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Once there was a great city Mandara Puri. The king Manmadha Jeeva Karudu was ruling it. He had a minister by name Mangala Karudu. This minister was very wise and good. A boy was born to the king. On the same day, a son was born to the Minister. The King had put the name Madana Mohana to his son. The minister had put the name Thanthra Lohana to his son. They were growing. At the age of 5 years, they were sent to the Gurukulam. They became deep friends. They play together, eat together, learn together and sleep together. They were like eye and eyelids. If one gets foot pain, the other would feel, as it was his eye pain.

They had learnt all education, arts and war arts. They had grown up as handsome young men. They had returned from Gurukulam.

One day, they had gone to forest for hunting. They didn’t take the soldiers along with them. They rode their horses and travelled deep into forests. They had enjoyed a lot by watching the nature and in hunting the wild animals. They were tired and thirsty. Then they were searching for water. In search of lake or other water source, they travelled long distance. At last, they had seen a lake and a big banyan tree on its bank. There was a beautiful and big temple there. They drank water and washed their faces. They felt relax. They had sat under the shade of the banyan tree. The prince was snapping.

The minister’s son, Thanthra Lohana rose up and went into the temple. It was the temple of Goddess Kali Devi. He had devoted Goddess KaliKa Devi and taking round in the temple premises. At the Northern side of the temple, there was a statue. It seems that it was exposing the sculpture’s talent by its appearance. Thanthra Lohana first thought that some young woman was standing there. Later when he keenly observed it, he could notice that it was a statue of woman. It was holding a flower garland in the hands. There was a beautiful smile on its lips. It was like a princess alive or a divine woman, but not like a rock statue.

Thanthra Lohana suspected that if the prince Madana Mohana had seen it, he would fell in love. With these thought he had returned to the banyan tree. By that time, the prince was woken up. He said, “My friend! Let us devote the Goddess in this temple. It will be joyful if we visit this temple. This temple looks very big and beautiful. Let us have a visit. Come on.” He was pressuring Thanthra Lohana with eager to go into the temple.

The minister’s son, Thanthra Lohana said, “Oh my friend! Yuva Raja [Young Prince] You go and devote Kalika mother in the temple. I had already devoted her. I’ll be here to look after our horses. You go through East gate, go to South and come back through west gate.”

The prince, Madana Mohana had gone into the temple through East gate and devoted Kalika Devi. While taking round around the temple in the premises he had gone to South and West gate. Then he had thought, “Why Thanthra Lohana asked me to do not go to Northern gate. Let me see what is there.” Then he had gone to Northern side of the temple. There he had seen the statue of woman. By watching it, he became crazy. He thought that it was real woman or divine beauty. He didn’t notice it was statue. He became such crazy and lost self-awareness. He stood there and asking it “Oh beauty! Please give me the flower garland. Keep it in my neck. Accept me as your husband. Marry me. Let me have the flower garland in your hands.”

There, under the banyan tree, the minister’s son, Thanthra Lohana was waiting for him. Because the prince didn’t turn up, Thanthra Lohana had come into the temple to watch. He had observed the prince in front of the statue of beautiful woman. The prince was saying something with crazy. Thanthra Lohana had tried to convince the prince in many ways, as it was statue but not a real woman. But the prince was not able to hear anything. He did not understand anything. He continued to request the statue to love him and to marry him. Thanthra Lohana felt sad. He was helpless.

Then, the Poojari [priest] of the temple came there. Thanthra Lohana had approached the purohit and asked “Oh, holy man! Here, there is a statue of beautiful woman at the Northern side of the temple. Do you know its particulars like who the sculpture of it was, when he made it and where he lives?”

The purohit [priest] said, “Oh great young man! There is a city by name Sangameswaram at distance of 10 Amadas [distance measurement] to here. There is a sculpture by name Kodanda Chari. He used to come to the temple to devote Kalika Devi yearly twice. Few days back he had made this statue and established there. I don’t know further.”

By hearing this, Thanthra Lohana thought, “The sculpture might see some woman like this and made the statue. By enquiring him, I should bring that beautiful woman to here. Otherwise, our prince won’t leave this place and come with us. What can I do? But I must do something.”

