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Vikramadithya also sat on the diamond carpet. It had reached an Island by name Pushkara Dweepam. Vikramadithya was wandering on that Island along with Brahmin’s son, Vedantha Kovida. In that Island, there was a city by name Jambu Natha Puram. Its king was Jambu Natha Varma. Since long time he had no children. He had done penance to God for many years. With God’s boon, he had a daughter who had the glory like son God. He had put the name ‘Hela Rambha’ to his daughter. He had brought up Hela Rambha with great love and affection. He learnt her all arts and education. She had grown up to teen age. The King and Queen were thinking to make her marriage. They had informed their decision to her. She said, “Dear father! If you want to perform my marriage, you please declare my Swayam varam. You invite all the princes of all countries. You assemble them in marriage hall. I will select my husband among them. I’ll keep garland of flowers on the neck of any prince whom I like to marry.”

According to her will, Jambu Natha Varma had declared the Swayam Varam of his daughter Hela Rambha. He had invited the princes of all countries. The princes had arrived to their city. The king, Jambu Natha Varma had received them with honor and accommodated them in guesthouses. The function of Swayam varam and the consecutive function of marriage was about to happen. The city Jambu Natha Varam was decorated with flowers, fresh leaves, and gems. The roads were decorated with cool pandyals, flowers and Rangolies. The sweet and festival music tunes were spread in the city. Everywhere there were perfumes of flowers and smiles of people. There was excitement and pleasure.

Exactly by this time, Vikramadithya had reached this city along with the Brahmin kid. By watching the festival celebrations in the city, he had enquired the public there. He said, “Why this celebration is happening?” The people said, “It is the marriage occasion of our princess Hela Rambha”. Vikramadithya said, “With whom? Who is the prince that your princess is going to marry?” They said, “She had decided to select her bride groom in the Swayam varam. Hence, all the princes were invited and all of they had arrived already.”

Vikramadithya had decided to participate in the Swayam varam. He had identified a Brahmin scholar in that Jambu Natha Puram. He had taken the Brahmin boy to his house and said, “Oh Brahmin scholar. You are like my father. Can you keep this Brahmin boy for 40 days in your house? I’ll give 40 Honnes [That was currency of ancient India in Vikramadithya era] to you for his expenditure. I’ll pick up him after 40 days. Can you help me like this?” The Brahmin scholar said, “Oh Paradesi! [That means foreigner] Jambu Natha Puram is not such immoral and draughtful to charge for a guest. You can leave this kid at my house without any objection at free of cost. I can protect him as if he is my own child. You need not worry.”

Vikramadithya felt happy and kept Vedantha Kovida there. He had given his ornaments, weapons and other things to Bhethala to save them. He had made himself in the disguise of diamond’s merchant with the help of Bhethala. He had gone to Market Street. There he had spread his diamonds’ carpet and opened his selling outlet of gems. He had kept the heaps of gems like agates, amethysts, carbuncles, rubies, corals, diamonds, emeralds, jacinths, laps lazullies, pearls, quartzes, sapphires, sardonyx and topazes. The gems which he had offered to sell were very bright, good quality at cheap price. He introduced himself as a businessman of gems from far away country. Any gems were available at his Shoppe, however valuable gems they were, at reliable price. This news was spread in the city like wild fire. People of that city were visiting him. They were amazed at his communicational skills and handsome appearance. He was talking with them with sweet words and jokes. By time passing, his shop was with hectic rush of people. The wonderful news was spread up to the princes who were in the guesthouses and waiting for the Swayamvaram. They had came to Vikrmadithya’s diamonds’ shop one by one. Later they had forgotten everything including Swayamvaram Muhurtham [That means auspicious time.]

It was up to the Swayam Varam time. Jambu Natha Varma had watched that no princes had arrived to the marriage hall. He had sent his servants to guesthouses to invite the princes to the marriage hall. The royal servants had rushed to the guesthouses to implement the king’s order. But nobody was there. They had enquired the assistants of princes there. The assistants informed the royal servants as the princes had gone to Market Street. The royal servants had ran to the market street. There they had seen the diamonds merchant whom around all the princes had gathered. Vikrmadithya was like Devendra surrounded by deities. He was like moon in the middle of stars. They had felt wonder with the glory and handsome of Vikramadithya. They had observed the rare gems, which he was offering to the princes. The royal servants immediately informed all of this to their king Jambu Natha Varma. The king felt wonder about this. He had gone to market street to observe these matter personally. He had watched Vikramadithya. The king was mesmerized with his glory, handsome appearance and sweet words. He had invited the businessman [Vikramadithya] also to the marriage hall. Then all the princes, the king, businessman [Vikramadithya] and others had came to the marriage hall.

By that time, Jamba Natha Varma had ordered the servant-maids to bring his daughter Hela Rambha to the marriage hall. The servant-maids had informed the king’s order to her. Hela Rambha had worn good and bright silk dress and diamonds ornaments. She was decorated with Sandal powder, other perfumes and flowers by her servant-maids. She had taken flower garland and pearls garland in the hands and reached the marriage hall. She was accompanied with servant-maids. When she was arriving, a sweet music was made by the musicians with their instruments and voices. The Brahmin scholars were chanting good mantras. She was looking like a flashlight in the clouds. Every prince got excitement by watching her. Every prince had wished as it would be nice, if she select him.

Hela Rabha had gone on two rounds in the Swayam varam Mandapam i.e. marriage hall. While she was taking 3rd round, she had seen Vikramadithya who was in the disguise of businessman. She had thought, as he was the appropriate man for her to marry, by watching his glory and handsome appearance. She didn’t think anything else. She didn’t observe others. Without any doubt and fear she had put her Varamala i.e. marriage garland in his neck. All the princes and others were shocked. They had seen at one and other’s face. They had laughed aloud and said, “When all the princes are here, this princess had selected a business man as her husband. How funny is this?”

Then only Hela Rambha had seen the dress sense of Vikramadithya. She had noticed that he was a businessman. With shock, she became unconscious. The servant-maids had taken her inside. Jambu Natha Varma said apologies to the courtiers and princes. All had gone to their houses respectively. The king Jambu Natha Varma had gone to his palace. He felt shy and sad for what happened. He thought, “What a strange or mystery is this, we don’t know. I never think that my daughter’s fate will be like this. What is the use of her education and learning. In spite of all her education, she had shown her immaturity and imbalance.”

