment itself, he had started to go Kasi, the holy pilgrim place to have holy bathe in the river Goddess Ganga to get rid of the sin. The 4 ministers had taken the responsibility of ruling of Kingdom.

The saint had told like this to Marga Simha. Vikramamba said, “Oh dear friend. Now what you told is like a widow i.e. a woman without husband or like sky without moon or like lake without lotus flowers.”

Champaka Valli said, “Why are you comparing like that?” Vikramamba said, “It is clear that Marga Simha was too innocent to identify the coups. But Guna Bhadra was intellectual. Leave this discussion. You didn’t tell what happened to the corpse of prince. Because of that, it is like rice without salt to me. You tell me the complete story.”

Champaka Valli sweetly smiled at her. She said, “My loving friend! Marga Simha also asked the saint just like you, about the fate of Guna Bhadra and the corpse of prince. To that, the saint replied as “Marga Simha! Listen. The 4 ministers had well treated Guna Bhadra with respect. They asked him what to do next”.

Guna Bhadra said, “Please don’t burn the corpse of my prince. Let me keep that corpse in suitable oils and medicines to prevent the spoil of dead body. Keep it in a box. I’ll go on pilgrimage to all rivers, holy lakes. I pray to God everywhere and donate money and food to poor. By that time, in case the king becomes alive, it will be okay. If not I’ also scarify my life. I’ll burn my body also along with the corpse of my loving friend. This was our promise to each other in previous. You please do the required arrangements.”

The 4 ministers had accepted this and done all arrangements. They had kept the box in which the corpse of prince was preserved in a palanquin and sent it with him along with required soldiers. Guna Bhadra had gone on pilgrimage. He had visited all temples of God Vishnu and God Shiva. He had performed devotions and donating to poor. He had taken bathe in many holy rivers and lakes. But the prince didn’t become alive.

Guna Bhadra had decided to burn himself along with the corpse of the prince, Sanmarga. At that time, he had reminded about his wife Amrutha Valli. He had decided to see how she was before committing suicide. He had gone to his father-in-law’s house at Kalinga Kingdom. Kalinga Minister Surudu had sent palanquin and servants to welcome him after receiving the information of his arrival. Guna Bhadra had sent the palanquin in which the corpse of the prince to Surudu’s house in prior. Later he came into the city as a procession. He was received by his parents in law and wife. Surudu, the minister of Kalinga had provided a guesthouse to him. He had kept the box in which the corpse of prince, in his bedroom at a corner and lay on the bed. By that, it was night by 10 Ghadiyas time. He was pretending sleep. Then, his wife Amrutha Valli had came there by carrying delicious food and fruits in a golden basket along with her servant-maids. She had seen that her husband, Guna Bhadra was sleeping in the bed.

She said, “Oh servant-maids! My husband is sleeping. I don’t like to make him to wake up. He might be tired. Hence, there is no need of your service to me now. You can go to your places.” The servant-maids had left from there.

She had waited for his wake up. But he didn’t. She had lifted the blanket on his face and saw at his face. She kept namaskar to him. Then she had tied up her loose and long hair. She had tied up her sari in tight. She had taken a lemon in one hand and a long sword in another hand. She had left in hurry from the bedroom.

Vikramamba said, “Why she was going and to where?” Champaka Valli smiled at her and said, “Wait and hear.”

She was sorrow since long days her husband didn’t turn up to her to take her to his house. She desired deeply his arrival. With that desire, she had gone to Rana Veera Bhadra Kali temple and paid tributes.

She said, “Oh Kalika Devi! Mother! If my husband come to me to take me home, I can offer my head as sacrifice to you on alter.” Now he came. That’s why she was going to the temple of Rana Veera Bhadra Kali to fulfill this. He thought, “My wife also might be like the prince’s wife. Let me know her activities.” He had followed her. She didn’t notice it. Straight away, she had reached the temple. She had taken bathe in the holy lake there. She had paid 3 rounds around the temple. She came in front of the idol. She had taken the sword in hand and said “Oh Mother! With your kindness, after long time, today my husband came to take me home. For such, as per my promise, now I’m giving my head to you. Accept it.”

By saying like this, she was got ready to cut off her head with sword. At that moment, Goddess Rana Veera Bhadra Kali was pleased with her chaste nature and sincerity. She had appeared before her and stopped her from her afford. She said, “Amrutha Valli! You got ready to fulfill your promise. By the way, it was fulfilled. Don’t effort to cut off your head. I pleased with you. Whatever you want, I give you the boons. From this day onwards, you and your husband live with healthy and everlasting young bodies. You can live peacefully with your husband. Here is a secret for you. Your husband had friendship with their prince. Due to his wife’s bad activation, he was killed. Your husband was determined himself to scarify his life unless the prince became alive. If it happens, my boon will get waste. It should not happen. That’s why, take this lemon, Vibhuthi, holy water and stick. Keep them with care. After return to your house, you go to your husband. There was a box with him. He had kept the corpse of the prince in that. You open that box and join the cut off head of the prince in right manner to his body. Spread the holy water and Vibhuthi on his neck. Sprinkle this lemon juice. Touch his dead body with this stick. He will become alive.”

With joy and obedience, Amrutha Valli had taken them from Goddess along with her blessings.

Guna Bhadra had seen all this and heard all the conversation in between the Goddess and Amrutha Valli from a hidden place. He had felt very happy. He had thought, “I thought something else about my wife without knowing her good and chaste nature. She is really great. Un necessarily I suspected her.” He felt bad for his doubt. Then he had rushed to the bedroom before she reached there. He had lain on the bed and pretending sleep as if he didn’t know anything. Amrutha Valli had reached there. She had observed that still her husband was sleeping. Hence, she had stood beside his cot with silence.