Thanthra Lohana had given his valuable diamond ornaments to the purohit and said, “Oh holy man. You are like my father. I have to go on some work. It may take one month or two months or 6 months. Unless I complete the work, I won’t come back. Hence, it will take that much time for me to return. Until I come back, you please take care of my prince by giving food and water. You please look after him.”

The purohit had accepted his deal. Thanthra Lohana had taken send off from purohit and travelled on his horse. Within two days, he had reached Sangameswaram. He had enquired about Kodanda Chari and reached his home. He said, “Oh sculpture! There is a sculpture in temple in the forest near Mandara Puri. Are you the sculpture who made it and install it there?”

Kodanda Chari said, “Yes my son! What do you want?” Thanthra Lohana said, “Father! By watching whom, you had encarved that sculpture? It you have no objection to say, please tell me.”

Kodanda Chari said, “My dear young man! Few days back, probably within one month, one day I had gone to the temple of Kalika Devi in that forest. In the evening, after sunset, it was semi dark. I stood at the west gate. There came a potter by name Parumallu from chittor, a town at Southern direction. He had given some thing to me. I had seen that. It was bright like diamond. I had taken that from the potter and given the gold chain to him as a return gift. He had left there happily with the gold chain. On the next day morning when I had observed it, it was not a diamond. It was a nail. I felt sad. Because I am a sculpture, I felt wonder about the nail, its brightness and its beauty. With respective that nail, I had guessed the beautiful woman who had lost that nail. As per the science of sculpture, I had established a rock into beautiful woman and installed at the Northern side of the temple. I know this much only.”

Thanthra Lohana had thanked Kodanda Chari and gone to Chittor. There he located the potter Perumallu. He asked the potter “Oh Potter man! Did you give a nail to the sculpture Kodanda Chari?” He said, “Yes please!”

Thanthra Lohana said, “How did you get that nail?” The potter said, “Oh great man! How can I say? One day evening I had gone to riverside to bring mud to make pots. There came one hunter by name Khargudu from the forest Karkotaka. It is 1½ Amadas distance from here. He had given this nail to me. In that evening’s semi darkness, it was shining like a diamond. I hoped to make a chain to my daughter with it. I had given pots and mud vessels to the hunter as many as he could carry. He had gone happily. On the morning, when I had seen it, it was not a diamond but a nail. I felt sad and grievance towards the hunter. I played the same trick on Kodanda Chari, gave the nail to him and brought gold chain from him. This much I know.”

Thanthra Lohana had taken send off from potter and rushed to Karkotaka Vanam i.e. forest. He had found out the hunter and enquired about the nail.

The hunter said, “Oh great man! One day I had gone to forest to hunt the animals as per my profession. What a misfortune of me on that day! I didn’t catch even a single animal or bird. I had wandered and wandered in the forest and I was tired and desperate. I had reached a big banyan tree. I had laid under its shade. These were cool breeze. Due to my tiresome, I slept there. I didn’t consider time. I had sound sleep for long time. When I woke up, it was night. There was half moon in the sky. In that semi dark, I had found something bright in front of me. I thought that it might be a diamond. I had collected it and come home. In the morning, when I observed it, it was a nail but not a diamond. Because I need some pots and mud vessels, I had deceived the potter at Chittor by giving the nail to him and brought pots. It seems that you belong to royal family. You please forgive me for my mischief cheating of potter.”

Thanthra Lohana said, “It doesn’t matter. Where is that banyan tree?”

The hunter said, “It is at a distance of 2 Amadas to here at Northern direction.”

Thanthra Lohana had reached the banyan tree. He didn’t know whom to ask. What could he do? With desperation, he sat under the shade of tree. By that time, it was one Ghadiya time over sunset. There were 1000 parrots living on that tree. There was a parrot king in them. The parrot king had seen Thanthra Lohana. It said, “Oh Young man! It seems that you are the best among men! In this forest, there are dangerous animals and snakes. If they observe you, they may harm you or they may eat you. That’s why before the animals start ‘the searching of food’; you go to any town or village. It is better for you to go from here.”

Thanthra Lohana had known the language of birds. He had understood what the king of parrots was saying. He had given reply in the language of birds. He said, “Oh king of parrots. As a well wish, you advised me to move from here. I accept and I’m thankful to you for your kindness. But I was not able to get success in my task. That’s why I don’t like to live. What is the use of life with failure? Hence, I don’t worry if the animals eat me. Let them kill me.”