By that time, Hela Rambha was relaxed from her shock and unconsciousness by the treatment of her servant-maids and doctors. The king had gone to his daughter’s palace. She said, “Oh, father. You are very sad. I think you are feeling sorrow because I had put Varamala in the neck of a businessman by leaving all the princes and kings. There is no use of such sorrow. Who can escape from fate? When I observed the kings, Princes and businessman in the marriage hall, the businessman looks like diamond, the princes and kings look like glass pieces. The businessman should not be businessman. My mind is sensing it. By watching him, he seems to be kings of king. By watching his versatility and glory, I thought that he is not ordinary man. Because of that, I had selected him as my husband. But I sense that you have something doubt about all this. To eliminate our doubts, I tell you a trick. There is still 15 Gadiyas time to next morning. This night, you send him to my room. Keep a curtain in the mid of my room. Before sunrise, I can know his personal particulars of race and family by talking with him without watching his face. Then you can perform my marriage with him. Otherwise, let us play some other suitable trick by that time.”

The king Jambu Natha Varma agreed to this deal. As per that, they had arranged a screen i.e. curtain in the mid of Hela Rambha’s room. They arranged one more cot with beautiful wooden carving beyond the curtain. They had kept soft bed i.e. mattress which was made with smooth cotton and birds’ feathers with silk covers. They had decorated the room with flowers, perfumes and lights.

They brought Vikramadithya who was in the disguise of Vysya businessman to there. The servant-maids said, “Oh respected Setty! Please do come. Our princess had kept Varamala in your neck by leaving all the princes and kings. She had selected you as her husband. Whenever she had kept the Varamala on you, then you became husband to her, and she became wife to you. Hence, you can go to Hela Rambha’s palace.”

By this way, the servant-maids had invited him. As per their guidance, Vikramadithya had reached Hela Rambha’s room. He sat on the royal bed, which was arranged for him. The servant-maids had served delicious dinner to him with fruits and sweets. They had served a rich and tasty pan to him. After dinner, he was relaxing on the bed. Then Hela Rambha had came there and sat behind the curtain to him. The servant-maids had stood beside her. The king Jambu Natha Varma, his Queen, Ministers and others were waiting outside of that room.

By watching all of this, Vikramadithya who was in the disguise of Vysya man, thought, “They didn’t performed my marriage with Hela Rambha, because they don’t know about my particulars such as race and family details. If I keep calm, then there won’t be any fruitful in the task. Moreover, if I don’t reveal my particulars, after sunrise, they may drive me out. Before such disregards, it is better to reveal my particulars. Let me declare myself in attractive, sensational, wonderful and exciting way.”

He had called on Bhethala. Bhethala appeared before him, without notice of others. Vikramadithya explained him all and ordered to declare his particulars in an amazing way. Bhethala had accepted and they discussed about a trick. As per that, Bhethala had inserted himself in the curtain.

Then Vikramadithya said with loud voice, “When I was talking with princes and kings during my business in a humorous way, these people had brought me to the marriage hall. The princess had kept Varamala in my neck. Whenever she kept Varamala on me, she became wife to me. In spite of this, she is neglecting me and not speaking with me. To my eyes, sleep is not getting. This light is burning. The time is not passing. Hence, oh curtain cloth! Please tell me a story up to you know it. By hearing story, time will pass by with pleasure.”

What a surprise! The curtain said, “Oh father! You are kind. You ask me to tell a story to pass time with pleasure. But I was tied up here. By having such tight ties, how can I tell you story. Actually, in previous I was as cotton. Later I had suffered in the hands of weavers. Then I was in the form of two pieces of clothes. These servant-maids had purchased me and torn off me into pieces. They had stitched me with needle and string, on four sides. They had tied me and made me as a screen in between the both of you. By the way I’m suffering a lot. With such suffering, how can I tell you a wonderful story? How it is possible? By knowing all of my sufferings, you are troubling me to tell a story. Off course, it is natural in this world. People will consider their difficulties as severe and treat other’s difficulties as easy going. They don’t know the other’s difficulties.”

By hearing all of this, Hela Rambha thought, “Oh God! What a wonder! Till yesterday, this curtain was not active. But now it is speaking. We don’t know what type of magic and mystery is this. The person who is sitting here is able to converse with curtain cloth. In such case, he might be great person. He should not be normal man. I should know who he is.”

By thinking like this, Hela Rambha had released the ties and dropped the curtain on the floor. Vikramadithya said, “Oh curtain! This princess is so kind to you. She had released you from ties. Now you are free. Hence, you please tell us a story to pass time with pleasure.”

The curtain started to tell the story.

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On the third day, by morning Bhoja Raja had woken up and finished his daily works. There was same case with his ministers, courtiers and people. All of they were very interested to hear the stories of Vikramadithya. After bathe, and devotion to God, the king Bhoja Raja had taken food with delicious dishes along with his guests, friends, relatives and subordinates. They had taken the betel leaves at the end of their meals. Bhoja Raja got ready to go to the court, Chitra Kutam. He dressed up with beautiful silk and ornaments.

All of they had gone to the court building, Chitra Kutam. Bhoja Raja had donated money, gold, cows and land to Brahmins, scholars, musicians, poets, artists and poor public. All the ministers, sub-ordinates of Bhoja Raja, courtiers and public had attended in the Chitra Kutam already.

The purohits [priest] had performed pooja with Deepa [light], Dhupa [perfume smokes], Niveydyams and mantras. The music party was making sweet music by their music instruments. Bhooja Raja had put namaskar to people and then to the throne. He had climbed up two steps on the throne. There was no objection. He felt secured. With such confidence, he was putting step on to the third. The idol on the third step had clapped its hands and laughed aloud. To prevent his trial to climb up on to the throne, it said, “Oh Bhoja Rajendra. Why do you come here? Yesterday the idol on the 2nd step, Madanabhi Sheka Valli had told you many things. It seems you didn’t pay ears properly. You had heard all the stories with comfort. In spite of that, you came here again. If you hear them properly, you should not come here. Vikramadithya had ruled this country for 2000 years with the help of his wise minister Bhatti with condition of 6 months in administration of kingdom and 6 months in touring on world and forests. He had ruled his kingdom by sitting on this throne. If you have such adventure and other good qualities as one among 1000 of Vikramadithya, you can climb up this throne. Otherwise you can return by the way on which you came here.”

Bhoja Raja said, “Oh beautiful young girl! You are like my daughter. I don’t know the specialties and good qualities of your king Vikramadithya as a whole. You please tell me about his adventures. I’m very much curious and interested to hear. As well, my people also are very curious to hear them. You please tell us.”