Then Guna Bhadra had got up as if from sleeping. He had welcomed her happily. He said, “My dear wife. Why do you stand far to me? Come near. Sit here.” He had made her to sit beside himself. Both of they had enquired each other’s safety and past details. He had pet her with love.

Then he said, “My darling! While I was sleeping, I got a dream. It is really strange. I didn’t had such type of dream in past. And I didn’t hear about such.”

She asked “Dear husband! What is it?” He continued, “To this bed room a young woman came. She had tied up her hair and sari. She had left here. She had gone to the temple of Bhadra Kali. She had taken bathe in the holy lake and afforded to cut off her head. Then Goddess Kalika Devi had appeared to her and given boon to make dead people alive.”

Amrutha Valli said, “Dear husband! It is not dream. It is real fact. Goddess Kalika Devi had made you to dream it.” She had explained all happenings and given lemon, Vibhuthi, holy water and stick. Guna Bhadra had worn a pitch of Vibhuthi on his fore head. He had spread few drops of holy water on head as a symbol of devotion.

Then Amrutha Valli said, “Dear husband! I heard that your dearest friend, the prince Sanmarga was killed. You had kept his corpse in a box and brought it here. If you show him, I’ll make him alive.”

Guna Bhadra was eager to make the prince alive. Hence, immediately, he had lifted the corpse of the prince from the box and deposited it on the bed. He had joined the cut off head to the body in right manner.

Then Amrutha Valli had praised Goddess Kalika Devi and performed as her guidance. Within a moment, the prince Sanmarga was alive. He had got up as if he woke up from sleep. Guna Bhadra was extremely happy. There were tears in his eyes. He had hugged the prince with joy.

The prince said, “Guna Bhadra! My dear friend! What happened? Where are we? This place is new to me?” Then he had seen Amrutha Valli and recognized her.

Guna Bhadra said, “Oh prince! While we were going to Chola Puram I heard a prediction of bird. As per it, your wife had killed you by cutting off your head due to her craze on her lover. She had throne the blame on me. The ministers of Chola Kingdom had saved me by knowing the truth. Your father-in-law had punished your wife and her lover by death. He had left to Kasi to get rid off the sin. I had done pilgrimage by taking your preserved dead body to make you alive. But I could not. I decided to commit suicide. Before death, I want to see my wife. My wife Amrutha Valli had got boon from Goddess kalian Devi and made you alive.” Later he had explained everything to the prince as the piercing of a bead onto string.

By hearing that, Sanmarga felt surprise. He felt happy about the friend ship of Guna Bhadra. As well, he felt sad about the immoral behavior of his wife. He had treated Amrutha Valli as if his mother. He said, “Amrutha Valli, dear sister. In fact, you are mother to me. You gave life to me.”

Amrutha Valli had served delicious food and fruits to them with pleasant smile. After having food, Sanmarga said, “We have to go to our city without further delay.”

Guna Bhadra agreed. Amrutha Valli’s parents and others felt happy by knowing what happened. They had arranged a suitable guesthouse to the prince; Guna Bhadra had spent 3 more days there.

Guna Bhadra informed his father-in-law to take send-off. Surudu, the father of Amrutha Valli had well treated with valuable gifts and gave send-off. They had reached their native Brahma Puri. The king of Brahma Puri, Boudhudu and others came to know everything. They had praised Guna Bhadra and his wife Amrutha Valli. Sanmarga got married to another prince who was good and beautiful. In the due course of time, he became the king of Brahma Puram. With the wise advices of his minister Guna Bhadra, he had ruled his kingdom with peace and prosperous. Both the friends lived happily for long time.”

The saint had finished the story and said, “Marga Simha! If we do friendship, it should be like the friendship between the prince Sanmarga and his minister Guna Bhadra. With friendship, you had informed about the beauty in this cave to your friend Chitra Sena. But he came and took the girl away. If he could take you away, it would be friendship. But he didn’t consider you. He had thrown you in danger by leaving you to me. Is this not a deceiving of friend? Is it friendship? Elders used to say that cheap or low friendship could create life dangers to people. Hence, be wise at least from today onwards. Think yourself. Behave yourself by knowing with whom to do friendship and with whom to do not friendship. Don’t believe that all the white liquid as milk and all black liquid as water.”

The saint had given money to Marga Simha and said “Marga Simha! Don’t go to that sin fellow, Chitra Sena. Don’t watch his face even. You don’t know the art of hunting. You didn’t learn it. But you had learnt other arts and education. By using that arts and education, you earn for your life food. You can teach children what you leant. Go and live peacefully and with comfort.”

The saint had blessed Marga Simha and went on his way to do penance by leaving his Arishadwargas i.e. emotions.”

Champaka Valli said, “Vikramamba! Now, do you come to know? Our friendship is like the prince and Guna Bhadra’s friendship. It is not like that friendship of Marga Simha and his king. Hence, you tell me about the sorrow you have in your mind, without hiding it.”

Vikramamba said, “Champaka Valli! My dear friend! I tell about the sorrow in my mind to you. I tell to whom other than you? I didn’t feel sorrow by reminding my parents, relatives and husband. I didn’t feel sad, as you had done any ill treat to me. You are caring me as if your own sister. I tell you the truth. You are not a child. You are young girl. You are beautiful, intellectual and learned. You are rich as a princess. You are talented in arts. Being like this, what is the wrong or deficiency with you? Why do you determined to do not see men? Is it right? In this universe, being human beings, is it correct to behave against God’s will? If there is no love among men and women, then there won’t be this creation. Unless you experience that love, unless you give birth to next generation, there is no joy in this life and there is no fruitfulness in this life. Whoever it is, either male or female, when born on this earth, should experience all including love and should give birth to the next generation. We have to propagate our in-heritor knowledge and culture to future through our children. This is justice of the world. If anybody leaves this justice, his or her life will be like the kingdom without king or like river without water or like field without yield. Because I done friendship with you, I feel happy, if you live like me. Because you are still un-married, I feel sad about it. If it is okay to you, you tell you’re secret to me. But before replying me think the story of Guna Bhadra and tell me.”