By hearing this, the king of parrots said “Brother! If you have no objection, let me know the task on which you came here. If there are any possibilities to help you, I’ll do.”

Thanthra Lohana felt happy. He thought that his work might be complete successfully. He had narrated everything to the parrots and the king of parrots. The parrots’ king had asked his 1000 parrots. He said, “Do you know whose nail is that?”

Then one parrot came front and said, “Oh king of parrots! Since some days back, one day all of we had gone to Madhu Vanam after crossing 7 Oceans and 7 Islands. There we had eaten sweet fruits. Each of we were bringing one sweet fruit for you. While returning, we had reached Mallika Island. There was a 3-staired building. On the terrace of that building, there was a young woman. She was very beautiful. She had head shower and combing her hair. She was like divine woman Uravasi or Rambha. While she was combing her hair, her last fingernail had cut off and dropped at few feet distance. It was shining like a diamond. I thought that it was a diamond. I dropped out the fruit in my mouth and I carried the nail to please you. In the morning, when I observe, it was not a diamond. It was the nail. You had thrown the nail on to the floor and given a punch to me. Do you remember it?”

The king of parrots said, “Oh great man! I remember it now. This parrot told the truth. Do you hear?”

Thanthra Lohana said, “Oh king of parrots. You had told me where that young woman is living. By knowing that information, I’m satisfied like a person who eats delicious food. You please tell me that how can I reach the Mallika Island to get her. Nobody else is there to me to guide me. Please let me know right way.”

The king of parrots said, “Thanthra Lohana! There is a tallest tree at a distance of 3 Yojanas to here. It is so tall as if it is touching the sky. On that tree, there are a couple of Ganda Bherunda birds living. [In Indian folk stories, Ganda Bherunda birds are huge birds. They have good role in folk literature. These birds are of 9 feet height. They can easily carry human being on their either back or on their feet.] They are kind. If you secure their friendship, they can help you. They can take you to the Mallika Island.”

Thanthra Lohana had thanked the king of parrots and 1000 parrots in many ways. He had taken send off and gone to the tallest tree on his horse.

By that time, the male and female birds had gone to other Islands in search of food. There were two birds’ Kids on the tree. There a black King Cobra was climbing up to eat the chick of birds. Thanthra Lohana had killed the snake by cutting it into two pieces. The birds’ kids were fearing up to that moment. They had seen that the minister’s son, Thanthra Lohana had cut off the snake with his sword. They felt happy and grateful to him. They said, “Oh great man. You have saved our lives. By the way, you became 2nd parent to us. More over you are guest to us. Elders used to say that we should serve the guest as if he is God to us. We are very thankful to you. Whatever you need, we will make you to get through our parents. They had gone to other Islands to bring food for us. Now it is time for their return. If they see you, before we inform them about you, they may kill you. That’s why you should not be here. You please hide behind that tree.”

Thanthra Lohana had hidden behind a tree. After few minutes, the Ganda Bherunda birds had came to their nest with food. The kids of birds had didn’t notice their parents arrival. The kids were sad. The parent birds said, “Oh my dear kids. You are our hills of gold. You are our bags of boons. You are our heaps of kisses. Every day you used to welcome us with cheers. Today you are not like that. Why are you un-cheerful? Do you get any grievance or angry with us?”

The kids of birds said, “Mother! Father! We had no grievance or angry with you. When you had gone in search of food, a black king cobra came to eat us. Then a great man came here, cut off it into two pieces and saved us. You see, there are the two pieces of the snake. Is it correct to attend us before attending our guest cum life saver? It is natural for you to attend us because you don’t know what happened. But, if we fill our belly without informing you about him, then it will not be correct for us. Look. He is there, behind that tree. You please attend him first. Then only you give food to us. Otherwise we won’t take food.”

Ganda Bherunda Birds felt grateful towards Thanthra Lohana, because he had saved their kids. They said “Oh great man! You had saved our children’s lives. Really, you had saved our lives. Please accept our hospitality.” They had served him like anything. They had brought him near to their nest. They had given food to him. Later the kids of birds had taken food. All were relaxed with chatting for some time. The birds had told so many wonders which they had crossed in the different Islands. As the Ganda Bherunda birds were huge with large and long wings, they used to go far distances over crossing seas, oceans and Islands every day in search of food.