With pleasure and pleasant smile, the idol on 3rd step started …

“Bhoja Rajendra! Listen. My name is Komala Valli. [The meaning of this name is ‘The delicate Garland] I’m the idol on this 3rd step”…

Komala Valli continued…

Vikramadithya and Bhatti used to take 1/6th part of the crops’ yield and income of public as tax. They used to treat people as if the people were their own lives. Days were passing.

In those days, there was a Brahmin scholar in Ujjain city by name Veda Kovida. [The meaning of this name is ‘a scholar in Vedas’] He had learnt 4 Vedas, 6 Sciences, 18 Epics and 64 Arts. He was rich enough. Since longtime he had no children. Hence, he was doing penance to God. Due to God’s boon, he had a son. He was growing. Veda Kovida had celebrated appropriate functions to his son according to his age such as Bara sala [Cradle Ceremony and name declaration], Upanayanam [Thread marriage] and Aksharabhyasam [Starting of education] etc. He was calling his son as Vedantha Kovida. He was educating his son personally. Vedantha Kovida was at the age of 7 years.

One day on solar eclipse, Veda Kovida had gone to take holy bathe in the sea along with his son Vedantha Kovida. At the seashore, he was taking the bathe. His son, the boy was beside him. Suddenly there came a large crocodile. It had dragged the boy into the seawater. It had swallowed the boy. By watching that, Veda Kovida had screamed like anything. He came out of water. He was beating on his chest and fore head. He was crying aloud. He cried as “Alas! What an injustice is this? When moral king, Vikramadithya is ruling the country, how the people in his kingdom can get death in improper ways. How people can die before long life of 100 years? In such case, my son’s age is not even 7 full years. How the crocodile had swallowed him? It is not my sin, my family sin and my race people’s sin. This king, Vikramadithya is ruling against morals. He is doing immoral. Otherwise my son won’t die by the crocodile.”

Like this, he was scolding the king. He had run away from seashore to Ujjain city. He had reached the fort entrance. He had approached the main i.e. royal entrance of King’s court. There he stood, cried aloud. He was beating his head with a handball size rock. He was bleeding with injures. He was spreading that blood on the entrance door and rang the bell, which was hung there to ring for justice.

By hearing the bell sound, Vikramadithya was shocked. He called on Bhatti and said, “Bhatti! What a surprise is this? Until date, we didn’t hear the bell ringing. Today it is ringing. What might be the reason? My dear Minister! Listen with keen observation. Somebody is crying aloud. Who is crying like that? Until date, we didn’t hear such disturbances. You go immediately. Know the things. Go immediately.”

Bhatti said, “Yes Maharaja!” Immediately he had gone to the entrance of royal fort. What did he see there? A Brahmin was looking like a flowered Moduga tree. [Moduga tree is a big one with yellow and thick red big flowers] With bleeding body, the Brahmin was like that tree. He was crying and hurting his own body. By watching such scene, Bhatti was puzzled and shocked. He felt sorrow. His body was trembled. [Brahmin means a man of Satwika Gunas. He will be always peaceful and patience. That’s why, by watching a Brahmin in such a terrible situation, Bhatti reacted like that]

Bhatti had approached near to him, held his hands as console and spoken to him with sweet and soft voice. He said, “Brahminothama! [Means you are the best among Brahmins] You are kind and soft people. In spite of such Brahmanism, is it right to behave like this? You learnt all Vedas and Sasthras i.e. subjects [Sciences]. We are ordinary people. What we can say to you? What is the difficulty now you have? Please let me know. Let us go to the court of king.

The Brahmin Veda Kovida said, “If the king does immoral, his people in his kingdom will get sorrows and difficulties. If you want to hear my sorrow, I tell you. I’m living in this bad city. My name is Veda Kovida. I had a son after long time after my marriage. Now his age is 7 years. I’m teaching him all the education and arts. I’m bringing him up in such a way as he become as scholar. I’m protecting him like eyelid to eye. On Solar ellipse day, we had gone to seashore to have a holy bathe. While both of we were taking bathe, a crocodile had came, dragged my son into water and swallowed him. While you are ruling the country, why my son had lost life within 7 years instead of long life of 100 years? You might disobeyed the morals and Manu moral Sasthra. [It was fame in ancient India. It taught people and kings how to behave and how to perform their duties] Otherwise, there won’t be such incidents to happen. When I lost my son, then why should I live? What is the meaning of my life and use of my life? I’ll give up my life at the entrance of your royal fort. This sin belongs to you.”

Bhatti had consoled him with patience and obedience. He said, “Oh Brahmin! Don’t cry. Be patience. We will bring your son back alive. Let’s go to king Vikramadithya.”

Bhatti was succeeded to bring the Brahmin Veda Kovida to the king. He had explained everything to the king like piercing of a bead on to a thread. Those words were like arrows to Vikramadithya’s ears. He felt very bitter. He thought, “Oh God! What an impact of time, it is! A crocodile had swallowed a kid. In such case, why should I have this kingdom? Nobody will accept to say that the justice and morals are in our kingdom.”

By thinking like that, Vikrmadithya immediately got down of the throne. He had gone to the temple of Goddess Bhadra Kali. Bhatti had followed him along with Veda Kovida. Vikramadithya had devoted Bhadra Kali Devi. He said, “Oh mother! Please be appearing to me.” As per his boon she appeared to him. He said, “Mother! In my kingdom, a crocodile had swallowed a Brahmin kid. I might have done something wrong. Please let me know what it is. Please bless me to get back the Brahmin’s son alive.”

With pleasant smile, Goddess Kalika Devi said, “My dear son. Your ruling turn of 6 months is completed by yesterday. You should leave to forest to spend next 6 months. This is the mistake did by you. You get succeed in your every trial.” She had given some Vibhuthi Powder, lime fruit and holy water to him.

After taking her blessings, Vikramadithya returned to the palace. He said, “Bhatti! By yesterday itself, I should go on tour. My turn of 6 months to be in ruling of kingdom is over.”

Bhatti verified the calendar and said, “Yes brother! We didn’t notice. Okay. You go on to rescue the Brahmin boy. I’ll look after the kingdom.” Vikramadithya said, “Bhatti. I’m so fortunate by having you as my brother and minister. By the way, I can have every benefit. Nothing is impossible for me because of your help.”

He had taken a diamond carpet, a copper vessel, a long stick, cheppals [shoe] and 18 types of weapons. He called on Bhethala. Along with Veda Kovida, he had started from Ujjain city. He said, “Oh Brahmin scholar! Where you had taken bathe when the crocodile dragged your son into water.” Veda Kovida had shown the spot and said, “Oh great king! We had taken bathe in this ghat only.”

