Saturday, April 18, 2009


On the fifth day, Bhoja Raja, his minister Budhi Sagara and others had finished their daily works and came to the court, Chitra Kutam. The king Bhoja Raja was eager to climb on to the throne. In fact, it is difficult to say whether he was eager to climb on to the throne or eager to hear the stories of Bhatti Vikramadithya.

The purohits had performed devotion to the throne. Everybody in the court was curious to watch whether the idols on the steps of throne allow Bhoja Raja to climb up or not. While the purohits were chanting Veda mantras, and the royal musicians were playing musical instruments, Bhoja Raja stepped on the first step of throne. Nothing objection he received. He crossed 2nd, 3rd and 4th steps. He was about to climb on the 5th step. The idol on 5th step laughed aloud at him by clapping her hands. The suspense of Bhoja Raja and audiences got cleared. They were waiting to hear the idol.

The idol on the 5th step said, “Vow! Bhoja Raja! What happened to the things, told you by my co-idols for these 4 days? It seems that your mind is wandering the world instead of listen our words. That’s why, you are not hearing us. Without thinking reliability, you are attempting to climb on to the throne. This is not correct to you. Our king of kings Vikramadithya had ruled the country with wisdom of Bhatti by sitting on this throne. This throne is not ordinary one. This is not like the thrones of other kings. This is Gods’ gift. This was constructed by God. The king who rules the kingdom by sitting on this throne can know all the events, issues and incidents happened in the kingdom. It can give such extraordinary knowledge and vision. All things will become like a Gooseberry fruit in the hands. [If we have Gooseberry in hand, we can avoid the difficulty of thrust while travelling. Whenever we feel thirsty, we can bite Gooseberry and satisfy our thirsty feeling. Such that, we can prevent thirsty until we found any source of water. In ancient times, people didn’t know water packets or bottles. Their mode of travelling was only walking. They could not carry water along with them for long distances. Hence, this idiom is in practice. Hence, the comparison of goose berry fruit in hand means ready to use or instant knowledge.]

If you want to climb on to this throne, it is of no use. You can’t achieve this unless you have same qualities in you what Vikramadithya had at least in the ratio 1 out of 1000. Otherwise, it is better for you to return to the way by which you came here.”

Bhoja Raja said, “Oh idol! Your fore idols had told the Qualities and adventures of Vikramadithya and Bhatti. All of we had listened. We enjoyed a lot by knowing them. You please tell his further adventures. Then only we can think what to do.”

The idol said, “Bhoja Raja! Listen. My name is Mantra Manorama. I’m the idol on 5th step. Like my co-idols of 1st to 4th steps, I’ll explain you about the adventures of Bhatti and Vikramadithya in detail. Listen carefully. Then compare your qualities with those of Vikramadithya. Then decide yourself about your eligibilities. Elders used to say that it is better to keep appropriate size of lump of food in our mouth. Otherwise, we may become as subject of joke to public. Don’t think that I’m wasting time by saying non-sense. You observe that I’m saying all this by wishing good to you.”

By hearing this, Bhoja Raja’s minister Budhi Sagara said, “Mantra Manorama! Please tell us further adventures of Bhatti Vikramadithya to enable us to take appropriate decision.”

Mantra Manorama had continued …

“Bhoja Raja! Our Vikramadithya had learnt all educations, Sasthras i.e. subjects and arts. He had 8 magic powers such as powers such as Anima, Kama Rupa etc [Kama Rupa means a person who knows this art can change his body form as per his desire at any time] He was like Kalpa Tharuvu. [Kalpa Tharuvu means divine tree, which could give desired boons to people who stand under its shadow.]

He was ruling the country by sitting in this throne with Bhatti. Then the turn of 6 months time to be in administration way over. There came the turn of 6 months touring on country.

Vikramadithya had handed over his responsibilities to other ministers on the last day of ruling turn. He had taken send off from Queens, ministers and people. Along with Bhatti, he had gone to Maham Kali Devi’s temple. They had performed devotion to Goddess and taken her blessings. They had started travelling. They had crossed so many hills, valleys, rivers, towns and forests. Days were passing. They were watching the wonders here and there. They were observing the life style of people, their attitude and philosophy.

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