While chatting they had asked Thanthra Lohana about his particulars. The female bird said, “Brother! You have saved our children from the snake’s danger. We have no other dear relative than you. If you want anything, please tell us. We will help you to fulfill it. Let us know what you want.”

Thanthra Lohana had explained everything to them. He said, “Oh birds! Please tell me how to reach Mallika Island and how to bring that woman. Let me have your guidance.”

The male bird said, “You please sit on my feet. I’ll take you to the Mallika Island. Because you have no experience in travelling through air, you may fell down. That’s why tie up your body to my foot. As well you cover up your eyes with a cloth to prevent the experience of air pressure and force.”

Thanthra Lohana had agreed to this. He had gone to nearby village and handed over his horse to one of the villager to look after it. He paid the villager for it. He returned to the Ganda Bherunda birds.

He said, “Oh birds! You are great. I request you to explain the way and Islands on which we are travelling through air, throughout our journey.” They had agreed. He had tied up his body with a rope to the foot of male bird. The female bird was following the male bird. They were travelling by air. The female bird was explaining him about the specialties of seas, Islands beneath them. They were crossing over nine gems Island. There were heaps of 9 gems such as Diamonds, Pearls, Carbuncle, Lapslazulli, Topaz, Emerald, Coral, Ruby, Sardonyx and Sapphire etc. Because of those gems, the entire Island was shining like sun. Though, the eyes of Thanthra Lohana were covered with cloth, he could sensed the brightness. He had asked them “On which Island we are flying.”

The birds said, “Over nine gems Island.” He said, “I had taken heavy lunch at your nest. Now I’m suffering from stomachache. Let me leave on ground for few minutes. I want to go to toilet.”

The birds had come down and left him on the Island of 9 gems. There were heaps of diamonds and gems like hillocks. Those were valuable gems. Thanthra Lohana had collected as many as possible gems in his clothes and climbed up the foot of bird. They had flown to Mallika Island. The Ganda Bherunda birds had given him a feather and said, “Oh great man! You are the best among human beings. Whenever you won’t to return from this island, you devote this feather and remind us. We will come to take you back.”

Then the minister’s son, Thanthra Lohana had turned himself in the disguise of a Vysya Merchant. He had gone to the market street. He had taken a shop on rent and purchased required furniture such as diamonds carpets and glass showcases etc. He had started the business of 9 gems. He had offered valuable diamonds, pearls, topazes etc that he had collected at 9 gems Island. The gems, which he was offering, were with high quality. They were bright and shining like stars. The merchants of the Mallika Island had observed the quality of diamonds. Each of they had purchased diamonds from him for not less than 5 or 6 lakhs of Honnes. He became fame there within short period.

There was a Vysya Businessman by name Nava Koti Narayana Setti. He was considered as leader of the merchants in that Island. No other merchant in that island was equal to him in richness and famous. He was living in a 3-staired building. There was no other rich and beautiful building like his house. He had a daughter by name Sangeetha Sahithya Sarosollasa Hasini. [The meaning of this name is a girl who has pleasant smiles with the excitement of music and literature] She was beautiful unmarried girl. In fact, the parrot in Karkotaka vanam had picked up her nail only, by which the sculpture Kodanda Chari had encarved her statue.

One day Nava Koti Narayana setti had came to Thanthra Lohana’s shop. By that time, there were some other merchants and customers in his shop. All of they had stood up to respect him. He had gently asked them to sit with pleasant smile. Thanthra Lohana had received Nava Koti Narayana Setti with high respect.

Nava Koti Narayana Setti said, “Oh young business man! I heard about you. Within short period, you became fame in our Island. I’m very happy by watching dynamic and young man like you. You are doing best in the business. I’m interested to hear your particulars. Which is your native? Who are your parents? If you have no objection, you please tell us. We will be happy by hearing your details.”

Thanthra Lohana said, “Oh great elderly man. Namaskar. My native is Mandakini Puri. I had born in business family. My father’s name is Setha Koti Syamanna Setti. My name is Dinakara koti Prabhakara Setti. I have desire to watch wonders of the world. That’s why I’m wandering on the world by taking the diamonds in my home to do business as well as touring. On the way, I came here. I heard about you. I thought to visit you. I fear in which manner you receive me if I take such initiation. I suspect that you may consider it as my ego or disobedience. That’s why I stepped back. Today I’m happy, because I am able to meet you.”