Vikramadithya said, “Veda Kovida. You are the best among Brahmins. Now you please go home by leaving sorrow. Be with happiness, peacefulness and patience. Within 6 months, I can get back your son alive. There are no needs of you to search for him here and there. You feel as if your son is at your home.” Veda Kovida convinced by his condolence. With peace, he had gone to his house.

Vikramadithya decided himself, as “I should not return to Ujjain unless I get back Brahmin’s son alive.” He had worn cheppals [shoe] and sat on the diamond carpet. He was travelling on the sea by floating on golden carpet. He was beating the water of sea with long stick and making large disturbance. With such loud disturbance, the crocodile had approached him. By watching its extra-ordinary large size, he decided to do not hurt it with weapons like sword. He had thrown his copper vessel towards it. The crocodile had opened its mouth as large as possible and swallow it. Vikramadithya had jumped into its mouth at the same moment. He had reached into its stomach. What a surprise! He had seen a beautiful and wide city there. It was with beautiful, big and colorful buildings. There were beautiful gardens and roads. It was just like AmaraVathi, the divine city of God Indra.

Vikramadithya was wandering on the roads and watching the wonders. There were some Brahmin boys going on the road. Among them, there was the son of Veda Kovida. He caught hold of him and asked “Oh boy! Who are you?” He said, “Oh great king! The great Ujjain Mahan Kali city is my native. I’m the son of the great scholar, Veda Kovida.” Vikramadithya felt happy. He had taken the boy into his hand and came out of the crocodile’s stomach by tearing its stomach with sword. He made the boy to sat on the diamond carpet on seawater. He didn’t like to spoil the city, which was in the crocodile’s stomach. Hence, by praying Goddess Bhadra Kali, he spread Vibhuthi powder on the crocodile’s body. The crocodile’s stomach injure had vanished. The crocodile got alive and gone on its way.

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Bhethala was impressed by the determination and adventure of Vikramadithya. He had appeared in his real form instead of corpse to Vikramadithya and said, “Vikramadithya! I’m pleased with you. I tell my previous life history to you. Listen. In my previous birth, I was a Brahmin. I was called as Kalahasthi Sarma by people. My residence was at Trisira Puram in Chola Mandalam. I was poojari [who perform devotional programs in the temple] in local temple of God Shiva and ParVathi Devi. I was known as Sthanika also.

One day I had performed last pooja to God Shiva and Goddess ParVathi Devi. I had served God and Goddess with flowers, water and sweet dishes. I had locked the doors of temple and started to home. Then I had recognized that I had forgotten to take my prasadam and Dakshina in the temple. [The remained dishes offered to God are known as prasadam. It is holy to Indians. The money and gifts offered by people to poojari for his service is known as Dakshina] Then I went back to the temple. I had opened the doors of temple and gone inside.

Just then, I had noticed as some body was going into the inner temple of God Shiva. I had hidden myself beside and peeped into the inner temple. There Goddess Parvathi Devi sat in front of God Shiva. She was asking him to tell her wonderful and un-happened stories in the worlds of universe. I’m listening with keen observation. God Shiva had told 23 stories with explanation to ParVathi Devi. He had told 24th story and said that the relationship among the kids was not known in that story. Without making disturbance, I came to the house. Because I was late on that day, my wife had asked me as “Why are you so late this day.” I didn’t say as “Nothing” due to my mis-fate. I said “My dear wife! God Shiva was telling 24 stories to Goddess Parvathi Devi. Until now, I was hearing them from hidden place. Because of that, I was late.” She said, “What? Did God Shiva and Goddess Parvathi Devi appear to you? Are you able to hear their conversation? It is very strange to hear. I’m not able to believe it. If it is true, tell me those stories.” I said, “My dear wife! Because these stories were told by God Shiva, they should not be telling to others. Because you are my wife, I’m going to tell them to you. Keep them in secrecy. Don’t tell any other.” I had narrated every story to her. Somehow, my wife had controlled herself for that night.

When it came morning, my wife had taken water pot and rushed to the lake to fetch water. She was very curious and eager to tell the stories to her friends. Being woman, she was not able to keep them in secrecy. She had told all the stories to her friends. Hence, those stories were spread all over in the city. One day God Shiva had appeared to me and cursed me as “Sthanika! I had told strange and secret stories to ParVathi Devi. You had heard them by hiding yourself. Your wife had spread them all over. You are responsible for this. Hence, you become as Bhethala.”

I had taken the curse with devotion and kept calm for few minutes. Then I said, “Mahadeva! You love your devotees. You are father of devotes. You are kind on us. God! Please forgive me for my sins. Please allot me the end of curse.” I had prayed God Shiva in several ways. He was pleased with me. He said, “Sthanika. In future, there will be Ujjain Nagaram. At a distance of two Amadas to it, there will Maham Kali temple in thick Bruhadaranyam. There will be a big Moduga tree at near to that temple. You will hang to that tree vertically inverted for 300 years. Then there come a saint by name Gnana Seela. He will perform a Yagnam. He will scarify many kings on the alter and put their heads in Yagna Gundam. Once Vikramadithya will come there, to help this Maya Saint. He will bind you to take to Saint Gnana Seela. Then you tell him all these stories one by one, with one condition. Ask him to reply your questions. As per condition, he should not break the silence. If he breaks the silence, you should not oblige him. If he keeps silence by knowing the answer to your question, his head will break into 1000 pieces. He will give explanation to 23 stories. He can’t give answer to the last 24th story. Then you obey him. Serve him for 2000 years. Then you can reach my world Kailasam along with Vikramadithya.”

Since then, I am waiting here for your arrival. I could recognize you because of your adventure, appearance, and ability. Now I became subordinate to you. I can carry you to anywhere in this world at a moment. I can bring whatever you want within seconds.”

Vikramadithya felt wonder and happy. He asked “Bhethala! You are a Brahmin. Is it right to get on you for me?”

Bhethala said, “Oh king. Don’t doubt such. This Bhethala body won’t belong to Brahmin. That’s why accept me as your slave.” The king Vikramadithya had accepted this. Since then, Bhethala became slave to him.