Champaka Valli said, “Vikramamba! Listen with concentration. A woman can understand the difficulties of another woman. To whom that I can tell my secret, other than yourself? In previous time, there was a forest by name Hingula Vanam. In the midst of that forest, there was an ancient temple of Hingula Devi. There was a big bamboo bush in front of the temple i.e. straight before the idol of Hingula Devi. There was living a pair of pigeons. The name of male pigeon was Vallabha. The name of female pigeon was Jhullari. Every day the pigeons used to keep flowers and granules at the foot of Hingula Devi as in the part of their devotion. Later only, they used to go in search of food. Since long time, they had no children. They used to pray Goddess Hingula Devi i.e. Bhadra Kali. After some days, Jhullari had laid two eggs in the nest, which Vallabha had built in the bamboo bush. Jhullari had hatched the eggs. Two cute and small pigeons had born from the eggs. One day, both the pigeons Vallabha and Jhullari had gone out in search of food. By that time, the bamboos had rubbed among one another due to wind, fire ignited due to friction. Within moment fire had capture the entire bamboo bush. The nest of pigeons and their children had burnt in the fire and turn as ash. The pigeons had returned to the nest with food for kids. Where were the kids? There was ash only. They had cried a lot. They have thought together, “What is the use of our lives after losing our loving kids? Are our lives that much sweet than the love and lives of our kids? Hence it is better to leave our lives by entering in to the same fire.” Both the pigeons had determined to end their lives. They had paid last devotion and prayed to Hingula Devi. They had flown to sky at high and dropping themselves freely with spinning bodies, straight into the fire. At the right moment, Vallabha didn’t enter into the fire. Vallabha had escaped from the fire. He flew away. Jhullari had seen this. It became angry and sad. Jhullari said, “Oh Vallabha! I didn’t expect that you would be this kind of selfish. How long can you live by overlooking the determination i.e. the self bound. How nasty it is to withdraw from our own promise? By watching all this, it is very clear that it is not good to believe man.,” Then Jhullari prayed to Hingula Devi as “Mother! Vallabha had cheated me and gone away. I don’t like to live. What is the benefit if I live without husband and children? What is the loss if I die? It makes no difference to live or die. Mother! Please bless me. If I have another birth, let me born in royal family. Let my body emit the sweet smells of wax flowers. Let me live in that birth by avoiding men. I should not bear even the smell of men. Let me have the awareness of this life in my next birth also”

After praying like this, Jhullari had died in the fire. The same Jhullari is I. In this birth, I had born as ChampakaValli with the boon. That’s why I determined myself to do not bear the company of men. Friend, Vikramamba! I told you my birth secret. Now, do you satisfied?”

By hearing this, Vikramamba said, “Because I didn’t know this secret, I felt sad. Now I came to know. Now I have no doubts. In past, as pigeon, due to your immature thinking you had worried in that situation. That’s why you prayed Goddess Hingula Devi and took such boons. If one man shows infidelity, will all the men be like that? There are crores of creatures in this universe. Are all females and males behaving like that? There may be one man among crores of men. Are there no men who sacrificed their lives for their wives? Do you think that there won’t be such men? You should know that, there are many wives and husbands, who are living by loving each other. In fact, such pairs are in maximum proportion in this world. Well what happened had happened. Why should we cry for past. Don’t feel angry with me because I asked you to tell your secret. I thought that you also woman, like myself and hence you also have the feelings and desires like mine. That’s why I asked you to tell your secret. Don’t think otherwise.”

Champaka Valli said, “Vikramamba! Why do you say like this? Among friends, is it wrong to ask about the doubts and to get clarifies the doubts. Enough.” Then they were spending time with joy.

Bhatti who was in the form of squirrel heard all of this by staying on the top frame of their cots. He had thought “Vow! Is this the secret of Champaka Valli? Enough! I’ll perform my king’s marriage with her, within 8 days. Let people see my wisdom.”

Before sunrise, at East, Bhatti had gone to the cave where he had kept his body as usual. He turned into his body. He had dug in the cave and taken 10,000 Honnes out from where he kept. He had gone to Vijaya Nagaram and approached Vijaya Ranga Raya’s court. He had repaid 10,000 Honnes to him. Vijaya Ranga Raya had ordered his treasurer to deposit the money in the treasure. He had received Salya Raja i.e. Bhatti with heart. He had treated him with delicious lunch and gifts. He had taken Salya Raja to the Palace of Champaka Valli. He offered Salya Raja to wait in the lounge. Vijaya Ranga Raya had gone inside.

By hearing her father’s arrival, Champaka Valli had rushed to him and offered her service. He had pet her and said, “My dear daughter! My dear little mother! As you know, I had left Vikramamba, wife of Salya Raja at your palace with you before one month. Now her husband had come to take her. He was waiting at our lounge. We have to return his wife to him. Hence, bring her.”

By hearing this news, Champaka Valli got disturbed. She felt sad. Her face became de-glory. She thought, “Since one month, we didn’t leave one another. How deep friends can be separate? But what can I do except obey my father’s order.” She didn’t say even a single word. She had returned to Vikramamba, and said, “Dear friend! Since one month until now, we didn’t leave one another. We lived together like eyelids to eyes, throughout day and nights. But, now, we have to get separate. I heard that your husband came to take you from here. Any way, you have to go with him. Though woman stays how many days in others’ house, husband house is permanent for her, but not other’s houses. This we know. What can I say and what can you say?”