By watching his obedience towards elders and intellectual communicative skills, Nava Koti Narayana Setti had admired him. He had invited Thanthra Lohana to his home. He had given feast to him. Then Thanthra Lohana had seen Sangeetha Sahithya Sarosollasa Hasini, and wondered about her beauty. He thought, “Really she is like divine woman. She is very correct bride to my prince Madana Mohana.” Ullasa Hasini had seen Thanthra Lohana and wondered about his handsome appearance. She thought, “This man is really handsome. Why he watched me with keen observation? There is something special in him.”

Thanthra Lohana in the disguise of Dinakara Koti Prabhakara Setti had stayed there for four or five days. He got some freedom in the house. He was moving closely with the family members of Nava Koti Narayana Setti. He was calling them with suitable relations. He was calling Nava Koti Narayana Setti as uncle i.e. father-in-law and his wife as Aunt i.e. mother-in-law.

On the 5th day, he said, “Uncle! How many days that I can stay at your house? In fact, I want to stay for some more days in this Island. I have to bring my wife here. When my wife comes, it is not good to us to stay at your home. It is better for me to stay in another house. That’s why I request you to give me the land opposite to your house. I’ll construct a house there. Whenever I want to go to my place, I leave the land and building to you. What do you say for this? I request you to accept my proposal.

Nava Koti Narayana Setti had accepted this deal. Thanthra Lohana in the disguise of Vysya businessman by name Dinakara Koti Prabhakara Setti had hired some masonry workers and constructed a 3-Staired building in the opposite land, as early as possible. It was rich and posh equally to the house of Nava Koti Narayana Setti. Prabakara Setti i.e. Thanthra Lohana had paid much to some of masonry workers and constructed a secret tunnel from his building to the room of Ullasa Hasini. This was done without notice of others.

On an auspicious day, he had accommodated in the new building. One night, Prabhakara Setti had reached Ullasa Hasini room through the tunnel by holding a lamp in the hand. Her room was bright with lamps. The walls of the room were decorated with beautiful colored paintings. The Almarah’s were neatly filled with many books. There was a lute in the corner of a room on a Deevanchi i.e. long sofa. It seems that her rooms was very suitable to her tastes, hobbies and her name such as Sangeetha Sahithya Sarasollosa Hasini.

She was sleeping on her Hamsa Thulika Thalpam i.e. bed made up of silk, soft
cotton and feathers of swan. The lights were bright. He had touched her with the lamp stick to wake up her. She had wake up and saw him. She felt shock in first moment. Because she sensed something special in him, she didn’t shout aloud.

She asked him “How did you come to my room?” Divakara Setti i.e. Thanthra Lohana had shown the tunnel way to her. She said, “Why did you come to my room?”

He said, “Ullasa Hasini! There is a handsome man who is eligible to marry you. He is at Mandara Puri. He is our prince. I’m his minister. He is very suitable to you in appearance and talents.” He had narrated the entire particulars to her.

Ullasa Hasini felt wonder by hearing this. She thought, “What a wonder is this? Unless it is Gods’ miracle, how my nail reached far beyond the oceans and how it became reason to a sculpture. By taking that as a symbol, how this young man had taken pain to reach here. It is true; my nail had cut off on one evening since some months back. Probably he is telling truth. His sincere effort is confirming this.”

Dinakara Setti i.e. Thanthra Lohana said, “Ullasa Hasini! You are like my sister. Within 10 days, we have to travel to Mandara Puri. I tell you a plan. You please implement this.”

He had explained his strategy to take her from there to Mandara Puri. She had accepted his plan. Dinakara Setti had taken send off from her and gone to his house. Ullasa Hassini was excited with the wonderful happenings. She was dreaming about the prince and eager to meet him.

In the morning, Dinakara Setti had approached Nava Koti Narayana Setti. He had paid respects to Nava Koti Narayana Setti and said, “Uncle! My wife came by last night. I want to give a grand feast to your family. I pray to visit my house along with all your family members, relatives and friends. We will be happy by that.”

Nava Koti Narayana Setti had accepted his invitation. At the lunchtime, all the family members were getting ready to go to Dinakara Koti Prabhakara Setti. Nava Koti Narayana Setti asked his daughter, Ullasa Hasini to come to lunch. She said, “Father! I have headache. I can’t come. I have no hunger and moods. You please go. I’ll take rest in my room.”