Bhethala said, “Maharaja! I have a request to you. Because you had accepted my deal, you became as my bass. I became as your slave. Hence, it is my responsibility to forecast the would be dangers to you and to tell you the ideas to overcome such dangers. Now you are taking me to the saint Gnana Seela. But he is not good. He is a pseudo saint. He will ask you to take bathe and put Sashtanga Namaskar to Kalika Devi. [Sastanga Namaskar means putting namaskar by laying down the entire body on the ground as head, fore head, nose, chin, shoulders, chest, belly and thighs, knees and feet touch the ground] He is planning to cut off your head as an offer to Goddess Kalika Devi. Then Goddess kalika Devi will appear him and give boons to him. That’s why, when the saint ask you to put Sastanga Namaskar, don’t do. You say to him that you don’t know to put such Sastanga Namaskar. You ask him to show how to put it. Then he will perform it. While he put Sastanga, you cut off his head with your sword. Then Goddess will give boons to you only.”

By that time, they had reached the temple. Gnana Seela was waiting for him. He felt extreme happy by watching the corpse on the shoulder of Vikramadithya. Gnana Seela said, “Oh Vikrmadithya Maharaja! You are really great. There is no body like you in these 14 worlds. Nobody can overpower Bhethala except you. You had done the same for me. I’m really grateful to you. I’m very happy. Now let me finish my devotion to Goddess Durga. There is only one event to be complete. You go to that holy lake and take bathe.”

Vikrmadithya had done so. When he returned after having bathe, Gnana Seela said, “Oh Rajendra! Put Sastanga Namaskar”. The king, Vikramadithya put namaskar to Goddess by standing. Gnana Seela said, “No. Maharaja! Put Sastangam”. Vikramadithya put namaskar to Goddess by sitting this time. Gnana Seela said with little bit irritating “No Maharaja! Not like that. Put Sastangam”. Vikramadithya said, “I don’t know how to put Sastangam. Show it for me.” Gnana Seela had laid his body on the ground in front of Goddess idol and put sastanga namaskaram.

Immediately Vikramadithya had cut off his head by his sword in a single stroke. There were big sounds of bells in the temple. There was bright light. Goddess Kalika Devi had appeared in front of Vikramadithya. With extreme joy, he had praised the Goddess with devotion. Goddess Kali said, “My son! I admire your adventure and determination. Ask, what do you want? I’ll give boons as per your desire.” Vikramadithya said, “Mother! I’m your son. I’m the devotee of your feet. I should have always-moral thinking, pure heart and mind, strength and worrier ship. You should give your darshan whenever I play you to appear. In my kingdom, there should be good rains in appropriate seasons. The crops should be evergreen and yieldive. People should be happy always with luxuries and without sorrows. Oh, mother! To make you to appear this saint Gnana Seela had killed 999 princes of many kingdoms and cities. You please make them alive.”

Goddess Kalika Devi was very pleased with his good nature and versatile personality. She had given boons to him as per his desire. She had made the 999 princes alive and blessed them. Then she had vanished. The princes thanked Vikrmadithya and praised him. All of they had left to their places.

Vikramadithya had returned to Ujjain by riding on Bhethala. Bhethala took him by air. By hearing all of this, Bhatti felt happy. All the people of Ujjain kingdom made festivals. In Vikramadithya and Bhatti’s ruling everybody was happy and peaceful.

MadanabhiSheka Valli continued…

Oh Bhoja Raja! Do you hear? Vikramadithya had donative nature, devotion, adventure, logical sense, sensitive thinking while making justice in the disputes, controversial and while solving the problems. He had no ego and pride. He was always devotional to Goddess Kalika Devi. He was concern about his people and others. Do you have such qualities in you at least some extent? If you have such eligibility, then you can sit on this throne. Otherwise turn back to home.”

By that time, it was sunset. Bhoja Raja got down from the second step of the throne. The court was adjourned to the next day. All of they had gone to their homes.

OUT COMING SKILLS: From these stories, not only children, elders also can learn many things. In fact, in Indian culture and in their epics, God Shiva and Goddess Parvathi Devi are ideal wife and husband. Their world is Kailasam. It is not rich like Vaikuntam [The world of God Vishnu], Satya Lokam [The world of God Brahma] and Amaravathi [The world of deities]. God Shiva is not rich. He lives in burial ground. He represents in beggars. But Goddess Parvathi Devi never leaves him. They stand as role model for a pair of wife and husband. They represent idol family, so that there is a name ‘Adi dampathulu’ for them. [The meaning of Adi Dampathulu is first couple of wife and husband] Such Shiva Parvathulu had enjoyed stories. God Shiva told Bhethala stories to Goddess Parvathi Devi. Like that, Indian culture had induced stories in the family life of Indians. In addition to this, there is a tradition in Indian culture as Purana Patanam. [Means reading of epic stories] Vratha Kadha Sravanam etc [Means telling stories at the end of devotions to God.]

With confirmation, I can say that ‘story telling’ among the family members will increase the bondage among them. I practically examined this over thousands of my friends, students and relatives since my childhood. Being teacher, mother, and family member, I got success with storytelling in my work. Now even, we can observe the impact of story on the silver screen of cinemas. Cinemas having high costumes, stardom, picturaising qualities are getting failure it they have no good story. Cinemas with good and logical story having no other attracting such as fame hero, heroines, directors, rich production, high technical picturisation are getting success.

Such that, ‘the concept of story’ had great impact on our lives. These Bhethala stories have un-imaginary turns in narration. In fact, these are like mines of stories. Not only children, elders also can absorb so many good qualities by reading these stories.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009



When Vikramadithya was carrying Bhethala to Bruhadaranyam, he was telling a wonderful story.

Bhethala said, “Oh Rajendra! Please listen! Once there was a king by name Sri Pathi. He wanted to take holy round around the world. He had left his kingdom and family. He had gone on tour. His wife and daughter had waited for him for long time. He didn’t return. Then they left the palace and wandering on the countryside by enquiry about him. One day they were going through a deep forest. They had taken rest for some time under the shade of a big tree and then re-started. Behind them, two Brahmin men were coming at certain distance. They were father and son.

The father said, “Look my son! Here are the footprints of two women. It seems that big footprints belong to elder woman and smaller prints belong to younger woman. Hence, you marry the woman who has small feet. I’ll marry the woman who has big feet”. The son had agreed.

Both of they had walked fast and reached the two women. They explained their commitment to the women. But when they observed the daughter had big feet and the mother had small feet. As per their commitment, the father had married the daughter in the women and the son had married the mother. After some time both the couples had sons.

Bhethala asked Vikramadithya “Oh King! Let me know what the relation of those children is?”

Vikramadithya felt puzzled to answer it. He was not able to find answer to this question. Hence, he kept calm. Since silence didn’t break, Bhethala could not escape from Vikramadithya. Mean while they had reached Kalika Devi’s temple at Bruhadaranyam. The saint Gnana Seela and his Yagna Gundam was in their visibility.