Vikramamba said, “My dear! My loving friend! Is it possible to me to do not go when my husband calls me. I will be happy to be with him. At any time, I belong to him. And he belongs to me. He came to take his asset i.e. myself. I have to go. I feel happy to meet my husband. On the other hand, I feel sad to leave you. My feet are refusing to move from here. It seems that if I step forward, it will be Brahma Hatya [means the sin of killing of Brahmin] and if I step backward, it will be Gohatya [means the sin of killing of cow. Indians believe cow is holy animal and Goddess. They treat it is sin to kill cow.] What can I do?” Then Vikramamba pretended crying. There were tears in the eyes of Champaka Valli.

She said, “My dear little sister! My friend! Don’t cry please. Don’t feel sad. Don’t forget us. Come to visit me, for each one-month or two months. I will come to you if I get possibility. If we behave like that, then only we can respect each other and others also will respect us. But please beware! You may forget us by sinking in the love of your husband.”

By hearing this conversation, the servant-maids had laughed. Vikramamba and Champaka Valli also enjoyed it.

Vikramamba said, “Wav! How are you saying like that? Is it possible to forget you? Can I live like that even in dream? You know my mind and heart. Is it correct to say by knowing my nature?”

Champaka Valli said, “I know. Just as a joke, I said such. Don’t think otherwise.”

Champaka Valli had given silk saris, diamond ornaments as mementoes to Vikramamba. She had brought Vikramamba to Vijaya Ranga Raya.

Vijaya Ranga Raya had brought her to Salya Raja at lounge and said, “Oh! Salya Raja! Here is your wife. As per my promise, we had protected her as if she is my elder daughter. We didn’t make any deficiency to her.”

Salya Raja had expressed his great fullness to Vijaya Ranga Raya in many ways. He had taken send-off from them along with Vikramamba. After going certain distance, they had stopped beside a lake. They had taken their own forms as Bhatti and Vikramadithya.

Bhatti had asked as if he didn’t know anything, as “Rajendra! You had behaved with Champaka Valli in a best way. Otherwise, they might suspect us. Move over, our effort and determination may become difficult to fruitful. Did you know her secret?”

Vikramadithya had explained everything like piercing of a bead on to the strong.

Bhatti said, “Rajendra! I heard everything of your friendship with Champaka Valli. Since I transplanted you in her palace, until yesterday, every day I was on the roof of your cots in the form of squirrel. I heard everything and I saw every scene.” They had chattered for some time about past.

Then Vikramadithya said, “Bhatti! Our forest living turn will be over. We have no much time. It is no use if we delay. We have to achieve our task. What is the right strategy to play?”

Bhatti said, “Maharaja! There is no use by sitting here. We have to apply a new strategy. You take a disguise of super magician i.e. the king Dommeras. [In ancient days people who patronized the magic shows and circus show as their profession, were called by name Dommera] I’ll take the disguise of Dommera Sani. [Queen of Dommaras]”

Bhatti called Bhethala and said, “Bhethala! You bring a good team of Dommaras. While we give performance i.e. magic show and circus show, you have to help us according to the situation in invisible form. Now go and bring Dommera team.”

He continued with Vikramadithya “Oh king! Bhethala will bring the Dommera team. I will go with them to Vijaya Nagaram. I’ll show super magic and super circus to them. They will be mesmerized by it. They will ask me, who is my teacher i.e. who is my coach. I’ll say to them as my coach was in forest. He had determined himself to do not see women and to do not bear even the small of women. I’ll ask them to come here if they want to see my coach. By the way, I’ll bring them here. Then you tell the story of Champaka Valli by applying your version. You tell them that female pigeon didn’t drop in the fire and the male pigeon was sincerely dead in the fire. Later we can see what will happen.”

Vikramadithya had accepted this plan. He became as king of Dommeras. Bhatti became as young Dommera Sani. By that time, the Dommera team had reached there who were driven by Bhethala.

The king of Dommeras’ i.e. Vikramadithya said, “Oh! Dommeras! You are
talented in magic, and circus feats, on high frames and long bamboos. I know that you had learnt super magic and super circus. The king and people in Vijaya Nagaram had seen the magic and circus shows but they didn’t see super magic and super circus. This young girl is my disciple. I had taught the super magic and super circus to some extent. You take this girl along with you to Vijaya Ranga Raya, the king of Vijaya Nagaram and play your show. You can get much benefit by that. You may get big rewards than other rewards which you had got in past. Don’t think that I had told something casual. Go, play at Vijaya Nagaram and get great favors. You drop this young woman here when you go to other cities.”

The team of Dommeras was happy by hearing this. They had taken Bhatti who was in the disguise of Dommera Sani along with them. Bhatti had worn the classical dress of Dommeras. They had reached the court of Vijaya Ranga Raya at Vijaya Nagaram. They had requested him to permit them to show their talents. Vijaya Ranga Raya had given permission to them. He had given to Betel leaves i.e. pan to them as symbol of permission.

On the next day morning, Dommeras had made arrangements such as frames, planting of bamboos and stage in front of the fort, in wide ground to perform their show. All of they had got ready in their particular make-up. They were playing drums and other music instruments as signal to the starting of show. There came the king Vijaya Ranga Raya, his ministers, fellow men and people. The Queens and other royal women also came to watch this show. All the audiences were surrounded. The Dommeras were performing different feats, dances, exercises, whistling etc entertainments with suitable music and songs. By hearing this, Champaka Valli also came there. She sat behind a screen and watching the show, along with her servant-maids.