Her parents said, “Okay”. All of they had gone for lunch to Dinakara Koti Prabhakara Setti’s house. As per their pre plan, Ullasa Hasini had approached the house of Prabhkara Setti through the tunnel in prior. She was filling the dining set vessels with curries, pickles and other dishes. There came the family members, relatives and friends of Nava Koti Narayana Setti along with him. Prabhakara Setti had received them with regards and affection. Prabhakara Setti had called on his wife. She came from kitchen and put Namaskar to them. Prabhakara Setti said, “She is my wife Suhasini. She is very talented in cooking. We welcome you to enjoy the feast and to taste her cooking.”

By watching her, Nava Koti Narayana Setti and others were shocked. He had suspected her as his own daughter. He thought, “What an extreme is this? When I called my daughter, she had refused to come. Then how she came in prior to us? Did our daughter fall crazy and in love with this young man? Is she my daughter Ullasa Hasini or his wife Suhasini? Who is she?”

He had whispered this in the ears of his brother-in-law. His brother-in-law said, “What, brother-in-law? Do you become mad? Ullasa Hasini had laid at her room with head ache. Where is she and how she could come here? Is there no body like your daughter? If Dinakara Koti Prabhakara Setti hears this, he may feel bad. Please keep quite.”

Nava Koti Narayana Setti didn’t give up his doubt. He murmured again “Brother-in-law! She might be my daughter Ullasa Hasini. When we were coming here, she had wore the same type of sari, which this Suhasini wore now. I suspect this woman; Suhasini is nothing but our Ullasa Hasini.”

Mean time they had sat to have lunch. His wife Suhasini i.e. Ullasa Hasini had came to serve rice to them. Nava Koti Narayana Setti was still murmuring in the ears of his brother-in-law. He said, “Okay brother-in-law. If you still doubt her, let us do one thing. When she comes to serve you, throw some ghee on her sari without her notice. When we return home, we can check her with this sign.” Nava Koti Narayana Setti was satisfied with this trick. When Suhasini i.e. Ullasa Hasini came to serve dal and curries, he had dropped some ghee on her sari. She didn’t notice it in the busy work. But Dinakara Koti Prabhakara Setti i.e. Thanthra Lohana had noticed it. But he didn’t reveal it as he noticed it.

All of they had enjoyed the feast. Prabhakara Setti had served betel leaves i.e. pan to the guests. They enjoyed with music and chatting for some time. Mean time, Prabhakara Setti had ordered his clerks and servants some works. The guests had taken leave and gone to their home.

Immediately, Prabhakara Setti had called on his clerk and taken a sari from him. In fact, he had ordered his clerk to buy a sari of some type, which Suhasin had wore, at the time of relax after lunch. He had given that sari to Ullasa Hasini and told her to change her sari. He said, “Your father doubted you. Hence, he had dropped some ghee on your sari. When you go back, if he checks for that ghee strain, you may catch up. If you change your sari with another, he will interrogate you why you have changed. Moreover, he may ask you to bring this sari to check. That’s why, I sent the clerk to bring the same type of sari. You wear this and go.”

She had done the same. She had reached her room, through tunnel and laid on the bed. Her father and others reached home. Nava koti Narayana Setti called her “Daughter! Come here?”

She said, “Father! I told you that I’m suffering from head ache. In spite of that, why do you trouble me? I have no strength to come. I have heavy pain.”

He said, “Sorry my child! There is no need for you to come to here. You wear another sari and send the sari which you wore now.”

She didn’t argue because she knew her father’s thoughts. She had changed her sari with another and sent it to her father by a servant-maid. Her parents had examined the sari. There was no ghee strain and nothing else. They felt bad because they had suspected her. They had felt happy because their daughter was innocent.

Few days passed. One-day morning, Thanthra Lohana i.e. Prabhakara Setti had approached Nava Koti Narayana Setti and said, “Uncle! I came here since long time back. We have to return to my native. You please come and hand over my house. You please give send off to my wife and me.”