Monday, January 26, 2009



Vikramadithya climbed up the tree to carry down the corpse for 23rd time. He bound it with a rope and kept it on shoulder. He was moving towards Bruhadaranyam. He was waiting with curiosity and interest for Bhethala’s story.

Bhethala started a story. He said, “Vikramadithya Maharaja! Hear this. In a city by name Sekhara Puram, there was a king by name Nakshatraka. He was ruling his kingdom with good administration. People like him.

One day he was on tour on his country to know the wonders. He was travelling from one town to another and from one village to another. On the way, he came across a beautiful young girl by name Vanajakshi. The king was in love with her. He had expressed his love to her. She had accepted him and agreed to marry him. On the way in the forest, some thieves had attacked on them. The king had fought with them and killed them. Then they had reached a city. They had seen an old temple at the end of the city. The king had asked Vanajakshi to wait there and he went to the market street to bring food for them. A servant-maid had seen him. She was servicing to a prostitute. She said to the king “Oh brother! Why are you taking pain to fetch food in this market street? If you come with me to my house, I can give you delicious food.” The king accepted her deal and went with her. She had taken him to her mistress i.e. prostitute. The prostitute was young, beautiful and talented. By watching the handsome king, the prostitute woman felt crazy on him. She had treated him like anything. Since then, he was enjoying with her dance, music and company. By the way, the king had forgotten Vanajakshi who he had kept in the olden ruined temple. Vanajakshi was waiting for the king with eager and anxiety. There came a Vysya businessman. He had seen Vanajakshi and consoled her. He had taken her to his house and protecting her with comfort. One day, a rat came into their house. The Vysya businessman had killed that rat. Then he was putting self-boosting. Vanajakshi said, “The king who brought me to this city had killed four thieves at a time. But he didn’t present self-boosting. You are waste fellow. The life with you will be dangerous to me. It is better to die while compare with living in your governance.” Vanajakshi committed suicide. The Vysya businessman felt sad and thought, “How sorrowful this is. This beauty had died due to myself boosting.” He had donated all of his wealth to poor and he also committed suicide. The king Nakshatraka had heard all of this. Then he realized his mistake i.e. what he had done by sinking in the crazy of prostitute. He felt grievance about the death of Vanajakshi. He felt fear of sin and blame of people. He also committed suicide. By knowing all of this, the prostitute felt sorrow. She had thought that herself was the root cause to all these deaths. She also committed suicide.

Bhethala said, “Oh King! Among these 4 people i.e. Vanajakshi, Vysya business man, the king and the prostitute, who is great?” Vikramadithya said, “Bhethala! Vanajakshi had gone to Vysya’s house as he convinced her. Because she reached to an incapacity person, she died. Because of that businessman died. The king had died by realizing his own mistake. But the prostitute died with self-claim. She had mesmerized the king with her talents as per her prostituting profession. It was not immoral to her. Hence, the prostitute is great in this story.”

Bhethala had disappeared from there once again because the silence had broken.

Friday, January 23, 2009



As usual, Vikramadithya bound Bhethala, and Bhethala told a story.

Bhethala said, “Maharaja! Listen! …

Once there was a Brahmin colony by name Prathi Shala. There was living a Brahmin by name Sirojakudu. He had a son by name Dharma Sarma. He was at the age of 7 years and cute. Unfortunately he died. His parents had wept like anything. Their relatives had driven them to burial ground. They had made a pyre in the burial ground and kept Dharma Sarma’s dead body on it. But they were not able to put fire on the dead body. They were crying aloud. Fortunately, there came a saint. He had known the Parakaya Pravesa art i.e. education. [It was believed in ancient India that there was an education by name Para Kaya Pravesam. With the help of that, mantras i.e. magic words a person can leave his body and can enter into another dead body. By the way, temporarily their body becomes dead and the dead body of others in which they had entered becomes alive] He had seen the poor parents. He was pity on them. He had left his body in a hidden place. He had entered into the boy’s dead body with his Parakaya Pravesa Vidya i.e. education.

What a wonder! Within second, the boy i.e. Dharma Sarma had got up from the pyre as if he woke up from sleep. By watching this, his parents became extreme happy. They hugged and kissed the boy with joy. All the relatives felt wonder and happy. All of they had returned to their house. While returning, the boy i.e. Dharma Sarma first cried aloud and then laughed aloud.

Bhethala said, “Vikramadithya Maharaja! Why the boy had cried aloud and then laughed aloud? If you give reply, again I’ll escape from here. If you keep silence by knowing the answer, you know that your head will break into 1000 pieces. Hence, reply soon.”

Vikramadithya said, “Bhethala! The saint in the body of boy had cried by thinking as “What a fate! I had left my saint body which had given by my parents; and I myself had protected it.” Then he had laughed by thinking as “What a fun! That body was aged. Now I got a kid’s body to enjoy the life once again.”

Bhethala felt happy with this answer but vanished.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009



Again, Vikramadithya had climbed up the Moduga tree and brought down the corpse. He had bound the corpse and kept it on shoulder. He was walking with silence.

Bhethala started a story. He said, “Oh king! Listen my story. And answer to my question.”

He continued …

Once a king, Yasho Varma was ruling a city Vichitra Puram. One day he had gone to forest to enjoy hunting. There he had seen a beautiful girl who seemed to be a daughter of saint. She was like a divine girl of forest. He got crazy on her. He had reached her and said, “Oh girl! Who are you? Why are you wandering here lonely. This is the dangerous forest. Don’t you know?”

She had smiled at him by hearing that words. She said, “I’m the daughter of a saint. We live here, in this forest only.” The king had expressed his desire on her. She said, “Oh king! You are the king to this country. I’m the daughter of a saint. Is it right to love me for you? Any way you urged me. Hence, I consider your request.”

They were enjoying with each other’s company under the shade of a big Neem tree. At that moment, there came a demon. He was very big and cruel. He had caught up the king and got ready to swallow him. The king screamed out with fear. He shouted and urged the demon “Oh, the king of demons! Please don’t swallow me.” The demon said, “I’ll leave you on one condition. If you satisfy my desire, I won’t swallow you. You have to offer a boy who has both the parents as food to me.” The king promised to do so. The demon had released him.

Immediately the king had returned to his city Vichitra Puram. He had enquired in his city for poor family. He had found a poor Brahmin wife and husband who had 3 sons. The king had given them huge amount of gold and wealth, then he told everything to them. They were very poor and struggling for food on every day. Hence, they had agreed to give one of their sons to the king. The father said, “I love my elder son. He has to put fire on my head when I die. Hence, I won’t give him. You can take any one of the rest.” The mother said, “I love my younger son. He has to put fire on my head when I die. Hence, I won’t give him. You can take the middle one.”