By that time, Bhatti in the disguise of Dommera Sani had arrived on to the stage ground. She was like divine beauty. She was very active. It seems that she was everywhere in the ground, participating in every dance, song and feat. By watching her extraordinary show, the audiences were mesmerized. They had surprised like anything. They had wondered what it was, whether real or absurd. They became like paintings on the wall or like statues. Without closing eyelids on the eyes for even a moment, they were watching the show. While she was singing and dancing, it seems that it was a challenge to the divine dancers like Rambha, Urvasi etc. In fact, the divine dancer’s talent was not equal to her. Her talent was much brighter than that of divine dancers.

Like this, she had entertained the audiences for some time. Then there came a handsome man. He had worn nice and rich dress and weapons like a prince. The audiences felt great wonder by watching him. Bhatti i.e. Dommera Sani had held his hand in her hand and approached the king.

She said, “Raja Kanterava! [That means among forest animals, lion is the king. Like that, this king is like lion among other kings] This is my husband. He is great worrier. He has great strength and wisdom. He had a desire to go to see the heaven. Now he is going to heaven. You can watch it.”

By saying like this, she had thrown a rope’s end into the air. Surprise! The rope was going up to so high into the sky like the trunk of palm tree. It was as if the ladder made up of rope. Both of they had gone to the first step of the Ladder. She said, “You go to heaven by this ladder with comfort and safety then come back with profit.” He had taken send-off from her. He said, ‘Bye Bye’ to the audiences by waving his hand. He had climbed up the steps of rope’s ladder as fast as possible. The audiences including people, king and Champaka Valli were watching at the sky. He had vanished into the sky, as the sight of audiences was limited. There was silence for some time. Suddenly there was big sound of musical instruments. The music was sweet but inspire to war. Everybody was watching almost by forgetting to breathe. Suddenly the cut-off heads of horses and animals were dropping on to the ground from sky. The blood was raining from sky. At everywhere in the ground there were heaps of cut-off heads of horses and elephants. The blood was flowing like small canals. The dress of audiences turned to red with blood rain. People had felt wonder. They thought, “This Dommera Sani who is looking divine beauty may not be human being. She may be divine woman or Bhadra Kali Devi. Now, the divine army may come down to the earth. If they come, there will be threatening to our heads.”

By thinking like this, some people tried to run from there. They were looking 4 directions to escape from there. Then Bhatti i.e. Dommere Sani had indicated them by waiving her hand to sit calm and watch. After some time, the head of the handsome man who was introduced to them as the husband of Dommere Sani and had gone to heaven through the rope’s ladder had fallen on to the ground from sky. Immediately Dommera Sani i.e. Bhatti had rushed to it. She had taken the cut-off, bleeding head into her hands, cried aloud. She was kissing that head and crying. She had seen the audiences and king.

She said, “Rajendra! Vijaya Ranga Raya. Oh, People! Oh God! What can I do? Where can I go? With which medicine I can make him alive on this earth. You had seen that my husband had gone to heaven. There he had fought in a war with deities. He had cut-off the heads of horses and elephants of deities. The cut off heads had dropped onto the ground in heaps. All of you had seen it with wide-open eyes. Then all the deities together had fought on my husband, who was alone and killed him in un-justice way. Now they had thrown his head here. Why should I need this world when I lost my husband? I can’t live with this body on this earth. Please arrange a pyre for me. I leave this body by entering into the fire. This is my duty to do so being wife. By the way, I can reach my husband. Why are you watching my face? There is no benefit to watch like that. Please arrange a pyre immediately.” She was crying. The audience hearts were melting.

Vijaya Ranga Raya said, “Oh Woman. You are like my daughter. Why do you cry like that? We can’t bring him alive by crying. What is the danger to you now? You lost your husband. Try to bear your sorrow. Why should you die? We will give all your required things and respects. I will give large gifts to you and villages as gift to you. Live happily.”

She didn’t hear their condolence. She said, “Rajendra! There is no use to counsel me. I don’t like to live after my husband death. How to live happily by losing my loving husband? It is not peaceful, comfortable and respectable to me. I don’t need your offered villages, wealth and servants. Without my loving husband, what can I do with that wealth? How can I enjoy it being widow? I need only pyre. It is enough to me. More over it will be great wealth to me. It is the best than your offer to me. By watching your delay I doubt that you are not going to prepare pyre to me. Before sunset, I won’t be calm unless I enter into fire. If you won’t arrange the pyre for me, do you think that I will wait? See my strength.”

She had chanted some magic words. There created a great fire with bright light burning up to so high as if it would reach the sky. The audiences were amazing at it. Their mouths got dry up. Without breathing, they were watching her with high concentration. She had put namaskar to king, to people and to earth. She had prayed God by songs. She had paid 3 rounds around fire as per tradition. By holding her husband’s head in her hand, she had entered into the fire. She had burnt down into ash with in a moment. People had shouted aloud by watching that scene. They felt sad for her. After few miniatures, she had come out from the fire along with her husband. They were smiling at audiences. The fire became a heap of flowers. She had waved hand to audiences and made them silence. She had seen the king and said, “Oh king! Namaskar! As all of you had seen, I had entered into the fire. The God of fire had taken me to the heaven. The deities in the heaven had admired my sincere love towards my husband. And they had given boon to me by making my husband alive. They sent both of us to the earth. They asked me to convey their blessing to you.”