They felt sad to give send off to him. After controlling their emotion, they had gone to his house. Ullasa Hasini had locked her room door from inside. She had reached Prabhakara Setti’s house in prior through the tunnel. She was got ready to travel from there. Dinakara Koti Prabhakara Setti had handed over the building to Nava Koti Narayana Setti. He had taken send off from them. Narayana Setti and others were very affectionate on Prabhakara Setti and his wife Suhasini. They had walked up to the edge of city along with the couple in the part of send off. Prabhakara Setti didn’t stop them. Because, he had wanted to delay Nava Koti Narayana Setti return, to his house. Then they could not identify that Ullasa Hasini was missed in time. By that delay both of Ullasa Hasini and of Thanthra Lohana could escape from that Island. That’s why he had allowed them to follow up to the edge of the city.

Then he said, “Uncle! Aunt! You have come, so long distance with us. Now you can stop here. Let me have your blessings.” They blessed him with tears in eyes.

He said with Ullasa Hasini “Suhasini! Take permission to go from your parents and others. Take send off and blessing from them.”

She had put Namaskar to the feet of Nava Koti Narayana Setti and his wife and other elders. She had taken send off from them. By that time, she was crying with emotion. They had consoled her. They said, “You silly girl! You are like our own daughter. For you, your husband’s house is permanent but the houses like ours. You have to reside where your husband resides. Don’t cry. Be happy and peaceful. Live long life happily with husband and children.”

They had given send off to her and returned home. Thanthra Lohana and Ullasa Hasini had reached the seashore. He had reminded the Ganda Bherunda Birds and devoted to their feather. There came the birds. Ullasa Hasini had tied her body to the foot of Female bird with her sari edge. Thanthra Lohana had tied up his body to the foot of male bird. The Ganda Bherunda birds had brought them safely to the tall tree in Karkotaka vanam.

On the other hand, Nava Koti Narayana Setti and others had noticed that Ullasa Hasini’s room door was locked from inside. They had searched for her all over the house and surroundings. She was not there. They had broken the door and entered into her room. She was not in room. There was a tunnel at a corner in the room. They had entered into the tunnel to trace its way and destination. They had reached the opposite house of Prabhakara Setti i.e. Thanthra Lohana. They were shocked.

Nava Koti Narayana Setti thought, “Oh God! What a cheating is this? In this manner, it had happened. The young man i.e. Prabhakara Setti had deceived us, and taken our girl along with him with our permission at our presence. Our girl Ullasa Hasini had co-operated him. It will be shame to us if we tell this to others. People will laugh at our foolishness. We should not spell out this. We should keep quite like a thief who got a scorpions’ bite in the hole.” [In olden days, thieves used to enter into the houses to do thefting by digging holes in the walls. If any scorpion bites him, he can’t cry aloud due to the fear of catch up by people. Hence, this idiom is used to describe the situation when we have to keep quite because of our own mistake.]

In the Karkotaka Vanam, the Ganda Bherunda Birds had released Ullasa Hasini and Thanthra Lohana on the ground near the tallest tree. They felt very happy. Thanthra Lohana had expressed his thankfulness to the birds and their kids. They had taken send off from them and gone to the nearby village. Thanthra Lohana had collected his horse from the villager and rewarded him with diamonds.

Both of they had rushed to the temple of Goddess Kalika Devi on the horse. Thanthra Lohana had plucked some flowers and pierced them into a garland. He had given that garland to Ullasa Hasini and said, “Ullasa Hasini! You are like my sister and mother. You take this garland and go into the temple. At the Northern side of the temple, there is a statue of yourself. There will be my friend, Prince Madana Mohana. You hide yourself behind the statue without his notice. When he asks you to give the garland to him, suddenly you come before the statue and keep the garland in his neck. He will feel happy. When he enquired about me, say that I had died?”

Ullasa Hasini was paralyzed with these words. She said, “Brother! You are like my brother, father and every relative. You bring me from far away to make your friend happy. Now why are you saying such rude words? I can’t hear them.”

He said, “Mother, Ullasa Hasini! I had brought you here after facing so many difficulties to make my friend, Prince Madana Mohana happy. Just I want to check how much friendship, kind and love has my friend, Prince Madana Mohana on me. You please do this much help for my satisfaction.”