The king Yasho Varma had taken the middle boy to the demon. The demon had held the boy in hands and opened the mouth to swallow him. Then the little boy had laughed aloud. Immediately the demon had released the boy on to the ground and disappeared from there.

Bhethala finished the story. He said, “Vikramadithya. Do you hear the story carefully? Now tell me, why did the Brahmin boy have laughed?”

Vikramadithya said, “Bhethala! The boy had thought, as “When the neighbors beat him, the parents should protect him. When the parents are harassing him, then the king has to protect the poor boy. When the king is doing violence on him, the God should save him. In spite of this, when the God himself is ready kill him without kind, what is there to believe.” With these thoughts, the boy had laughed. Because the demon had sensed his thoughts, the demon had left him behind. That’s all.”

Bhethala was pleased with this answer. Any way the silence had disturbed. Bhethala vanished from there.

OUT COMING SKILLS: By reading this story, children can understand the responsibilities of parents, rulers and people. Being kid, the 2nd son of Brahmin was daring enough to express his satire on the face of demon. It had saved him. They will inspire children to face any difficulty and problem in this life with dare and adventure.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009



Again, Vikramadithya bound the corpse. Again, Bhethala told a story.

Bhethala said, “Oh. King, Listen…

Once a king Visarada was ruling a city Kanaka Puram. One day he was going on shire on the royal road. By that time, a Vysya girl came on his way. She was very beautiful. He wished to marry her. Next day he had called on his purohit [priest] Brahmin and told him about that girl. He had ordered the purohit [priest] to observe her horoscope. The purohit [priest] had gone to Vysya’s house and informed the king’s desire to him. He felt so happy. The purohit [priest] had asked for his daughter’s horoscope. The Vysya man had given it with obedience. The purohit [priest] had keenly observed it and returned to the king. He said, “Oh king! If you marry her, you will lose your kingdom as per her horoscope.” The king felt sad and despair. He didn’t like to allow her, such a beautiful girl to marry some unknown. Hence, he made his minister to marry her. Some days had passed.

One day the king was going on round in his city. At that time, the minister’s wife i.e. Vysya girl was on the terrace of minister’s house. The king had seen her. Once again, he felt crazy and love on her. He felt sad and in-satisfaction, as he could not get her company as his wife. The minister had observed all of this. He had called on his wife and said, “The king is crazy on you. You go to him and satisfy his desire.” Being wife, she had obeyed her husband. She had approached the king with beautiful dress and ornaments. The king Visarada thought, “She is other’s wife. I should not touch her. To enjoy with other woman is not moral. It is not safe to our country.” By thinking like this, the king had sent her back to her husband. But with such grievance, the king died within short period. The minister felt sad with this. He thought as “The king had died with the desire on my wife. Why should I live in this world?” Hence, with this grievance the minister had died.

Bhethala said, “Vikramadithya who is great in between the king and minister.” Vikramadithya said, “Bhethala! The minister had sent his wife to the king to save his master i.e. king’s life. The king had opportunity to enjoy her. Nobody was there to object him. But voluntarily he had avoided it for the sake of morals. He preferred death to become immoral. Hence, the king Visarada is great.”

When Vikramadithya had given reply, Bhethala disappeared and appeared on Moduga tree again.

Monday, January 19, 2009



Vikramadithya didn’t feel tiresome. Moreover, he was getting curiosity to hear the stories of Bhethala trial by trial. Hence, he had bound the corpse again and travelling towards Bruhadaranyam. Then Bhethala started to tell another story.

Bhethala said, “Oh Vikramadithya Maharaja! Listen …

Once there was a city Padma Puram. There was a king by name Jeemutha Vahana. He was the best among all the kings of that time. He had good and capable army. In spite of capable staff, he used to know the affairs of kingdom personally. He didn’t depend only on the information of his spying agents. He used to wander in the kingdom in disguise, frequently to know the particulars of people.

In that time, there was a small forest beside his capital city Padma Puram in his kingdom. There were many snakes. Every day Garuda[Eagle] used to come there to eat the snakes. [In Indian epics, Garuda is a bird i.e. big eagle, which is the carrier of God Vishnu] Garuda used to eat the snakes without concern as which he had seen and how many snakes he had seen. All the snakes were scared with this. All the snakes had assembled at a place. They had discussed to solve their problem. Finally, they had decided to put on urge to Garuda. They were waiting for the arrival of Garuda. Garuda came. The snakes said, “Oh Garuda! We have a request. You please consider it.” Garuda said, “What it is?” Snakes said, “Garuda! You are the carrier to God Vishnu. We are your servants, and food to you. We are living in this forest. Every day you are eating us as whichever snake you see, you are killing it and eating it. That’s why we are living with high fear with a feeling as every minute there was death threaten to us. It seems to be every second as an era to us. Every minute, we are feeling fear. We are not able to live peacefully. Hence, we are requesting you like this. Every day we will come as food to you in sequence, as one snake per one day. We won’t overlook this turn system. Please you don’t come to other snakes to kill except the snake, which has turn to become food to you on that day. This is our request. You please kindly oblige it.”

Garuda had accepted this. Since then, Garuda didn’t kill other snakes except the snake, which had turn to become as food to him on every day. Some days passed. In sequence, on one day, it was the turn of a snake by name Sankha Chuda. He was the only child to his mother. His mother was crying like anything. The king Jeemutha Vahana arrived there, as a part of his watch of kingdom. He felt pity on her and asked, “Mother! Why are you crying?”

She had explained all the issue. Jeemutha Vahana had consoled her and assured her to save her son. He went to meet Sankha Chuda. He said, “Sankha Chuda! I assured your mother to save your life. I know that today is your turn to become as food to Garuda. Instead of you, I’ll become as his food. You go to your house and make your mother happy.” Sankha Chuda said, “Oh king! What is the use of my life to this world? I’m small creature. That to, I’m poisonous creature. If you alive, there will be great benifit to our country. In your ruling people are happy. You are not selfish king. You are moral. If you die instead of me, it won’t be correct. I won’t accept your deal.”

Jeemutha Vahana had admired Sankha Chuda’s versatility. He said, “I had promised your mother to save you. I don’t like to over throw it.” Like this, they were arguing with each other. There came Garuda with heavy hunger. Jeemutha Vahana said, “Oh Garuda. You are like Indra among birds. Today’s turn is of Sankha Chuda. But you please leave him. You eat me instead of him. He is the only son to his mother.”