The king and others were not able to identify whether it was real or virtual image. By that time, the heaps of cut off heads of animals and canals of blood were disappeared. The dress of people turns as clean and free of blood. Bhatti i.e. Dommere Sani stood them as she was in the beginning of the show. There was no sign of her husband. She had seen around at people and said, “Maha Raja! I express several salutes to you. Now whatever seen by you is not real. As well, it is not the dream. This is the part of our talent, by name super magic. We have so many talents like this.” [In ancient India, it was believed that people were there who were capable to show these talents. Such talents were known as IndraJala and MahendraJala Vidya]

By hearing this, people i.e. audiences were wondered. They commented among themselves as “We never heard nor saw this type of entertainment. Now we came to know that there is this type of miracles in the super magic i.e. Indra Jala and Mahendra Jala Vidya.” All of they were thrilled. The king Vijaya Ranga Raya had rewarded the team of Dommeras with large amount of money, gold, valuable dresses and gifts. They felt very happy with the rewards. Vijaya Ranga Raya specially praised Bhatti i.e. Dommere Sani. He said, “Oh Dommera Sani! Really, you are a star. It seems that your talents and appearance are not with anybody in your team and not in any other Dommuras. You are unique. Your talent is in comparable. Your performance is really eligible to watch by deities. We never see such performance. Oh God! What a song! What a dance! What a show! What a feat! What a talent! Totally your skill is marvelous.”

She said, “Rajendra! Now what I have shown at your presence i.e. my dance, singing all is like water in a tumbler while compare with the ocean of Indra Jala Vidya. You are praising it like anything. In such case, if you see my coach i.e. teacher who knows this Indra Jala Vidya completely, what you can say? Really it is the talent!”

Vijaya Ranga Raya felt excitement by hearing it. He asked, “Why didn’t he come here?”

Bhatti said, “He is determined to do not enter into public places like villages, towns, cities etc.”

Vijaya Ranga Raya asked “Why? What is the reason?”

Bhatti said, “In fact, he born in royal family. He didn’t born in our Dommera professionals. He doesn’t like to see woman. He doesn’t bear even the smell and breeze of women. That’s why he won’t come to cities. He lives in forest. Being prince, in spite of his parents force to marry, he is leading bachelor life in forest. Since my childhood, he had brought up me as if his own daughter. That’s why he could bare me. He had taught me some education including Indra Jala Mahendra Jalam. He ordered me to show my talent in order to help these Dommera teams.”

The king and others felt very curiosity to see him i.e. the coach of Dommera Sani. Vijaya Ranga Raya asked, “Is there any possibility to us to watch his talents? If it happened, really it will be a good fortune to us.”

Bhatti said, “Certainly! If elders and respected people like your good self ask and desire to watch, definitely he will show. But he won’t come to city. If you come to forest where he is, you can visit him and watch his talents.”

Vijaya Ranga Raya said, “But our Queens and other women also interested to enjoy this wonder. How it will be possible?”

Bhatti said, “Let them watch behind screen.”

Vijaya Ranga Raya said, “Well! It is very good. Then all of you go to your coach to make necessary arrangements for the show. Let one fellow be here to guide us to the forest. By tomorrow morning, we will come there. Later we can see.”

Bhatti i.e. Dommera sani and other Dommeras had taken send off from the king. They had left guide for them. Bhatti had reached Vikramadithya and informed everything. Vikramadithya felt happy. They spent night. There was sunrise in the East.

Vijaya Ranga Raya had gone to forest along with his ministers, royal women and people. They had built tents in the ground in forest. They had sent message to Dommeras. Women were settled behind screen. Only men were outside. Dommeras came there. They were making pre-arrangements and entertaining them with music in prior.

The king asked them “Where is your teacher i.e. Guru?”

They said, “He is at his hut i.e. Parna Sala.”

The king ordered his minister to go to him and welcome him with royal treatment and royal hospitality. The Prime Minister had gone with some soldiers. He had brought the Guru i.e. Vikramadithya who was in such disguise there. The king had offered him a golden seat, and welcomed him. The Guru had settled in the seat. Everybody was eager to watch his talents. Champaka Valli was eagerly waiting behind the screen. Before watching the IndraJaala talents of Guru, the king wanted to know the reason by which the Guru had rejected to live in cities and why he preferred to stay at forest.

Vijaya Ranga Raya said, “Oh Guru! Being knowledgeous over all education, arts, and talents, why are you living in the forests? Who are you? I’m very interested to know your personal details. If you don’t have any objection to tell, please tell me.”

Vikramadithya who was in the disguise of Guru said, “Rajendra! I belong to a royal family. I had born in fire. My parents called me by name Parakrama Surya. I had the boon of Goddess Maham Kali Devi. Hence, I had achieved all education, arts and talents. With my elder’s permission, I’m living in the forest since I don’t like to bear the presence of females. I don’t like to stay in cities. Since my childhood I’m living like this.”

Vijaya Ranga Raya felt wonder. He said, “Oh Gurudev! Why you had such determination? What is the reason to decide to avoid women? Please let me know.”

Parakrama Surya said, “Rajendra! I had born with the boons of Goddess Mahankali Devi. I had the knowledge of my previous birth. Hence, the incidents of my previous life were reminding me as if they are happening now in front of my eyes. I had taken this determination in my present life because of my wife in my past life. Why should we talk about it?”

By saying like this Vikramadithya kept calm. But Vijaya Ranga Raya didn’t leave him. Because the king was very curious to hear about the past of Guru, he said, “My dear Parakrama Surya! We can’t be peaceful if you say like this. By knowing your past life incidents, you should be kind on us to tell to us.”