Ullasa Hasini had agreed and gone into the temple. There was the prince. He was handsome. Ullasa Hasini was thrilled by watching him and her statue. It was just like her. She had hidden herself behind the statue. The prince was requesting the statue to keep the garland in his neck. Immediately she came before and kept the garland in his neck. He felt wonder, as the statue didn’t move since long says and now how it could move. He had seen two figures, one was statue and the other was a young beautiful woman, Ullasa Hasini alive. He felt extreme happy. With love and craze, he had hugged her. She had taken a back step with shy. He asked her how she came there. She said, “Your friend Thanathra Lohana brought me here.”

Madana Mohana asked, “Where is he?”

She said, “He had died due to the snake’s bite at the gate of this temple.”

With in a second, Madana Mohana had pierced his heart with a dagger and left life. Ullasa Hasini was shocked by this event. She thought “Oh God! I came by leaving loving parents, wealth and residence with a desire to marry this Prince. Now he died. I was fallen on road like on orphan. Why should I live after losing such a handsome and affectionate prince?” She had pulled out the dagger from the dead body of Madana Mohana and pierced herself. Hence, she also died.

At the gate of the temple, the minister’s son Thanthra Lohana was waiting. He thought, “What is this! Ullasa Hasini didn’t come back. The prince also didn’t come. What happened to them? Let me go and see.”

He had gone to Northern side of the temple and seen their dead bodies. He wept like anything. He thought, “Oh God! Why should I said such? What is there if the prince has love on me or not? I had tested him. By the way, I had done great sin. Now I lost my loving friend. What is the use of my life when I lost my friend and Ullasa Hasini who came by believing me and by leaving her wealth, assets and parents?”

He also had pierced his heart by a dagger and died. After some time, there came the poojari [Priest]. He had seen the three dead bodies. He had protected the prince by giving food and other needs until that day, as per his commitment to do so to Thanthra Lohana. He had recognized the minister’s son, Thanthra Lohana and the woman, Ullasa Hasini who was like the statue. He didn’t bear such tragedy happening. He also committed suicide. In the evening, some devotees came to the temple. They had seen four members died in the temple premises. They had prayed Goddess Kalika Devi “Mother! Won’t you be kind to the people as your children? Here four people had died in your temple. It is not correct, if you leave them like that. It is okay if you make them alive. If not, we will leave our lives at your feet.”

Goddess Kalika Devi was pleased with them. She had made all the four people alive. At their capital city, Mandara Puri, the marriage of Ullasa Hasini and Madana Mohana was celebrated on a grand scale. Thanthra Lohana became minister and Madana Mohana became king. Thanthra Lohana got married a suitable girl to him. All of they lived happily for long time.”

The curtain had completed the story and said, “Oh king! Tell me, whose life sacrifice is great in this story?”

Vikramadithya wanted to provoke Mouna Bhashini to speak. Hence, he said purposefully “The life sacrifice of minister’s son i.e. Thanthra Lohana is great.”

Mouna Bhashini said, “What? What are you saying? Whose sacrifice is great? Is it Thanthra Lohana’s? No. you said wrong. The life sacrifice of purohit is great. Because he had no way relation to them. He had died because he was not able to bear such rude event and cruel fate happening.”

Vikramadithya said with a gentle smile, “Yes yes. You are right. The story is one and your speech is one.”

Mouna Bhashini had realized her temptation and kept calm.

Then Bhethala had inserted in her blouse. Vikramadithya said, “Time is not passing. The sleeping is not coming. This Mouna Bhashini is not speaking. Oh, blouse which wore by Mouna Bhashini! You tell me a story. I’ll be happy by hearing it.”

The Bhethala in the blouse said, “Oh king. Why you trouble me to tell the story. This young beauty had tied me in tight against her breast. I’m not able to breathe even. How can I tell you the story? More over I’m suffering with the sweat and odor of body. I can’t tell you any story. If you release me from these ties, then I can tell you a beautiful story as per your wish.”

By hearing this, Mouna Bhashini was excited like anything. Anybody will be like that only, when a non-living blouse is able to speak like a living being. She had removed the blouse and had covered her body with the edge of sari i.e. Payyeda. She had dropped the blouse in the middle of their cots.

Then Vikramadithya said, “Oh Blouse! This princess had noticed your difficulties. Hence, she had released you from such difficulties. Now can’t you tell the story?”

The blouse said, “Hurray! Now I’m comfortable. My lives are comfortable now in my body. Now I’ll tell you a beautiful story, listen.”

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