Garuda was pleased with him. He said, “Oh king! I’m happy by watching your sacrifice and good nature. What is the boon do you want? I’ll give it to you. Say it.”

Jeemutha Vahana said, “Oh Garuda! I have no desire for myself. But since this day, you please do not eat the live snakes in this forest. You give this boon to me.”

Garuda promised to do so. Since then, the snakes in that forest had lived with secured feeling.

Bhethala said, “Oh Vikramarka Rajendra! Who is great among Garuda, Jeemutha Vahana and Sankha Chuda?”

Vikramadithya said, “Bhethala! Listen! Being king of a country, it is responsibility of Jeemutha Vahana to protect all lives in his kingdom. Hence, his proposal to become as Garuda’s food instead of Sankha Chuda’s turn is not great. Being living being in the kingdom, it is the responsibility of Sankha Chuda to serve the king. Hence, his rejection to the king’s offer is not great. Garuda had snakes as his food by nature and God. In spite of that, he had promised the king to leave the live snakes and to take dead snakes only as food. Hence, Garuda is great.”

Since the silence was broken, the binding of Bhethala also got broken.

Sunday, January 18, 2009



With repeated efforts, Vikramadithya didn’t give up his determination. Again, he had bound Bhethala and walking towards Bruhadaranyam with silence. Again, Bhethala had narrated a story.

Bhethala said, “Oh the best among the kings. Listen …

Once there was a big and beautiful city by name Gopala Puram. Karthikeya was its king. He was ruling with morals. He was favorable by public. He had a daughter by name BhagaVathi. She was young and beautiful. People used to say that she was a mine of beauty. She was talented in music and literature.

One day evening she was drying her long and beautiful hair on the terrace of her palace. At that time, a Brahmin young man was going on the road. His name was Dhana Swami. He was handsome. He was in love at first sight with her. BhagaVathi also had seen him. She also felt love on him. Both had thrown deep sights to each other. They sensed love mutually. But how to meet? BhagaVathi was princess. Dhana Swami was an ordinary Brahmin’s son. How it was possible for him to meet her? Hence, they were not able to meet each other. Dhana Swami was thinking to achieve the task of meeting the princess throughout the days and nights. Finally, he had came to a decision. He had approached his friend Loka Deva, a wise man. He had narrated all the issue and requested him to say any idea. Loka Deva felt surprise by hearing his friend’s desire. He said, “Hae Dhana Swami! What are you saying? Where are you? Where is the princess? To fulfill your desire, it is impossible. In spite of this, because you are my friend, I will play some trick. You don’t worry.”

By saying like this, Loka Deva explained a plan to implement. According to it, Loka Deva had put himself in disguise of a saint and made Dhana Swami in the disguise of a young girl. He had met the king Karthikeya and said, “Oh king. There should be all the best to you. God may bless you. I’m going to Kasi on pilgrimage. This is my daughter, by name Sukesini. [The meaning of this name is a girl who has good hair] I don’t like to take this young beautiful girl up to such long distance, because it is not safe. Please, you protect this girl by keeping in your palace until my return.”

The king had accepted his request. Since he didn’t know that Sukesini was a man in the disguise of woman, he had sent him to his daughter’s palace; by thinking both were at some age. Sukesini had mingled on the servant-maids of BhagaVathi and waiting to find lonely time. One day she could manage to talk with BhagaVathi lonely. She had narrated everything to BhagaVathi and revealed his identity. BhagaVathi had love on him. But without revealing it, she said, “What? How dare you are to enter into king’s palace like this? Did we became easy approachable to you? I’ll inform this to my father. Look, what I’ll do for you?”

But the Brahmin young man Dhana Swamy didn’t fear towards it. He said, “My darling! I had done like this due to love and affection on yourself but not for anything else. I know that you are also in love with me at first sight. Don’t try to threaten me. It will be waste. Please accept me. Why do you eager to inform to your father about me? You can save me. You are eligible to do so. I sincerely love you. That’s why, I had taken this much of risk to reach you. It is your decision either to save me or to punish me. Whatever you do, I’ll be happy.”

BhagaVathi had felt happy with his dare and risk taking. She had impressed by his sweet and loving words. She had hugged and kissed him. She said, “I’ll do this only. Don’t fear.” They had smiled at each other. Since then, they were enjoying with each other’s company in secrecy. Nobody had noticed their affair. Days were passing like this. One day a prince from neighboring kingdom had approached the king, Karthikeya and asked for the hand of his daughter BhagaVathi. The king didn’t like to give his daughter, to that prince. That’s why, the king had performed the marriage of that prince with Sukesini, on behalf of princess BhagaVathi.

After marriage, the bridegroom had taken his wife, Sukesini to his kingdom. On the way Dhana Swami who was in the disguise of woman, i.e. Sukesini had escaped from the bridegroom’s party. Mean while, Loka Deva had approached the king Karthikeya as per their previous plan. He was accompanied with a young man. As per his plan, he said, “Maharaja! You please call my daughter Sukesini. This is my disciple. I want to perform my daughter’s marriage with this boy. And I’m very thankful to you for protecting of my daughter.”

The king felt shock. He had explained everything to the saint. He didn’t bluff because of the fear of curse by the saint. He said, “Swami! Please excuse me. Without your permission, I had performed your daughter’s marriage with prince of our neighboring kingdom, to prevent my daughter’s marriage. Instead of your daughter, please take my daughter BhagaVathi. I’m donating my daughter to your disciple as his wife.”

Loka Deva who was in the disguise of saint feared by hearing this. He didn’t expected this. With that shock, he didn’t object the king. The king had performed the marriage of BhagaVathi with the disciple of Loka Deva. They were going to their native. On the way, Dhana Swami met them. He said, “BhagaVathi and I loved each other. Hence, she is my wife. Leave her to me.” The disciple said, “Her father had given me as my wife. Our marriage was performed in the palace. Hence, she is my wife.”

Bhethala finished the story and said, “Oh Vikramadithya! Can you tell the princess BhagaVathi belongs to whom?”

Vikramadithya said, “In my opinion, marriage means it is a declaration as so and so boy and so and so girl belong to each other. It is a declaration, as the couple will live together. Such that, marriage is official and authoritative. Like that, the king, being father of princess BhagaVathi had given his daughter to the disciple. He had performed their marriage in public. Though BhagaVathi and Dhana Swami loved each other, though they had enjoyed with each other’s company for some time, their relation was not declared one. It was secret. It had involved sin. Hence, BhagaVathi belongs to the disciple of Loka Deva only.”

Within a moment, Bhethala disappeared because the silence had broken.