Parakrama Surya said, “Oh king. By knowing all, you are insisting me to tell. Hence, it is not good to do not tell. That’s why I’ll tell you everything. Other than you, to whom that I can tell my past. Who are eligible than your good self? I tell you, listen carefully. In past, there was a forest by name Hingula Vanam. There was a temple of Goddess Hingula Devi there. In front of that temple, there was a bamboo bush. There were two pigeons living in that bush. Vallabha was male pigeon and Jhullari was the name of female pigeon. In my previous life, I was Vallabha. We were ideal wife and husband. We lived together with love and affection.” He was telling. Champaka Valli who was listening behind the screen felt surprise. She thought, “What a wonder is this? He is saying my past life events. He might be Vallabha who deceived me just before death. Why should I feel eager and worry? Let me see how he will end up the event.”

She had decided to wait and see. She was very eager to hear further.

Parakrama Surya continued … “We have no children for long time. We felt sad and bore in life. We had devoted Goddess Hingula Devi. With her boons, my wife Jhullari had laid two eggs and hatched them into bird kids.”

Champaka Valli said with herself “Yes. This is my story only.” Parakrama Surya said, “In fact we used to go for food in turns. When one of us went in search of food, the other must safe guard the nest and kids. But unfortunately on one day, both of we had gone for food. By the time when we returned to the nest, the bamboo bush was caught in fire. Nest including our kids tuned into ash. By watching that, we had wept like anything. We thought, “God had given us kids with right hand and took with left hand. Why should we live after losing kids? Let us die by entering into the same fire,” We decided to die after paying last devotion and tributes to Goddess Hingula Devi. Both of we were flying to the fire. Until that moment, my wife Jhullari was following me. She was doing whatever I done. We had flown up into the sky and dropping our selves straight into fire. I had dropped in the fire. But my wife Jhullari didn’t fell into the fire. It had escaped from there by flying away. Before the moment of death, I had seen that scene. I thought, “Oh God! We should not believe females. This Jhullari was very loving to me till date, but now she had deceived me like this.” By praying to Goddess Hingula Devi I died. With her boons, I had laid this birth in the royal family. When I born, my body was covered with fire. Hence, my parents considered me as I born in fire and kept name Parakrama Surya to me. Due to Goddess Hingula Devi boon’s I could remember my previous life. Hence, I determined to do not believe women. I had avoided seeing women. I won’t bear even the smell of women.”

He was continuing. But the screen was torn off with big sound. All had turned that side. Champaka Valli who was determined herself to do not see men stood up there with extreme anger. Her face was like rose flower. Her eyes were throwing the sparkles of fire. She was taking long breaths with anger. By watching her in such situation, everybody including the king had wondered. They said nothing.

She came in front of Parakrama Surya and said, “Wov! Vallabha. What are you telling? Did this Jullari had cheated you? Did you cheat me or did I cheat you? Go! Tell your story to innocents. It will be okay for you if you tell this story to persons who don’t know the truth. But will you say the same to me? I remember the previous birth very well. Enough! Don’t tell lies.”

Then Parakrama Surya said, “Oh king! Do you play this trick to disturb my determination? What is this in-justice? I told you in prior that I wouldn’t see women. Being women, that to being princess, how this woman is adventurous to do like this?”

Champaka Valli said, “Yes Yes. You are only practicing the principles and others leading life. Not only yourself, I’m also practicing the principles. I’m truthful since my childhood in practicing this principle. You are praising yourself. You are presenting self-boasting. Because you are telling lies, I left my principle and I came in front of you to stop you. Otherwise, I won’t come and I won’t stand before you. First, you should know this. By leaving this argument, at least now tell the truth to people. In fact, won’t you know that nobody should reveal the secrets? In spite of that, you had revealed the secret in public. More over you are lying. At least now, tell truth without hiding anything. You are blaming me that I had done injustice and abnormal activity. But my adventure is not injustice and abnormal. Because you are lying, I’m not able to bear it.”

Parakrama Surya had lifted his face to sky and pretended as if he was receiving some knowledge and knowledgeous vision. He said, “Hay! It is you, Jhullari! Oh, cheat! You are the witch. You are woman of magic’s and Pseudo medicines. You had driven me into fire and you escaped from there. Where had you gone, you magic woman? I have no love on you. You go to anywhere wherever you want to go. I’ll go away from you. Who is there to hold your hand? You were my wife in my previous life. But not now. Because you had served husband for some days at least, in your previous life, because you had served Hingula Devi for some days, you had born in this royal family as prince. Otherwise, how the cheat like you, who cheated the husband could have good birth? I think you are dare enough to say lies by thinking that there is no body to identify the truth. Now, the time came to stop everything. Enough! Don’t play tricks. Because you cheated me in previous life, because of such sin only, in this life you are suffering without husband, children and married life.”

Champaka Valli burnt like a fire. She said, “Vallabha! Enough! Don’t play pseudo tricks. Stop all your virtual plays. Keep them aside. Are you blaming me? Look. If you point fore finger to others, to blame them, you watch, the remaining four fingers are pointing to you to indicate you to do personal verification to identify your own mistakes. I think, the sin which you gathered by cheating me, is driving you to wander in the forests instead of living comfortable, in the cities. You cheated me and again claiming me.”

Like this, both of Champaka Valli and Parakrama Surya were blaming each other and arguing with serious voice. By watching all this, the audiences including the king Vijaya Ranga Raya and his fellow men felt extreme surprise. They were not able to understand their conversation. They were wondering about their behavior. The king had involved in their conversation and stopped their arguments. Both of Champaka Valli and Parakrama Surya had kept calm for time being. Then the king Vijaya Ranga Raya had a discussion with his ministers. He said, “Oh Parakrama Surya and Champaka Valli! All of we had heard your arguments. We think that while you dropped into fire, you might miss each other’s movement due to smoke and fire waves. That’s why; this type of troubles had risen. Any way both of you had entered in to the fire. That’s why both of you had born in royal families due to the boons of Hingula Devi. You had sacrificed your bodies in your previous life because of grievance of losing kids. In fact, physical body is the tool to living beings to do their moral duty and to perform their appropriate Dharma. You had spoiled such holy physical bodies by committing suicide. Because of such sin, you had influenced by psychological emotions and disorder. That’s why only both of you had taken such meaningless determination as avoiding of opposite sex person and family life. Otherwise, are there any mad persons who take such determination? Because of Champaka Valli’s excitement and imbalance, Parakrama Surya’s determination got disturbed. Champaka Valli had spoilt her own determination. This is God’s decision. Otherwise, why these incidents had happened now, after so many days? By the way, Goddess Hingula Devi had indicated us that their determinations should get end. You are responsible to break your own determinations: but nobody else. Moreover, here is a secret mingled in this issue. It is very important and it is divine secret. It is very clear by your own words that you were wife and husband in your previous births. That’s why; in this life also, you should marry at our presence. You should live like object and its shade, like God and Goddess Rathi Manmadha, or like flower and smell. You should live together with love and affection. Hence, we will celebrate your marriage. This is our decision.”

All the people had accepted this declaration. They had clapped their hands and shouted ‘Yes Yes’ with excitement. Unavoidably Champaka Valli and Parakrama Surya had obeyed people and agreed to marriage.

Vijaya Ranga Raya felt that his bread had dropped in the ghee. Since years, he was waiting for the occasion when his young daughter’s determination would get break, when her marriage would happen and when a suitable bridegroom would available. He had felt extreme happy for their acceptance. Elders used to say that good things should not delay. Hence, Vijaya Ranga Raya had declared about this marriage at that moment itself.

He thought, “I should not delay. If I delay, these foolish determined Champaka Valli and Parakrama Surya may arise some other objections. We don’t know their in-balance and short temper.”

They had returned to Vijaya Nagaram. The king had allotted guesthouses to Parakrama Surya and his fellowmen. On the court, the king had consulted his ministers, purohits and elders. They had decided an auspicious day to perform the marriage. They had decorated the city. People felt very happy because their unique beautiful princess was getting married. They had celebrated the marriage of Champaka Valli with Parakrama Surya with grand feast and entertainments. All were happy in the marriage hall.

Then Bhatti came there. Now he was in his real get up. He came to Parakrama Surya and said, “Oh Vikramadithya. You got the victory. There is good in all sense to you. Oh, worrier! Oh, the king of Ujjain Maham Kali city! By today, your turn to be in forest i.e. other than Ujjain is over. We have to return to Ujjain.”

By hearing this all the people, and the king Vijaya Ranga Raya, the delegates including neighboring kings felt extreme surprise and thrill. They had thought, “What a miracle is this!” All of they had got up to express their respect towards Bhatti and Vikramadithya. They had put namaskar to Bhatti and Vikramadithya with fear, devotion and obedience. They had folded their hands and stood with silence. Vijaya Ranga Raya said, “Rajendra! You had broken my daughter Champaka Valli’s foolish and immature determination by playing appropriate trick. You became son-in-law to me. By the way, my race itself became holy and famous. We won’t forget this faith what you have done to us.”

Vikramadithya smiled at them and conversed with the king Vijaya Ranga Raya with sweet words. He had treated the king Vijaya Ranga Raya with respects as his father-in-law. On the next day, Bhatti and Vikramadithya had taken send off from Vijaya Ranga Raya along with Champaka Valli. Vijaya Ranga Raya had given so many valuable gifts to his daughter and son-in-law. Along with fellow men Bhatti, Vikramadithya and Champaka Valli had travelled to Ujjain. They had reached Ujjain with comfort. They had gone to Ujjain Mahan Kali temple in prior and paid their devotion there. Vikramadithya had taken Champaka Valli to the palace and introduced her to others.

On next day, Vikramadithya had sat on this throne and explained everything in detail to the ministers and people. The ministers had explained the details of their administration within that 6 months time period. Bhatti and Vikramadithya had given gifts to ministers, officers, soldiers, purohits and people. All were happy.

Like this Vikramadithya had ruled the country by sitting on this throne. He had shown much more miracles and entertainments than this. You see how talented his communication skills were. Bhatti and Vikramadithya were able to convince the others step by step. They were able to create surprise, emotions, humor and excitement through their conversation. Wherever there was an extraordinary thing, they would investigate to know it. Whenever they decide to achieve anything, they would not give up it in middle. They had concern to all the people. They were sensitive in thinking, perfect in planning and patience in implementing. If you have at least one out of 1000 of these qualities, you can climb up on to this throne. Otherwise you can go back.”

Mangala Kalyani, the idol on the 4th step had completed her talk like this. By that, it was sunset. All of the people and Bhoja Raja had gone to their houses.

People had praised the miraculary stories. They had learnt how to talk with others, how to think to solve problems and how to deal with others by these stories. They had good discussions regarding friendship and human relations in the society. More over they had learn by these stories how to observe same issue with respective different angles. They had sensed that how we could watch the same issue with respective to different persons and with their versions. Like that, there became the part of their entertainment as well as education.

OUT COMING SKILLS: In these stories, children can absorb the skills of communicational skills. Bhatti and Vikramadithya had exhibited ‘most target oriented approach’ through their arguments and affords to achieve their task such as marrying Champaka Valli. By the stories of Marga Simha and Guna Bhadra, Children can learn many things about friendship. Moreover, children can absorb the thinking abilities. By observing of the conversation of Marga Simha and Guna Bhadra, children can learn to think about an issue in different angles. Children can absorb to think about any issue by substituting themselves in the others position. This leads the children to achieve maturity in thinking. They can easily learn direct speech i.e. direct presentation of some issue and indirect speech i.e. indirect presentation of same issue to others. …….

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